‘I am at the job fair just for TAIF-NK’

Who is wanted and what requirements are imposed on applicants at the oil refinery

‘I am at the job fair just for TAIF-NK’
Photo: предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

The second All-Russian Jobs of Russia. Time of Opportunities employment fair has been held in Tatarstan simultaneously at 46 venues. More than 900 vacancies from 43 enterprises were presented in Nizhnekamsk alone. Video presentations from leading employers, express interviews, master classes, exhibitions, career guidance testing, consultations for those wishing to start their own business awaited the applicants. The stand of TAIF-NK JSC was very popular — dozens of residents of the city left their questionnaires there. The company is famous for its powerful employee benefits, decent working conditions, and high wages. About how one of the largest oil refining companies in Tatarstan behaves in the competition for personnel — in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Showcase of attractive vacancies in Tatarstan

This is how the All-Russian Work of Russia. Time of Opportunities employment fair . The large-scale event brings together job seekers and employers from all over the country. The goal is to provide personnel to enterprises that are priority for the economy, quickly find a job and help with career planning.

“How does an employment fair differ from a regular job fair? This is a comprehensive event where participants can get career counselling, participate in discussions, master classes, trainings, and meet face-to-face with the HR services of key employers in the city. You can learn about training programmes and support for starting a business," said Irina Gerasimenkova, the director of the Nizhnekamsk Employment Centre.

The large-scale event brings together job seekers and employers from all over the country. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

According to her, last year more than 900 thousand people across Russia took part in two stages of the fair (regional and federal). Thirty-five thousand employers offered vacancies, and 123 thousand job seekers found jobs. In 2023, the fair was held simultaneously at 55 venues in Tatarstan, the event allowed to attract the attention of 32 thousand people, over 3 thousand job seekers found jobs.

This year, more than 900 vacancies from 43 leading employers were presented in Nizhnekamsk. Much attention was paid to the youth. Express interview and individual consultation zones were opened for students of educational institutions.

This year, more than 900 vacancies from 43 leading employers were presented in Nizhnekamsk. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“At the All-Russian Employment Fair, everyone will have an opportunity to find a suitable job for themselves. Enterprises, in turn, are ready to help — reformat the approach, build a new career trajectory," Ilnaz Mukhametyanov, the first deputy head of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Executive Committee for Economics, Investment and Digital Development, addressed the visitors at the opening of the exhibition.

Labour market is quite stable

In total, more than 12 thousand Tatarstan citizens visited the regional stage of the All-Russian Employment Fair. As Elmira Zaripova, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of Tatarstan, noted in an interview with Realnoe Vremya, now the labour market in the republic as a whole is quite stable in terms of unemployment growth.

As of February 1 of this year, 4,119 unemployed people were registered in the employment service, while 49,300 vacancies were opened. The average Russian employment rate is 61.2%. In Tatarstan, it is equal to 62.2%.

“Even a difference of 1% is a thousand people, considering that we employ about 2 million people. According to the results of the previous year, a record was set in Tatarstan: the number of employees increased by 10 thousand people. The republic needs 50,000 workers. One third of vacancies are open in the manufacturing industry. Employees are also required in industries such as construction and transportation. 3,000 workers are looking for healthcare and education institutions," Elmira Zaripova said.

In Nizhnekamsk, as of April 2024, the number of unemployed registered at the Labour and Employment Centre is 524 people. 950 vacancies have been opened, 2,869 jobs.

In the petrochemical capital, the largest Nizhnekamsk enterprises are fighting for personnel — TAIF-NK, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, TANECO, Tatshina, Grid Company, Bicotex, KAMA TYRES, Prettl-NK and others. Each presented its stand at the All-Russian Jobs of Russia. Time of Opportunities employment fair. . One of the central places in the hall was occupied by the stand of TAIF-NK JSC, around which applicants constantly gathered to ask about vacancies or submit their resume.

One of the central places in the hall was occupied by the stand of JSC TAIF-NK. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“I have come to the job fair only for the sake of TAIF-NK. I want to get a job as a process unit operator. Before that, I worked at another company. In 5 years, I have grown from the position of an operator to a shift supervisor. I want not only a decent salary, but also a comfortable psychological environment in the team," Aybulat admitted.

“I am doing the last year of the Kazan innovative University in the field of economics and accounting. I've come to the fair to find out where I can find a job after graduation. TAIF-NK is one of the largest companies in the republic, very promising. I expect stability, decent wages and confidence in the future from work," said Liya Khairullina, a university student.

