Course for stability: TAIF-NK presents company’s projects

Course for stability: TAIF-NK presents company’s projects
Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

Tatarstan Gas and Petrochemical Forum took place at Kazan Expo international exhibition complex. This year it was dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the TASSR. The event hosted several events at once, including the 27th Oil. Gas. Petrochemistry International Specialised Exhibition. It is considered one of the leading sectoral events in Volga Federal Okrug. TAIF-NK oil refinery annually participated in the exhibition. The enterprise presented samples of products made as a result of refining in the Heavy Residues High Conversion Facility on its stand. Now it is operating in test mode.

“We all have missed such forums”

Rustam Minnikhanov began his welcome speech with these words. The president of the republic stressed that the event was held on the threshold of Oil and Gas Industry Workers’ Day and congratulated everybody involved in the holiday.

“I would like to thank each of you who prepared the expositions, while they account for over a hundred. It is a pity that not all our partners have managed to come, but most participants are here. Our work will go on online as well. And I am sure that the forum is in high demand and necessary. I wish us good work and thanks to everybody for being together,” the Tatarstan president added.

Rustam Minnikhanov: “I am sure that the forum is in high demand and necessary”

Vice Minister of Energy of Russia Anton Inyutsyn also talked about the meaning of the forum. He noted that the state sets the gas and petrochemical sector big tasks.

“I think that one of today’s key tasks of our country is to increase non-feedstock, non-energy export. The line of products that is made today both in Tatarstan and in other regions in general that depend on gas and petrochemistry will become a breakthrough sector in the next years,” Anton Inyutsyn said.

Rustam Minnikhanov cut the symbolic yellow ribbon and opened the forum in company with the vice minister President of Russia’s Union of Oil and Gas Producers Gennady Shmal.

Rustam Minnikhanov, Anton Inyutsyn and Gennady Shmal opened the forum

“The conversion rate of tar into light oil products has been 92%”

After an award ceremony of the sector’s leaders, guests of the forum looked over stands of participants in the exhibition Oil. Gas. Petrochemistry. This year it gathered over 100 companies from 18 Russian regions, 60 Tatarstan enterprises are among them. Representatives of foreign countries participated in the exhibition as well — Germany, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Japan and Belarus.

The stand of TAIF GC became one of the first expositions they looked over. Rustam Minnikhanov was interested in TAIF-NK oil refinery’s product samples. The enterprise produces motor fuel and Euro 5 diesel fuel, which is supplied to filling stations in Tatarstan and in a number of regions.

Chief engineer of the enterprise Maksim Novikov told the president about the organisation’s projects. One of the primary goals now is the stable operation of all plants of the Heavy Residues High Conversion Facility.

A VCC unit has been refining the project’s feedstock since 15 May 2020 — tar — and making high-quality light oil products that are in high demand in the market. The real amount of refined feedstock has reached 703,000 tonnes in the last three months. Tar has accounted for 404,000 tonnes of it, vacuum gas oil has — 281,400 tonnes.

Maksim Novikov: “Our enterprise takes all measures to launch the facility”

“Our enterprise takes all measures to launch the facility. Now we are in testing mode and have achieved positive results of tar refining for three months. The conversion rate of tar into light oil products has been 92%. In other words, almost the whole amount of residual oil product (tar) is processed into light oil products such as diesel fuel, straight-run petrol,” Chief Engineer of TAIF-NK JSC Maksim Novikov explained

The first foundation stone of the facility was laid in 2012. It is a unique unit in terms of productivity and technology. It is based on VCC (Veba Combi Cracking) technology by Kellogg Brown & Root LTD, which allows refining heavy oil residues into light high-quality oil products.

“I think the president has appreciated our successes, and we will keep mastering capacities. The most important thing is to start working, refining and producing high-quality oil products. The process is already stable, but it takes time to hone all skills, detect and eliminate problems,” Maksim Novikov said.

TAIF-NK presented products samples made as a result of refining in HRHCF

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By Alsu Gusmanova. Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov