Oldest construction trust in Nizhnekamsk increases its revenue and profit in 2020

Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust performed by 13% more work in the pandemic year and increased its profit by 76 million rubles compared to 2019

Oldest construction trust in Nizhnekamsk increases its revenue and profit in 2020
Photo: TSNHRS Trust PLC

Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust is a construction company within TAIF Group that successfully cooperates with Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, TAIF-NK JSC, TGC-16 JSC, SOV-NKNH JSC and UETP-NKNH PLC. About the financial results with which TSNHRS PLC finished the difficult for the Russian and global economy 2020 year — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Created to ensure the efficiency of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC

Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust is today the oldest and largest repair and construction company in Nizhnekamsk. Its history dates back to 1970, when a small (only 40 specialists) specialised section of the Kazan Specialised Repair and Construction Department (SRSU) No. 2 of Spetskauchukremstroy Trust was created as part of the production association Nizhnekamskneftekhim for the repair of technological equipment. Over the next two years, the site grew into an independent SRSU, which received its own number — No. 8, and the number of employees reached 700 people.

On 20 December 1978, by Order No. 1073 of the Ministry of Petrochemical Industry of the USSR and Order No. 89 of Nizhnekamskneftekhim as of 22 January 1979, on the basis of SRSU-8 of Spetskauchukremstroy Trust, Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust was formed, which included three SRSUs. The year 1979 was officially considered the year of the foundation of the trust, the key task of which was determined to ensure the maintenance of the petrochemical equipment of one of the largest petrochemical complexes in Europe — Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC.

By Order of Nizhnekamskneftekhim No. 89 dated 22 January 1979, Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust was formed on the basis of SRSU-8 of Spetskauchukremstroy Trust. Photo: TSNHRS Trust PLC

For more than 40 years of work, the team of the trust has accumulated a huge practical experience, formed a powerful modern technical base, obtained permits and licenses to perform a wide range of works. Including highly specific ones: for the construction and repair of the most complex oil refining, petrochemical and other facilities.

The company's staff is able to quickly organise a full range of basic and related works, including taking on the functions of a general contractor, ensuring the effective performance of design tasks, and organising the supply of necessary building materials from their production facilities: concrete, asphalt, metal structures, reinforced concrete, aluminum and joinery elements. Own laboratory gives the opportunity to be confident in the quality and durability of materials. And the presence of a training centre with a highly qualified teaching staff in the trust gives the opportuntiy to organise training, retraining and obtaining related specialties by the company's employees in all necessary areas of activity.

Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust PLC's staff is able to quickly organise a full range of basic and related repair and construction works. Photo: TSNHRS Trust PLC

The efficiency and quality of the tasks set, as well as a flexible pricing policy, are attractive to the trust's customers. Among the large companies that constantly use the services of Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy, in addition to Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, there are also TAIF-NK JSC, TGC-16 JSC, SOV-NKNH JSC and UETP-NKNH PLC.

Almost no new construction and reconstruction of existing production facilities of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC is complete without the participation of the trust, including as a general contractor. Among the new and reconstructed facilities: the production of plastics, polypropylene, polyethylene, halobutyl rubber, reconstruction of the existing plant for the production of ethylene.

In addition to production facilities, over the years the trust has built, repaired and put in order dozens of buildings and structures for agricultural, residential and social purposes. Including multi-apartment and low-rise residential buildings, sanatoriums, recreation centres, mini-mills and storage facilities, a laundry for the maternity hospital of the Nizhnekamsk medical unit, football stadiums and the ice palace Nizhnekamsk Arena, the park and square of Petrochemists, House of Folk Art, the industrial park Kamsky Polyany, highways and railway depot... Dozens of objects that are in demand by the population of Nizhnekamsk and well-functioning oil refining, petrochemical and water supply industries are clear evidence of the effectiveness of the Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust.

119 million rubles of net profit

The difficult for the vast majority of companies 2020 year, when the global economic crisis was aggravated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19, Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust PLC not only maintained, but also increased the efficiency of its activities. By the main indicators, the reporting period was record one for the repair and construction company.

Thus, the volume of construction and installation works, including those performed on their own, at the end of the year increased by 13% compared to 2019 and, in monetary terms, amounted to 1 billion 754 million rubles. For comparison, in 2019, this figure reached 1 billion 549 million rubles, and in 2018 — 1 billion 466 million rubles.

The increase in the volume of work was due to an increase in the coverage of repairs of TAIF Group and changes in the pricing of the cost of construction and installation works. In 2020, more than 5,900 units of technological equipment were repaired, more than 1,000 tonnes of metal structures, more than 0,300 tonnes of pipelines were dismantled and installed, more than 30,000 square metres of thermal insulation works were performed, more than 57,000 square metres of roads were repaired, as well as about 18,000 square metres of roofs, etc.

Accordingly, the important indicator such as labour productivity (the monetary equivalent of output per month for each employee of the company) also increased. If in 2019, it was 100,000 rubles per month for each employee of TSNHRS Trust PLC, then by the end of 2020, it is already 116,000 rubles.

The company's net profit reached 119 million rubles (against 42 million rubles in 2019).

Investments in development

The key direction of the development programme of Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust is the renewal of the company's production assets. In 2020, 37,7 million rubles were allocated for the purchase of equipment, tooling and tools (welding equipment, electric wrenches, flange spreaders, etc., hydraulic power tools).

The company actively invests in its own development and renewal of production assets. Photo: TSNHRS Trust PLC

The company actively implements modern energy-saving technologies. Due to the transition to energy-efficient lighting at the objects owned by the trust alone, electricity consumption is reduced by 20%. The modernisation of thermal units helped to reduce the consumption of thermal energy by 10%.

Another important direction of the company's development is an efficient organisation of work and professional development of the personnel working in the trust. The company's staff is estimated at 1,255 people, with an average salary of 50,000 rubles in 2020. Last year, more than 46,5 million rubles were allocated for improving working conditions and labour protection, and another 42,8 million rubles were allocated for social policy expenses: payments of additional social guarantees to employees of the trust, support for pensioners, children's vouchers, vouchers for employees, etc.

In difficult conditions for the economy of the country and the republic, the provision of orders from the enterprises of TAIF Group allowed Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy Trust PLC to work stably and reliably, ensuring timely and high-quality fulfillment of all its obligations: to customers, business partners, its own employees and budgets of all levels. Focusing on the consumer, improving the quality of services, making better use of resources, including human resources, and investing heavily in the development of production assets, the company ensures the growth of its own efficiency, thereby strengthening its position in the construction market of the republic.

By Arseny Favstritsky
Analytics Tatarstan