Family traditions: where Nizhnekamskneftekhim employees rest

This year, 2,360 children have spent their holidays in the camps of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. Most of them have been in the camp Yunost, and those who are engaged in sports have spent the summer in Olympiets. Not only children but also employees of the enterprise have the opportunity to have a rest in the recreation centers of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. The permits to the sanatorium Korabelnaya Roshcha, as well as the recreation centre Dubravushka, are provided for them. Read more details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

English and the basics of orienteering

One of the most popular camps in Nizhnekamsk – Yunost — received 1,700 children this summer. There were four shifts, each of which is not similar to the previous one. For example, the third shift called 'Heroes among us' encouraged children to do good deeds. The task was to make a feat once in three days.

''A senior team can braid the girls from younger tream's hair. They can collect all the plastic cups throughout the camp. There were many ideas what to do, all depends on the imagination and willingness of children,'' explained director of the camp Yunost Alexander Klepachev.

A distinctive feature of the camp – the programme Youcity, which was held at all summer shifts. During the shift, the children were ''building'' their own city — they elected self-government bodies, created jobs. They even had their own currency – ''uniks'', with which they could order a song at a disco or skip morning exercises.

Yunost camp has received 1,700 children this year. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

About 12 clubs worked in each shift. One of the most unusual — the tourism club, where children were taught to survive in natural environment — to determine the direction by the compass, put up a tent, kindle a fire.

''I have given them the basics of orienteering. On the day of arrival they had to find a treasure on the territory of the camp — children performed the tasks and at the finish they received a treasure. A week later, we conducted sports orienteering, which is already a sport. They ran around the camp with a sports scheme and looked for checkpoints using the map. At the end of the shift they participated in the competitions on tourism,'' told Sergey Akhmetkin, a teacher in the tourism club.

In the tourism club, children were taught to survive in natural environment. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

At all shifts the children studied English. A teacher in a playful way taught them the subtleties of grammar and vocabulary.

''The children asked for the English club, so I offered to open it. I think it is necessary that during the holidays children do not forget vocabulary. We learned a lot of words that are not present in school textbooks. Children came willingly and engaged with great desire, for me it is the main indicator of benefit,'' shared Vlada Afanasyeva, an English teacher.

''The island of courage'': how to assemble a rifle for speed

The unique specialised shift 'The island of courage' with a military bias was held in the fourth, final shift. It has been organized on the basis of the camp Yunost since 2011. Ninety-two cadets aged 7 to 17 years from the military-patriotic club Nasledie, which was created at Nizhnekamskneftekhim, have spent holidays there this year. Over three weeks, they learned the basics of the art of war — learned to drive a car, shoot, disassemble and reassemble a rifle for speed. The schedule of the children even included diving: teachers gave not only theory, but also practiced knowledge — the students dived into water. All this students were taught by 11 instructors of the military-patriotic club Nasledie.

''Our profile shift in the camp Yunost was originally with an emphasis on military subjects,'' head of the military-patriotic club Nasledie at Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC Aleksey Sabakaev explains. ''The children here know what fire safety and the mine-combat engineering thing are, learn to shoot air rifles and pistols under the guidance of experienced instructors.''

The profile shift was held thanks to the support of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. The enterprise within military-patriotic education of young generation allocates funds for the purchase of the form and equipment. Most of the cadets are children of employees of Nizhnekamsneftekhim.

The unique specialised shift 'The island of courage' with a military bias was held in the fourth, final shift. Photo: provided by NKNK

The life in the camp is active, each platoon is engaged in its own business. Thus it created brotherhood and friendship, so patriotism is fostered by personal example — just like in the old days.

''Nizhnekamskneftekhim also has the sports and health camp Olympiets. Each shift was represented by 10-12 sports and 220 children with coaches. In the schedule there were two trainings a day, but one should not think that children were engaged only in sports. They had concerts, talk shows, a lot of classes. 70% of the tour price to Yunost and Olympiets were paid by the enterprise and only 30% were covered by parents,'' said director of the sports club Neftekhimik Sergey Klipachev.

Korabelnaya Roshcha sanatorium for families with children

The sanatorium Korabelnaya Roshcha is open for employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim all year round. The shifts 'Mother and child' were organised there during all summer — employees with children rested there. In total, there were five shifts, each received 250 people. The resort has all the conditions for recreation with the child — there are game rooms and nursery teachers, so when the mother have procedures, all children stay =under supervision.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim employees pay only a partial cost of the permit — 3,677 and 5,818 rubles, depending on the room category, for a tour there. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

The health resort works in seven directions — there are programmes on improvement of respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, ENT organs, genitourinary system. There are also programmes for frequently ill children and people who work with harmful and dangerous factors.

