Zilya Valeyeva: ''Kazan khans will be buried in the Kremlin''

Zilya Valeyeva: ''Kazan khans will be buried in the Kremlin'' Photo: Maksim Platonov

Director of Kazan Kremlin Reserve Museum Zilya Valeyeva was the guest of Realnoe Vremya on 31 January. Readers of the newspaper actively welcomed the online conference with her having sent many questions about future joint projects of the Kazan Kremlin and the Tretyakov Gallery, restoration of Syuyumbike Tower.

''It is a new museum view''

Realnoe Vremya's online conference started with the questions about upcoming joint projects of the Kazan Kremlin and the Tretyakov Gallery. It is already known that one of the major exhibitions from the Tretyakov Gallery will be in Hermitage-Kazan.

For this reason, one of the readers asked whether Hermitage would be closed and if Hermitage director general Mikhail Piotrovsky presented these halls to the Tretyakov Gallery. The director of the reserve museum calmed him down and assured that, as usual, the agreement with Hermitage was signed for five years. And the next exhibition that would open in Hermitage-Kazan and follow the exhibition from the Tretyakov Gallery will come from Hermitage. Workers of the most famous Russian museum will bring unique china to Kazan.

As for the joint project with the Tretyakov Gallery, according to Zilya Valeyeva, it won't be a simple exhibition but a unique event for citizens of Kazan and tourists because the Tretyakov Gallery learnt to occupy the museum space in a different way by attracting not only exposition employees but architects and lighting designers. In this respect, the arrival of the Tretyakov Gallery workers is a good masterclass for Tatarstan museum workers.

The exhibition in the Hermitage centre will consist of the works of the first row, as artists say

''The issue on cooperation of Tatarstan museums with the Tretyakov Gallery was discussed last year by President of our republic Rustam Minnikhanov when the director of the Tretyakov Gallery came to Kazan. Then agreements on exchange exhibitions and demonstration of masterpieces of the Tretyakov Gallery in Kazan were signed. And it was decided to fulfil the first project in the Kazan Kremlin as the most prepared place. Hermitage halls were chosen for it. There was a preliminary talk to Mikhail Piotrovsky because it is Hermitage-Kazan, and exhibitions don't take place without his consent. Such a cooperation was organised due to the agreement of museum workers and support of Rustam Minnikhanov, which is especially important.''

Now it is becoming more certain because our president and Minister of Culture Airat Sibagatullin visited the Tretyakov Gallery. The latter and the director general signed a cooperation agreement with Tatarstan museums. The first project will be fulfilled here. In 2018, the Tretyakov Gallery will exhibit Sviyaga icons. Now the State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan is preparing for this exhibition, restoration works are taking place. And we are preparing for Genius of the Century exhibition with excitement and tremor. It will be in the second half of April,'' Zilya Valeyeva told.

The exhibition in Hermitage-Kazan will consist of the works of the first row, as artists say. These are endeavours of Russian artists of the first quarter of the past century. Citizens of Kazan will see paintings of Natalia Goncharova, Nikolai Larionov, Mikhail Vrubel, etc. It will be an event similar to triumphal exhibitions of Valentin Serov and Ivan Aivazovsky at the very Tretyakov Gallery.

''The tower is prepared for restoration''

One of the questions asked by our readers was about Syuyumbike Tower, which is loved by both citizens of Kazan and tourists. Syuyumbike Tower, in fact, is a symbol of Kazan. Moreover, it is a symbol that has a copy in Moscow. As it is known, a phrase of our tower, according to architect Schusev's idea, adorns Kazan Railway Station in Moscow. Readers asked whether the tower would be restored and if people who wish to reach the highest floor of the tower it would be able to do it.

When the projects are ready, we will prepare for the restoration. It is early to say whether there will be access to the tower. Now restoration should be done, the tower's beauty should be conserved

''We have two serious projects – restoration of Syuyumbike Tower and Spass Tower. These documents were considered by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, as it should be regarding landmarks of federal importance. Insignificant remarks were made. The concept of the restoration was approved. But now great attention is paid to restoration technologies. Many new materials have appeared. Now projects are added to the sector of technology. For this reason, these documents are revised. Undoubtedly, it is a very serious job. When the projects are ready, we will prepare for the restoration. It is early to say whether there will be access to the tower. Now restoration should be performed, the tower's beauty should be conserved,'' Zilya Valeyeva answered.

Once binoculars were in the Kazan Kremlin. One could see the city in detail. Then the binoculars were taken away. Readers wondered whether they would return. Zilya Valeyeva said they would. She explained that it was necessary to substitute the old equipment.

''Burial of the remains is our human debt''

''Will the remains of the Kazan khans be buried?'' several readers sent this question. Zilya Valeyeva replied: ''Yes''. Tourists also ask her for it. We mean the remains that belonged to the son of the Golden Horde ruler, Kazan khan Mahmud who died in 1467 and Khan Ibragim's son Khan Muhammad-Amin who died in 1518. Their vault in the Kremlin and at the foot of Syuyumbike Tower was discovered by Kazan archaeologists headed by famous archaeologist Alfred Khalikov in 1977. Examination and identification continued in the early 90s by Airat Sitdikov and Fayaz Khuzin.

It should be remembered that the burial date was changed many times. Now it is scheduled to do it in summer 2017.

''Now we are speaking about an obligation to make a human step. The remains should be buried. The Muslim Spiritual Directorate has this kind of initiative. The restoration was carried out in the mausoleum. The job has finished. For this reason, this year the remains will be buried during Bolgarian Forum with regional representatives. It is our human debt,'' Zilya Valeyeva commented.

By Tatiana Mamaeva. Photo: Maksim Platonov