Patrushev: ‘The world will see that Washington has continued the traditions of the Third Reich’

“Ukraine has been programmed in an anti-Russian way for 30 years”

The current situation in Ukraine is one of the consequences of the bloody policy of the United States to suppress independent states in favour of its interests. This was stated by one of the associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev at a meeting with the director general of Directorate General of Documentation and External Security of Algeria, Noureddine Makri. Conversation extracts are cited by TASS.

“The Americans purposefully suppressed independent states for many years in favour of their own geopolitical and financial interests, sought to undermine the world order that developed after the end of World War II, as well as the UN system.

Patrushev noted that the emergence of new centres of power and world development “caused growing dissatisfaction with the United States, which sought to preserve its hegemony in world affairs by any means”. “As we know from history, to achieve this goal, the US have always unleashed wars in other regions of the planet," Patrushev stressed. In the recent past, he explained, this was done in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, as a result of which “hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives”.

Now the United States, like in the Second World War, wants to weaken Europe, said the Secretary of the Security Council, and cause maximum damage to its relations with Russia, creating advantages for further economic development. He also stressed that the United States forced its European allies “to join illegitimate anti-Russian economic sanctions to the detriment of their own interests”.

“As a result, there has already been a sharp jump in energy and food prices in European countries, even before Russia introduced its retaliatory measures in full. The activities of a number of companies are being curtailed, which, against the background of the growth of migration flows, seriously complicates the socio-economic situation of the Old World," Patrushev summed up.

The secretary of the Security Council singled out Ukraine in particular:

“The most odious and tragic example of Washington's destructive policy was Ukraine, which has been programmed in an anti-Russian way for 30 years since independence."

As a result of this activity, according to him, the whole world witnessed the bloody coup d'etat in this country in 2014 and “the genocide of the Donbas residents that followed, among whom there are about 800 thousand Russian citizens”.

Russia is completing collecting evidence of the activities of US laboratories in Ukraine

Besides, as Patrushev said, Washington-controlled Ukraine “was used to create threats to the entire civilised world”.

“I mean, first of all, the closed military-biological programmes of the United States implemented on its territory, as well as plans to create nuclear weapons," he said.

According to him, this requires special attention from the countries of the world, since only the United States has not joined the protocol on mutual control under the international Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. The United States is also the only one in history who have used all types of weapons of mass destruction against sovereign countries, the secretary of the Security Council stressed.

Russia is completing collecting evidence of the activities of US laboratories in Ukraine.

“The whole civilised world will finally see that the US have become a 'worthy' successor to the traditions of the Third Reich, where inhuman experiments on people were practiced," said Patrushev.

Recently, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation said that military experts have revealed new facts proving the involvement of the US Pentagon in the development of biological weapons components in Ukraine. According to the documents obtained, a pharmaceutical company contracted by the Pentagon was working on testing unregistered medicines on the Ukrainian military. According to the Ministry of Defence of Russia, Rosemont Seneca investment fund under the leadership of the son of US president, Hunter Biden, is involved in their financing.

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Daria Pinegina