Demand for scootersharing increases 5.5 times compared to 2021

During the last May holidays — from April 30 to May 10 — the demand for electric scooter rides increased by almost 15% among the residents of Kazan. This was reported to Realnoe Vremya in the scootersharing service Urent.

By the results of the May holidays, Kazan turned out to be one of the most popular cities in terms of the number of trips on electric scooters. Kazan skated the most actively last weekend — on May 7 and 8. The rush hour is recorded in the afternoon, at 4 pm —5 pm.

The duration of trips on electric scooters in Kazan also increased during the May holidays. If residents of the third capital usually ride for an average of 20 to 30 minutes, then last weekend they devoted 35-45 minutes to this.

Most often, Kazan residents rode electric scooters in the city centre: near GUM, Kremlevskaya metro station, at the monument to the Kazan Cat and on the Kremlin Embankment. They also chose the space under the Millennium Bridge and near the Galiaskar Kamal Theatre for such walks.

According to the calculations of Urent, in general, the demand for trips since the opening of the scootersharing season has increased by an average of 546% compared to 2021. Kazan residents can rent an electric scooter from the end of April.

It is worth noting that Kazan residents have become more actively interested not only in renting, but also in purchasing electric scooters. According to Avito, the sales of electric vehicles in the capital of Tatarstan has increased by 31% compared to last year. Their sales have increased by 42% throughout the country.

In Kazan, as well as in Tatarstan as a whole, residents actively used electric scooters last year, which sometimes ended in accidents. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the republic is in the list of regions in which there have been the most accidents with this transport. Tatarstan is the fourth — from the beginning of the season to September 2021, 12 such accidents occurred.

To somehow regulate movement, in the capital of Tatarstan last June, the rules for the use of electric scooters, the principles and requirements for the placement of their parking lots were adopted. The Kazan Transport Committee and the companies providing electric scooter rental services in the city signed an agreement on cooperation.

In Kazan, a speed limit of up to 10-15 km/h was set in 60 zones, 16 sites where the parking of electric scooters did not comply with traffic rules and city improvement rules were eliminated. A complete ban on the movement of scooters was established on nine sections of the road network. Scootersharing operators strengthened control over users.

Tatyana Demina