Airport racer: ''I turn out to be insane and I am not aware of anything at all...''

Private eye who drove a car through the Kazan airport is expecting forced treatment

Airport racer: ''I turn out to be insane and I am not aware of anything at all...''
Photo: Irina Plotnikova

The ''hero'' of the December rampage at the Kazan airport will go to psychoneurological dispensary instead of jail. If the prosecutor's office and the court agree with the medical report about the accused person's mental disorder. Realnoe Vremya knew about it in the Supreme Court of Tatarstan on 23 May. During the hearing of his complaint, 37-year-old director of a detective agency Ruslan Nurtdinov announced the results of the expertise, claimed his innocence and again remembered the girl whom he entered the airport to save on 21 December 2016. But the Investigative Committee did not find the girl.

Experts: ''Nurtdinov needs treatment''

Ruslan Nurtdinov has been arrested for 5 months for a ''ride'' with broken walls at the Kazan airport. Last time his temporary registration in prison on remand was prolonged until 22 June 2017. In the appeal about this decision of the regional court, Nurtdinov asked to cancel his arrest. According to the arrested man, he went for a ride through the airport because he ''persecuted another car'' and arguments of the investigation about his attempt to escape and put pressure on witnesses and victims did not have a foundation.

It should be reminded the Kazan airport and Senior Police Sergeant Obukhov who tried to arrest the racer at the airport were admitted victims who were affected by driver Nurtdinov's actions. The case was investigated by the Privolzhsky Investigative Administration of the Investigative Committee of Russia in willful destruction of property and use of force towards an official.

Via video connection with the court from the ward, Nurtdunov told he is a director general of Owl private detective agency and father of two four-year-old twin girls (he divorced their mother). Then he required to announce the result of his own forensic psychiatric examination. It turned out the accused man was detected ''signs of chronic psychological disorder…'' as early as 22 March 2017, and now he can't and could not ''recognise the character of his actions and manage them'' in December 2016.

Experts concluded: Nurtdinov needs treatment in psychiatric hospital. It means a decision of the prosecutor's office on taking forced medical measures towards the ''racer'' was to be sent to the court instead of the criminal case with a report on the accusation. Only when the court agrees with it, the private detective who was a former police worker will be considered temporarily incompetent. As Realnoe Vremya found out, the investigation of the criminal case has almost ended and can be sent to transport prosecutor's office in the short run.

''I am in prison because somebody needs it''

Considering the diagnosis that was made public in court (the editorial doesn't name it for ethical reasons), Nurtdinov's speech in court was unclear. In addition, he started with the recognition of the results of expertise: ''I turn out to be insane and I am not aware of anything at all…'' Then Nurtdinov addressed the judge saying that nothing will change – whether his arguments are logical and convincing or, on the contrary, illogical. ''This is why I have been here in prison for five months. I have never met a person whose pre-trial restriction changed. Moreover, a person who is under the strict supervision and control of the punitive agency,'' the arrested man means the Investigative Committee.

Later the man claimed that he is in prison because somebody needs it. And in his case, the Constitution of the Russian Federation as well as the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code don't work. ''I don't understand why everything happens this way. Probably it is fine for a weird and insane person,'' he was reasoning from the screen taking advantage of the patience of the court.

Nurtdinov doesn't consider himself guilty of the crimes and infringements. We should remind the weight of drugs found in his VAZ-2115 car arrested him only for 15 days. The very driver assured the package with the substance was planted on him. Earlier he led a life without sins according to the Criminal Code: ''I have never had criminal records, illegal actions, I have never been outside the Russian Federation''. In conclusion, the ''racer'' sent his greetings and gratitude to ''all people whom he met on his way'', especially his teachers and said ''he was ready to remain in prison further''.

Prosecutor Natalia Kozhevnikova insisted that the arrest was legal

Investigative Committee: no girl

Lawyer Adel Kamaletdinov tried to persuade the court that there was no foundation to put Nurtdinov under arrest. Prosecutor Natalia Kozhevnikova insisted that the arrest was legal. The very accused man who was given the floor again remembered what brought him to the airport. We should remind that in December he told how he ''was fighting for his love'' – drove into the airport because he bet her a Snickers that he would meet her without delays. A more dramatic version of those events sounded this time:

''Indeed, it was an extraordinary act for me… I had to do so because we were speaking about the life of my girlfriend including my life I was to conserve. I ask to forgive me for having entered the airport by car. As it turned out it is among the best 100 airports of the world. Unfortunately, I did not know it… I did not want to destabilise the situation neither in the republic, nor region, nor Russia… But nobody has the right to threaten to people I love and my relatives.''

The court did not ask questions about what he said, so it was unclear what threats were meant. Moreover, it is difficult to understand what a forced measure made him broke airport doors and drive inside terrifying people. However, the correspondent of Realnoe Vremya was told in the Privolzhsky Investigative Administration of the Investigative Committee of Russia the story about the reception of his ''girlfriend'' can be considered as invention. This version was checked and was not confirmed.

By Irina Plotnikova. Photo and video: Irina Plotnikova