‘KAMAZ can revive the ‘popular’ car that is badly needed’

KAMAZ can renew the production of Moskvich cars that are badly needed in Russia’s car market. Economist Albert Bikbov sticks to this opinion.

Talking about the necessity of a new “popular” car, Bikbov stresses that the price for a new Lada Granta in car dealerships starts with a million rubles. At the same time, Russians’ incomes aren’t growing, they will unlikely increase soon.

“Today the population needs as cheap as possible car like air, another Oka is needed those price isn’t above 400-500,000 rubles. It goes without saying that nobody will make a copy of Oka now because much time has passed and consumer preferences have already certainly put down roots,” Bikbov writes.

Albert Bikbov. Photo: realnoevremya.ru (archive)

To make the car as cheap as possible in the market it has to comply with several criteria:

  • To refuse injectors in favour of simple carburettors;
  • To refuse ABS, automatic transmission and air conditioning;
  • As minimum nboard electronics as possible.

Bikbov notes the development of a big network of dealerships and developed market of spare parts to make service as cheap as possible for the consumer.

“KAMAZ can revive the ‘popular’ car that is badly needed for Russians,” writes Bikbov.

At the same time, Bikbov notes the fact that there can be worse safety indicators but he offers to remember the experience of Oka, which had none.

Meridian Moskvich S-3, 1977. Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“The state could stimulate the production of such a car with subsidisation for buyers and target financing to engineer and mass produce such a car,” Bikbov offers.

The cooperation in Moskvich production is supported at KAMAZ too.

“We support the decision of the Moscow mayor. This will allow saving and developing research and staff potentials of automotive engineering in the country. Nowadays technological cooperation issues are being discussed. When they are resolved, we will make an official statement,” said head of the press service of KAMAZ PJSC Oleg Afanasyev.

On 16 May, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that Renault’s factory would be managed by municipal authorities after the company sold the business. It is envisaged that the production of Moskvich cars is going to be restored with its production capacities. KAMAZ is to become the main technological partners of the new car plant.

Artyom Gafarov