''All programmes include massage, water treatments, heat treatment such as paraffin or mud. Also, light treatment, sauna, swimming pool, dry carbon dioxide baths are provided, there is a sensory room, office with mountain air,'' said deputy director for medical work at Korabelnaya Roshcha — Nizhnekamskneftekhim PLC Liliya Fazdalova.

All programmes include massage, water treatments, heat treatment such as paraffin or mud. Also, light treatment, sauna, swimming pool. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

For employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, who work with harmful and dangerous factors, there are separate shifts, one of these took place on August 14. By the way, on this day Korabelnaya Roshcha began to work in the new status — a subsidiary of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC. The health resort with good medical base carries out resort treatment and rehabilitation of employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, veterans of production and members of their families.

Almost for three weeks, 70 people came – it is those who work with harmful and dangerous factors, as well as employees of the 'Mother and child' programme.

''Employees of the company come for health reasons. A medical examination or a visit to a therapist identifies employees who need sanatorium treatment. As a result, a list is created, which is approved by NKNK, and people are given a certificate for obtaining a permit,'' director of Korabelnaya Roshcha — Nizhnekamskneftekhim PLC Roman Gubanov explained.

Thanks to the financing of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, major repairs of the catering block and water treatment facilities have been carried out, including of the mud and paraffin treatment rooms. The medical equipment have been completely replaced, new bathtubs have been installed.

''Already next year we plan to prepare and open a new rehabilitation department. The negotiations on allocation of quotas in 2019 for rehabilitation treatment by vouchers from the state medical institutions are being conducted with the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Tatarstan,'' Mr. Gubanov added.

The check-in lasts 18 days, and employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim pay only a partial cost of the permit, the average payment is 3,677 and 5,818 rubles, depending on the room category. But the sanatorium Korabelnaya Roshcha is ready to accept everyone, the daily room rate starts from 1,600 rubles.

Boat trips and shashliks at the recreation base Dubravushka

For those who want to rest with the whole family, there is the recreation centre Dubravushka. It is located in the middle of an oak grove 30 minutes drive from Nizhnekamsk. There are 20 wooden houses with all amenities: hot water and a bathroom.

There are 20 wooden houses with all amenities in Dubravushka recreation centre. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

''The houses are divided into two parts — there are options for two or for a family of four. The occupancy of the base is good, as a rule, there are more than 100 people. Everyone likes food there – meals are three times a day and very nourishing,'' administrator of recreation centre Dubravushka Elena Galimova told.

Guests can rent bicycles and skateboards free of charge. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

The Gafurovs family regularly come for a weekend to this recreation centre. They recently had a third child, so it is important for them to spend a lot of time outdoors. They say that the rest is available here, with all the conditions for leisure created.

''There is a boat station, for children there are volleyball balls, bicycles. And it's all free, which is very pleasing. I don't know any other base where it would be so comfortable. For the employee of Nizhnekamskneftekhim it is the best thing you can imagine,'' shared Khaziz Gafurov.

For active recreation, there is a tennis court and volleyball court, as well as free skateboards and a boat station.

The recreation center has a boat station. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

Over the years of work of the city-forming enterprise, Nizhnekamskneftekhim has developed the system of family recreation and health improvement of workers. For children of employees there are subordinate camps, those who want to relax with the whole family can come to the recreation centre Dubravushka. Well, the employees can also restore the health in the sanatorium Korabelnaya Roshcha. Moreover, employees of the company are provided with benefits everywhere. But, in addition, Nizhnekamskneftekhim allocates preferential vouchers to the sanatoriums such as Izhminvody, Varzi Yatchi, Uva, Bakirovo, Zhemchuzhina — 598 permits were issued in the first half of 2018 at the expense of the trade union, and the employees paid only 20% of their full cost. Another 226 vouchers were allocated for the recreation of employees in the resorts of the Black Sea coast. Thanks to the benefits from NKNK, the employee had to pay only 25% of the full cost. In modern economic realities, the maintenance of health facilities for recreation of the company's employees and their children is an example of real social responsibility of business. Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC is one of the best among Tatarstan companies that continue this wonderful initiative.

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By Ksenia Zharkova, Alina Gubaydullina