Albina Shagimuratova: ''Thank you all, you've been really great. You are the future of our opera''

Glinka International Vocal Contest finishes in Kazan

The audition of participants who entered the third round of the contest took place on 18 April in the Saydashev State Great Concert Hall, and the winners were announced. Among the winners are Russians, representatives of Kazakhstan and China. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

''There are no weak participants in this competition''

In the third round, instead of the planned 10-12 participants, the jury chaired by Albina Shagimuratova allowed 15 applicants for the victory in the competition. The preparation of the contestants was high, and therefore, another three talented young singers were given the chance. Among the participants of the third round — representatives of Russia, China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. Two soloists of the Dzhalil Tatar State Opera and Ballet Theatre — Elza Islamova and Server Kadirov – also moved on the third round.

On the eve of the third round, in the Saydashev Satet Great Concert Hall there was held a rehearsal of the contestants with the Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Sladkovsky, which is known to be kind, but strict and knows how to help the singer. The rehearsal was of many hours, but certainly brought the good to the contestants.

The jury also had no rest that day — a series of master classes were held by Irina Bogacheva and Albina Shagimuratova. In the city hall, there was organized a round table discussion on the problems of training singers on the example of the Glinka Contest. Thus, within the framework of the competition, an educational programme was also held.

''The competition is very well prepared, everything that is happening now is top class,'' said Aleksander Sladkovsky. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

''The level of contestants is very high, it is clear that not very well-trained people cannot participate in such a competition. Of course, there are favourites, I can already assume who will take the prizes, but I will refrain from forecasts. Let the jury have their say. I am very glad that the contest came to life, that Albina Shagimuratova, the leader of this project, honoured leader, was able to realize everything. The competition is very well prepared, everything that is happening now is top class. It's nice that all the singers-members of the jury are all familiar to me, with all of them I have worked. I have known Larisa Gergieva since my studies at the Conservatory. Therefore, for me, the work at this competition is in some way nostalgic, it's like a kind of return to St. Petersburg. I am very pleased that the Glinka Competition, which has not been held for the last 5 years, and this is a brand that has been known since 1960, has been revived in Kazan. I really want it to stay with us. As for the singers, good luck to them, and everything my orchestra can do, it will help them,'' artistic director and chief conductor of the Tatar State Symphony Orchestra Alexander Sladkovsky commented on his attitude to the competition to Realnoe Vremya.

''What will happen to them next — time will tell''


What the fate of the contestants will be — time will tell. ''Once outstanding politician Deng Xiaoping was asked what he thought about the French Revolution and how to assess its results, he said that too little time has passed. Everything has to settle, everything has to be tied to this or that following event. No matter whether it is audition in the theatre, whether it's a hit in opera agency — the life will show. As a rule, many first prize winners are not lucky afterwards. They rest on their laurels. But those who will receive the third or fourth prize, if you look at the statistics of the Tchaikovsky competition, then many of them then built a successful career. Now we hear just young, fresh voices, and what will happen to them, time will show,'' observer of Orfey Radio Nikolay Rybinsky commented on the prospects of the contestants to Realneo Vremya.

When the time was approaching 11 p.m., a number of chairs were lined on the stage, they were occupied by the jury that appeared from behind the scenes. Albina Shagimuratova approached the microphone and in complete silence named the winners of the Glinka Contest. The winners of the third award were Olga Maslova from Russia and competitor from China Daoligong. The second place was taken by soloist of the Kazan Opera Elza Islamova and Stanislaus Lee, who represented Kazakhstan. The first prize winners were Russians Maria Barakova and Konstantin Suchkov. Maria Barakova, in addition to the first prize, received a special honourary prize named after the long-term chairman of the jury of Glinka Contest and his inspirer Irina Konstantinovna Arkhipova.

The first place among the accompanists, who accompanied the performances of the contestants in the first and second rounds, was taken by Alsu Baryshnikova from Kazan. Photo:

''You've been really great. Thank you all. You are the future of our opera,'' Albina Shagimuratova told the participants of the competition and reminded that all the winners fly from Kazan to St. Petersburg, where on April 21 they participate in a gala concert at the Mariinsky Theatre. That night, the Saidashev State Great Concert Hall hosted the final gala concert, where the winners were awarded with well-deserved awards.

By Tatyana Mamaeva