Kazan residents reluctant to look for jobs

Kazan residents reluctant to look for jobs
Photo: Maksim Platonov

Banking sector and civil service are among the leaders in terms of increase in number of vacancies

Kazan residents are reluctant to go to work, despite a large number of offers from employers — for example, in the service sector, their activity is three times ahead of the interest of citizens in employment. For example, in the third quarter, the number of vacancies in the capital increased by 34%, but the demand for them — by only 8%. Avito Rabota tells Realnoe Vremya about the situation in this area of the economy.

The need for personnel has grown in almost all industries. The exceptions are insurance (-19%) and construction (-9%). The leaders in the increase in the number of vacancies are banking sector and civil service, where job ads have become 2,6-2,7 times more — Realnoe Vremya has already written in detail about the second group. Despite this, the activity of applicants, which is measured by the number of requested contacts of companies, on the contrary, is falling. In seven of the 23 occupational groups included in the study, demand decreased from 10% to 35%.

In the third quarter, the number of vacancies in Kazan increased by 34%, but the demand for them — only by 8%. Photo: Maksim Platonov

Currently, about 11,500 vacancies with a residence permit in Kazan are available on Avito. More than half — about 5 thousand — assume full employment. There are about 1,7 thousand vacancies with no fixed hours, 2,9 thousand — part-time. But there are not so many offers for remote work — there are only 166 vacancies.

Median salary (the amount more or less than which 50% of employees get — ed.) for all professions for the year has increased from 32 to 35 thousand rubles. At the same time, according to estimates of RIA Novosti, the average salary in Kazan in the first half of 2020 amounted to 42,100.

Need for restaurant and hotel workers has increased by a third

There are vacancies with higher salaries — for example, cafe administrator can earn up to 50,000 rubles. At the same time, work experience is required everywhere: a potential applicant must have at least three years of experience in restaurant business and more than a year in managerial position. Responsibilities include communication with customers, personnel control, recruitment and training of new employees, interaction with suppliers, documentation management, and so on.

In general, in the field of “Tourism, restaurants”, the salary has increased from 25 to 30 thousand rubles — in particular, a hotel administrator with at least a year's work experience can count on it, who meets and accompanies guests, helps them in solving emerging issues.

In the field of “Tourism, restaurants”, the salary has increased from 25 to 30 thousand rubles. Photo: realnoevremya.ru

Vacancies from this group occupy 6% of all job advertisements in Kazan. Over the past year, the need for staff in the hotel and restaurant business has increased by 27%, and the activity of candidates has increased by only 2%.

More experience — more salary

The gap between supply and demand is most noticeable in the field of “Fitness, beauty salons”. For example, employers increased the number of their vacancies by 58%, and they became interested in them only by 13% more often. The median salary of workers in this industry in the third quarter remained at last year's level — 30,000 rubles.

They promise to pay no less than this amount to the administrator in a beauty salon and do not even require work experience. Earnings above 50,000 rubles in this area are usually offered to more experienced and qualified specialists: up to 100 thousand can be earned by a cosmetologist with at least two years of experience, up to 90 thousand by an experienced hairdresser-colorist.

The same 30 thousand on average are offered in the field of “Home staff”. The activity of applicants in this group increased by 22%, and employers — by 34%. The salary offer for more experienced workers is also higher here — for example, a nurse who has the skills to work with patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system is offered 50,000 a month and accommodation in the employer's cottage.

Gap between supply and demand is most noticeable in the field of “Fitness, beauty salons”. Photo: realnoevremya.ru

There are not enough cleaners, conductors and janitors

According to the Kazan Employment Centre, today the most popular are working professions — about 63-65% of vacancies. They are followed by white collar workers — 37-38%. The factories require turners, millers, machine operators; masons, carpenters, plasterers, painters, concrete workers, rebar fitters are in demand in the construction sector. There is also a need for engineers and medical workers, especially for junior medical personnel. High demand remains for specialists in transport industry and has increased for military personnel.

“It is known that the hotel and restaurant industry is still experiencing difficulties. There are quite a lot of vacancies in this area today: for example, cooks, confectioners, waiters, bartenders are looking for through employment centres," Gulnara Filippova, the deputy director of the Kazan Employment Centre, shared her observations.

The most unpopular vacancy among Kazan residents is a cleaner: now there are more than a thousand such job offers in the employment centre.

“These are also landscaping enterprises — today there are more than 300 vacancies for janitors in the employment service. There are not enough conductors and drivers in the transport industry," Filippova notes.

There are not enough conductors and drivers in the transport industry. Photo: realnoevremya.ru

Couriers are offered a salary of even 150k

For the second year in Kazan, and throughout Russia, a courier vacancy remains in demand: over the past year in the capital of Tatarstan, the demand for them has increased 5,1 times, and in October — by 21%. Right now, on the same Avito, you can find more than 1,700 offers. For example, a food deliverer from a popular fast food restaurant on a personal car is offered a salary of 90,000 rubles a month, and one can get a job without experience.

There are also higher-paying offers. In total — about 60 vacancies with a bar of 150,000 and above. One of the main requirements here is also the availability of a private car. Well, or the willingness to drive expensive someone else's cars.

The courier's work is usually offered by food delivery services and online stores, but there are also unusual offers. For example, one of the Kazan firms is looking for flower deliverers for Mother's Day, who are promised an income of up to 4,000 rubles a day. There are also offers to pay the courier for the delivery of goods from a sex store from 70 to 150 thousand rubles. One of the requirements here is adequacy.

For the second year in Kazan, and throughout Russia, a courier vacancy remains in demand. Photo: realnoevremya.ru

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