“By profession, I am an electrician for the maintenance of electrical equipment of the 4th category. Before that, I worked for a construction company, serviced large enterprises. My duties included the installation and dismantling of electrical equipment. I would like my candidacy in TAIF-NK to be noticed and invited for an interview," said another applicant, Igor Kuzyanin.

Since March 1, it has been indexed by 30% at the enterprise. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

As the applicants noted, they are attracted to TAIF-NK by powerful employee benefits, comfortable working conditions, and high wages. By the way, since March 1, it has been indexed by 30% at the enterprise.

“At the All-Russian Job Fair, we want to provide job seekers with the opportunity to find their dream job. TAIF-NK requires not only workers, but also engineering and technical specialists. It is an engineer for automated production management systems, a supply specialist, a specialist in personal safety and economic security. Today, applicants are actively showing interest in working specialties: an electrician for electrical equipment, a mechanic for repairing electrical equipment, a process unit operator, a loader driver. We also need a cleaner of industrial premises, a cashier, a steward, a cook," said Galina Shimanskaya, the head of the HR department.

Resumes from applicants at the fair were accepted by employees of the HR department of TAIF-NK JSC. They also gave advice on how to fill out the questionnaire correctly and successfully complete the interview.

Galina Shimanskaya: “Each applicant undergoes a multi-level interview — from the head of the structural unit to the head of the personnel department.” предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“There is a personnel shortage in Tatarstan, but this does not mean that we hire everyone who applies to us. There are strict requirements. Firstly, these are documents on education, qualifications or the availability of special knowledge, regardless of whether it is a working specialty or an engineering one. Secondly, a person should have the qualities of a professional, not just come with a diploma without having experience. Thirdly, he must be healthy to work in an explosion- and fire-hazardous production. Each applicant undergoes a multi-level interview — from the head of the structural unit to the head of the personnel department. We identify candidates who are ready for self-improvement, training, and have abilities for music, dance, and sports. We have a successful asset now, which attracts talented young people," says Galina Shimanskaya.

From school bench to graduates of leading universities

“If the company developed such strict requirements for applicants, then how to staff them?" you would ask. To solve the staffing problem, the company has developed a special personnel policy. Career guidance work begins already from school. Employees of TAIF-NK conduct career guidance lessons in schools, invite children on excursions.

“We have been working on this since 2022. Throughout the year, we conduct excursions for students of grades 9-11 in the city's schools. In addition, we invite the children of the company's employees to the production. We show industrial facilities, tell them what professions are in demand, where they can get an education so that in the future they can join the TAIF-NK family. Children are always interested, they ask various questions, ask how the jobs of their parents are arranged. There is a great desire that we have as many labour dynasties as possible," said Anton Tukhvatullin, the head of the technical training group.

Anton Tukhvatullin: “We have a great desire to have as many labor dynasties as possible.”. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

The company actively cooperates with the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev — a real forge of the republic's workers.

“Our college has always been the number one workshop for industrial companies in Tatarstan. I am glad that enterprises do not wait for a graduate to graduate from an educational institution and get a diploma. Companies are ahead of the curve, realising that not only industrialists, but also small and medium-sized businesses hunt for personnel. Promising students are selected in their final years and invited to work in a dual training programme. Having got a job at an enterprise, students find themselves in real working conditions. TAIF-NK is developing especially actively in this regard," said Aidar Faretdinov, the director of the college.

This year, about 30 students are interning under the dual training system at TAIF-NK — these are process unit operators, drainers, chemical analysis technicians, electricians and instrument makers.

“Under the dual programme, very promising, successful young people who get good and excellent grades, participate in professional skills competitions or Worldskills, go to us. Here they get full salaries on an equal basis with employees. They have all the rights of employees, they are also covered by social guarantees. In just 3 years, 80 people have been employed under this programme. About ten people were drafted into the army, who returned to their jobs after the service," said Galina Shimanskaya.

Third-year students majoring in oil and gas refining, Adel Garayev and Ramil Sabirov, after graduating from college, dream of getting a job at TAIF-NK. To be noticed and invited to work, they annually participate in various professional skills competitions and olympiads.

After graduating from college, Adel Garayev and Ramil Sabirov dream of getting a job at TAIF-NK. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“Tatarstan is an industrial region where oil is extracted. TAIF-NK is engaged in its processing, produces in-demand products. It is interesting and prestigious to work in this company. I was personally convinced of this when I visited the second production of the Gasoline Plant with an excursion," Adel admitted.

“At TAIF-NK, I am attracted not only by high wages, comfortable working conditions, but also by the active life that the company's employees lead. My older brother works at TAIF-NK as an operator and talks a lot about his work. In his free time, he visits the swimming pool, gym, participates in sports and cultural events. I've recently been with my classmates and the company's assets to the Fedotovo ski resort myself, where I went skiing and got acquainted with the team in an informal setting," Ramil said.

