Tourism in Tatarstan to be advertised in social networks for Moscow citizens for 3.5m rub

How much the content costs…

The State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan is ready to spend up to 3,5 million rubles to promote the pages of the tourist brand of the republic Visit Tatarstan in 2021 in social networks, Realnoe Vremya found out. The majority of these funds will go for advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and VKontakte. Now the agency is looking for contractors who will be engaged in both promoting content and creating it for advertising campaigns.

As follows from the documentation of the relevant tender, a tenth of the total amount will be spent on the content itself — 360,000 rubles, 150,000 — on photos, 210,000 — on videos. Photo content is understood as shooting in popular tourist locations in Tatarstan during major events and holidays there — a total of 15 locations, with 200 photos. From each location, you also need to shoot video materials of different duration: three options for 15 seconds, one option for 30 seconds, one option for 60 seconds.

...and who is the target

It is planned to spend up to 2,09 million rubles on Instagram campaigns, and these campaigns are segmented by groups of cities — from the echnical design specification, it becomes clear to whom and how much the State Committee for Tourism wants to reach out:

  • 1,3 million rubles will be spent on three advertising campaigns for users from Moscow and Moscow Oblast. Each of them must last at least three calendar days and have at least 6 million impressions, at least 9,000 clicks (the share of users who will click on the link in the ad, but will not stay there for 15 seconds) with a failure rate of 15%. Advertising should lead to the brand group in the social network, the brand's website or the Tatarstan Tourist Pass application.
  • For three campaigns for residents of the capitals of the Volga Federal District, 544,000 rubles are provided. At least 2,5 million shows are expected, traffic — at least 3,75 thousand clicks, failure rate — no more than 15%.
  • Visit Tatarstan ads will also be shown to Tatarstan residents: 244,000 rubles were allocated for three campaigns for users from Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk and Zelenodolsk. At least 1,7 million shows are expected, and traffic is expected to reach at least 2,55 thousand clicks.
  • Advertising on Facebook will be set up only for residents of Moscow and Moscow Oblast, and at least three advertising campaigns will be conducted there for 425,000 rubles. At least 1,7 million shows are expected, and traffic is expected to reach at least 2,55 thousand hits.
  • For the capitals of the Volga Federal District and large cities of Tatarstan, they plan to use advertising on the VKontakte network. For campaigns for residents of the Volga Federal District, they will pay up to 405,000 rubles (at least 2,5 million shows, traffic — at least 5,000 clicks), for “Tatarstan” campaigns — 220,000 rubles (at least 2 million times, traffic — at least 4,000 clicks, campaigns for some reason are shorter, 15 days instead of 30).

Denis Suprunov, the founder of the Kazan agency FriendMedia, believes that the stated prices are slightly lower than the market, but in general, it is quite realistic to meet these budgets and KPIs.

“In general, these are achievable indicators. Plus, ads in Instagram and Facebook are placed on the auction system. For example, in December, when there is a lot of advertising, a lot of competition, advertising starts to get more expensive, the cost of impressions and clicks is higher than average. So it depends on the launch periods, on the creatives. If it's engaging advertising — Instagram and Facebook themselves will lower the cost, it will become more effective," he explains.
By Alexander Artemyev

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