Annual inflation in Eurozone hits record 5,8%

According to a preliminary estimate, annual inflation in 19 countries of the Eurozone has accelerated to 5,8%, this is an all-time high, says RIA Novosti.

The analysts surveyed by Daily FX expected this indicator to speed up only to 5,3% in February.

The previous figure of annual inflation in the Eurozone in January 2022 was 5,1%. Then it increased from 5% a month ago and also was a record of Eurostat.

A year ago, Euro area inflation was 0,9% a year. Key US exchange indexes demonstrated a fall as of 1 March. At 21.10 Moscow time, the American Dow Jones Industrial Average reduced by 2,1%, to 33,182.16, S&P 500 Index did by 1,93%, to 4,293.77 points, NASDAQ decreased by 1,59%, to 13,533.27 points. Major US exchange indexes went down too: the British FTSE 100 Index did by 1,75%, to 7,330.2 points, the French CAC 4040 fell by 3,94%, to 6,396.49 points, the German DAX — by 3,85%, to 13,904.85 points.

Amid this, Asian exchange indexes rose: Japan’s Nikkei 225 grew by 1,2%, to 26,84472, China’s Shanghai Composite did by 0,77%, to 3,488.83 points, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng augmented by 0,21%, to 22,761.71 points.

Margarita Golovatenko