In addition to dual training, TAIF-NK focuses on the organisation of an annual internship for students when working with educational institutions. Within the framework of agreements with educational organisations in 2023, 200 students from colleges and universities, including from Kazan, received practical training in the company's divisions.

“We have worked closely with the KNRTU for many years. We attend open days, hold job fairs at the institute, and invite students to work. There are many examples when we have employed many talented graduates of the KNRTU. One of them is the head of the Environmental Protection Department, Ruslan Valeev. In 2015, he was employed as a process unit operator. A year later, he moved to another division as a process engineer, upgraded categories in 2 years, transferred as the deputy head of the local wastewater treatment plant. In 2021, he became the chief ecologist of the enterprise," said Galina Shimanskaya.

Galina Shimanskaya: “In addition to dual training, the main focus is on organising an annual internship.”. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

With pride, TAIF-NK tells about another graduate of the KNRTU with a red diploma, now the head of the production department of the HRCC, Ramzil Minnegulov. Even before graduation, in order to get a job as a process unit operator at TAIF-NK JSC, he got a working specialty. At first, he worked as a process unit operator, a year later he was transferred as a process engineer of the production and technical department of the HRCC, then he headed it.

Another graduate of the KNRTU, Ilyas Garipov, climbed the career ladder in 4 years from a process engineer in the advanced development department to deputy head of the production department management of TAIF-NK.

Targeted training for company employees and their children

Talented and promising students of the Nizhnekamsk branch of the Kazan Innovation University named after V.G. Timiryasov are also invited to work at TAIF-NK. . According to the company, the shortage of personnel is felt today not only among technical specialties, but also humanitarian and economic ones. Lawyers, economists, accountants are no less in demand than machinists, welders or electricians.

Elena Novikova: “Our task is to tell future specialists about the opportunities and prospects of working at our enterprise.” предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“When students finish their studies, they face a choice — where to go to work. Our task is to tell future specialists about the opportunities and prospects of working at our company. To do this, students meet with practitioners at the university. I've recently attended a very useful event — Face-To-Face. The students were interested in the specifics of the economist's work, asked a lot of questions and learned more from me about the company, working conditions, and social guarantees," said Elena Nikolaeva, the head of the Planning and Economic Department group.

By the way, 18 years ago she graduated from the V.G. Timiryasov Kazan Innovative University herself, and now she is still a permanent member of the State Attestation Commission for graduation paper presentation.

“This is a good opportunity to see talented students and promising employees even within the walls of the university. Graduates of the university can prove themselves and immediately after receiving their diploma get a job at the large industrial enterprise. Currently, we have two graduates with red diplomas," said Elena Nikolaeva.

In turn, the Nizhnekamsk branch of the KIU notes that every graduate who gets a job at TAIF-NK is a matter of special pride.

Ilsia Mezikova: “The employer's trust plays a big role. The need for personnel is becoming more urgent every year.” предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“The employer's trust plays a big role. The need for personnel is becoming more urgent every year. TAIF-NK timely identifies talented students and invites them to work in economic departments. When they get jobs at city-forming enterprises, for us it is like a marker that we have reached a certain height," says Ilsoya Mezikova, the director of the Nizhnekamsk branch of KIU, not without pride.

Since last year, TAIF-NK has resumed a targeted training programme. Employees who want to get additional education or change their direction have the opportunity to study at the KNRTU Master's degree programme.

“According to the master's degree programme, 13 employees of the company graduate from the first academic year, two children of employees study under the bachelor's degree programme. Besides, during the year we have continuous training in advanced training, retraining of personnel in specialised educational institutions," Anton Tukhvatullin notes.

“Previously, the targeted training programme worked on a small scale, now it has expanded, today we do not stop there. In addition to the KNRTU, we are considering another university — KAI. We plan to teach targeted training in the areas such as information security and standardisation," Galina Shimanskaya stressed.

Advertisement of TAIF-NK JSC. предоставлено протокольным отделом АО «ТАИФ-НК»

The company also has a number of programmes that give the opportunity quickly adapt a new employee, help him prove himself and achieve maximum efficiency. Employees of the enterprise can demonstrate their abilities and skills at professional skill contests.

The company has created all conditions for outdoor enthusiasts. Popular destinations such as cycling, football, tennis, running and skiing always arouse great interest among employees. I fell in love with family outings, corporate tournaments and intellectual games, which not only unite the team, but help to make new friends.

Lilia Yegorova