Arrested racer from Kazan airport: ''I will tell one thing — I was fighting for my love''

The detainee for the night ramming of ‘’air gates’’ accuses the police of falsifying the evidence and violation of the Geneva Convention

Arrested racer from Kazan airport: ''I will tell one thing — I was fighting for my love''
Photo: Irina Plotnikova

A romantic version of the night's ramming in the Kazan airport was presented to journalists by 40-year-old Ruslan Nurtdinov after his arrest. He said that he was breaking to the airfield in a car to meet his love, a young woman-designer from Moscow. Earlier in court it was announced that with his first love, mother of three daughters-twins, Nurtdinov has already divorced, as well as he has long lost his job. Read the details in the report of Realnoe Vremya.

An arm of the police officer was clamped in the car

Georgy Selyukov, an investigator of the Volga Region Transport Investigation Department of the Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation, applied with a petition to arrest Nurtdinov. According to the investigator, Nurtdinov drove into the airport on the evening of 21 December. Nurtdinov was in a state of intoxication, he did not want to obey the lawful demands of police officers and drove into the terminal 1A of the international airport Kazan. The investigation found marijuana weighing 3.9 grams in VAZ-2215 belonging to Nurtdinov.

Also, currently Nurtdinov is accused of willful damage to property and using violence against a representative of authorities. The victim in this case is recognized Sergeant Obukhov, who, trying to stop the driver, broke a window of his car and tried to unlock the door. At this point, as Selyukov reported, the driver abruptly started the engine, and the police officer received a cut wound of an arm. ''Knowing that the arm of the police officer was clamped in the car, Nurtdinov continued movement and deliberately sent the car into the glazed fence of the airport building, in the result of which Obukhov bumped into a metal structure of the fence.''

On the Internet there appeared the mounted shooting from external and internal cameras of the airport, from which it is clear that the driver acted intentionally, he failed to ram into the glass entrance from the first time, he passed back and repeated the attempt twice more. Inside the terminal, he moved confidently and sometimes demonstrated skills of rather a skillful driver, driving in the corridors and making chasing him police to get sweat. As one of the representatives of the investigation told Realnoe Vremya, in total Nurtdinov demolished at least four walls including two outer ones.

When Nurtdinov finally left the terminal building, at 22:38 p.m. he was detained at the Privokzalnaya square. The driver shouted threats of physical harm against the police and was holding the subject similar to a knife, Selyukov told the court. Judge Sergey Yakunin satisfied the petition for arrest of the inadequate driver until 21 February 2017 despite the objections of an attorney Denis Kirsanov that the arrest of persons holding Russian citizenship and residence can not be imposed for minor crimes.

An investigator-detective-unemployed

The meeting confirmed the information about a police past of the accused. In 1994-2000, he served as an investigator of Borovetsky Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Naberezhnye Chelny. Currently he is CEO and co-owner of Naberezhnye Chelny detective company Sova. He has a private detective license. However, he calls himself unemployed. In court, Ruslan Nurtdinov reported that the last three years he was not working, he was trying to find a job, but in a new place he did not stay for more than a few days. The last two weeks he worked without formal employment as a real estate agent for a construction company. However, any transaction was not concluded and he earned nothing.

Meanwhile, the man has two twin daughters living at his expense, he had divorced with their mother. The mother is also living at his expense. For her, he had to take out a loan of 150 thousand rubles, he told the court.

''I was absolutely sober… Wipe samples from the hands belong to [the police officer] Obukhov,'' said Ruslan Nurtdinov to the journalists. ''I remember every second of it. All I did I knew what I was doing. All the rest I will tell the judge.'' Here it is necessary to clarify that he refused to give testimony to the investigation. But to the journalists he told that he drove to the terminal for a reason, he was rushing to the airfield. To meet a young woman and win… a Snickers:

''I will tell only that I was fighting for my love. She was supposed to come but never arrived. It was such, shall we say, small joke… We made a bet for a Snickers that I will meet her on time… She is working in Moscow as a designer.''

''Why didn't you meet her with flowers in terminal?'' asked the journalist of Realnoe Vremya.

''I was planning to come and meet. Due to the fact that I was harassed, I was forced to do that way...''

According to Nurtdinov, some crews of traffic police chased him from a stele with an Eternal flame (Gorky Park on the Ershov street — editor's note) and threatened to use a firearm. According to the logic of the driver it turns out the girl is to blame. However, the court revealed an interesting fact that a few years ago the accused was under psychiatric observation.

After the intervention of the police convoy, ''the airport racer'' said that for the whole day in the police department he was never offered food or water, ''Continuous violations of the Geneva Convention on human rights...'' By the way, an investigator Georgy Selyukov heard for the first time a romantic version of the motive for the crime in the court.

By Lina Sarimova, Irina Plotnikova. Photo: Irina Plotnikova