Central Bank: Russians’ money in banks are saved and will be available

Central Bank: Russians’ money in banks are saved and will be available
Photo: realnoevremya.ru

The Russian Central Bank said that Russians started to receive a lot of calls from scammers. They demand to urgently withdraw money from accounts due to the possible disconnection from SWIFT because of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

The Central Bank noted that Russians’ money on bank accounts are saved and will always be available. And the disconnection of some banks from SWIFT won’t influence this.

“SWIFT is just a financial messenger banks use worldwide, its disconnection creates inconveniences for banks’ international activity but it doesn’t influence transactions inside the country,” the regulator reminded the citizens.

On 25 February, the Central Bank of Russia announced banks were given more cash to replenish cash machines. It is also said that the amount of banknotes that are available to supply to ATMs is more than enough. Clients’ all money on bank accounts are completely saved and available for any transaction.

On 28 February, Chairwoman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina paid attention to the fact that the country’s financial system and economy had faced an extraordinary situation. However, all Russian banks will continue meeting their commitments made to their clients in these conditions too. All money on bank accounts are available, the head of the Central Bank assured the Russians.

As for the rumours that Russia can be excluded from SWIFT, Nabiullina claimed the Russian financial messaging system could replace it. Nowadays cards of international payments systems continue operating in Russia, she said.

Daria Pinegina