Kazanorgsintez to raise wages for employees

The labour union organization of Kazanorgsintez has raised the issue of wage increase

Kazanorgsintez to raise wages for employees

The work results of the labour union organization Kazanorgsintez from October 2015 to October 2016 have been summarized at the reporting conference. It was attended by the Deputy Director General for corporate governance, property and investments of TAIF JSC and chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazanorgsintez PJSC Ruslan Shigabutdinov, and Director General of Kazanorgsintez PJSC Farid Minigulov.

Apartments for 288 employees

As the chairperson of the labour union organization of the enterprise Ilshat Mingazov told, there are 12,316 people registered in the labour union organization. The main task of the labour union is to represent and protect individual and collective social and labour, professional rights and interests of the union members, to control the observance of labour legislation.

The basis for the implementation of a social partnership between the employer and the labour union of the organization is a collective agreement. In accordance with the collective agreement, the social package of the workers of Kazanorgsintez PJSC includes about 30 items of preferences and guaranteed payments. Ilshat Mingazov reminded that this collective agreement has been recognised the best by the results of the VI Republican contest 'The Best Collective Agreement' carried out by the Federation of labour unions of Tatarstan. Besides, the collective agreement of 'Kazanorgsintez' has won the nomination 'For efficient protection of social and labour rights of youth' among the enterprises and organizations of the production sector.

There are 11 standing committees in the labour committee, as well as the joint commissions on social insurance, labour disputes and private pension provision.

The commission for labour protection monitors the implementation of the agreement on improvement of conditions and labour protection, deals with labour inspections of working conditions. The results of the first stage of the special assessment of working conditions at the 995 working places have been adopted. The work on assessment of 2,196 work places is being completed.

The employees have a vested interest to take care of their working conditions. Kazanorgsintez conducts the annual review-competition for the best sanitary and domestic premises. Winners receive certificates and money payments for purchase of equipment of social-household purpose.

The social insurance commission in accordance with the plan of wellness events conducted inspections of sanitary condition of the premises, working places, working conditions in autumn-winter period. For 9 months of 2016, compared to the corresponding period in 2015, there was a reduction in morbidity among the staff of Kazanorgsintez (KOS).

The commission on housing and domestic work is involved in the development and discussion of draft plans to improve housing and domestic service, seek fulfillment of administration commitment to improve housing and domestic service. As from February 1, 2016, there are 1,290 employees in the priority list for housing obtaining. They all are invited to take part in the current housing programs. From 2014 to 2016, 1,600 workers have been determined who will be given housing under these programs, 288 out of them have already received keys from their new apartments.

Subsidized holidays for the employees

During a year, the employees of Kazanorgsintez can get treatment in health resorts of the enterprise, they have to pay only 20% of a voucher cost. The union members receive compensation up to 1,200 rubles. For the first 9 months of this year, the health resort received 272 employees. 91 employees rested and were treated in the health resorts of the country. 71 subsidized vouchers were issued to the labour union health resorts of Tatarstan. The compensation from the funds of Tatrescom Roschimprofsoyuz amounted to 181 thousand rubles, from the funds of a primary labour union organization — 1,261 million rubles for all types of vouchers.

Shelanga recreation facility received about 1,700 people, 60% of them are the workers of KOS, the Observatory recreation facility received more than 700 people, 64% out of whom are employees of the enterprise.

The commission for protection of motherhood and childhood during the year cared about the organization of summer holidays for children, family entertainment. During the summer holidays 721 children of the workers' families of Kazanorgsintez had a holiday in children's camp Solnechny. The price for 21 days for them was 3,150 rubles, despite the fact that the full cost is 21,000 rubles. Children's camps of the Krasnodar Krai and Crimea received 14 children. All permits were issued in the labour union committee.

The budget of the labour union organization of the enterprise amounted to 26,24 million rubles. 4,2 million rubles out of them were allocated for financial assistance to the union members, almost 2,5 million rubles — for cultural-mass work, to sports events — more than 1,5 million rubles, the works with pensioners – 248,5 thousand rubles.

'Wage increase possibility is being under consideration'

Having finished the report, Ilshat Mingazov reminded the management of the company that the Republican agreement between the Federation of labour unions of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Coordination Council of Employers' associations and RT Cabinet of Ministers states that the labour unions take measures to bring the share of the tariff part of wages in the wage structure of workers of the real sector of the economy to a level not below 70%. The sectoral agreement for the chemical and petrochemical, oil refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the oil products supply system of the Republic of Tatarstan for 2014-2016 states that the share of the constant part in the structural part of the salary of employees should not be lower than 65%. Therefore, he asked to consider the question of increasing of the tariff rates and salaries of the employees of Kazanorgsintez in 2017.

Director General of KOS Farid Minigulov noted that despite not very rosy economic situation, Kazanorgsintez works steadily. And the possibility of wage increases is being under consideration. 'I think we will fulfill that request. This increase will probably happen after the new year.' He thanked the staff for the good work and expressed confidence that production figures for the year will be consistent with the plan or even will exceed it.

Ruslan Shigabutdinov reminded that the issue of remuneration increase for the staff is always on the agenda of the directorate. But they must remember that the company has the investment program that must be fulfilled, otherwise there will be no progress: 'Therefore, we work very seriously, responsibly, each at his post. We should be decisive, responsible, disciplined. We have a strong team, assets, production, marketable products. Thank you for the work, responsibility, discipline, understanding and let us continue to work professionally.'

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