Preserving traditions: Nizhnekamsk celebrates Sabantuy

Nizhnekamsk oil refiners congratulated everyone on the Plow Holiday

Preserving traditions: Nizhnekamsk celebrates Sabantuy

Nizhnekamsk residents and guests celebrated Sabantuy 2024 in a fun and grand manner. The plow festival, which was attended by more than 20 thousand people, turned out to be bright and memorable. The programme was rich: a theatrical prologue, awarding of agricultural workers, an art gallery, a photo exhibition, trade, horse racing, activities from city-forming enterprises. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Cultural code

According to tradition, the TAIF-NK site was one of the most popular on the city Sabantuy. It started working at 9 am.

There was a photo zone on the site. Реальное время /

The main theme of the holiday is the preservation of national traditions and cultural diversity. Under the still mild morning sun, the invited artists in Tatar national costumes performed the choreographic composition Prologue.

Ordinary guys from a Tatar village synchronously waved rakes, portraying spring sowing. Реальное время /

At the end of the action, they were joined by the heroes of Gabdulla Tukai's fairy tales — Su anasa and Shurale. The legendary characters did not intend to tickle or scare at all, but were very complacent.

A gift from Shurale is a book of fairy tales. Реальное время /

They presented gifts — colourful illustrated collections of Tatar fairy tales — to the honoured guests of the site: Farid Minigulov, Chief Adviser to the Chairman of the Board of TAIF JSC for Petrochemistry, Maxim Novikov, Director General of TAIF-NK, Marat Falakhov, Director General of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Ramil Mullin, head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District, Mayor of Nizhnekamsk and heads of the executive committee. The guests of the holiday cordially thanked for the warm welcome and congratulated all employees of the joint-stock company on the holiday.

Farid Minigulov: “Folk customs are our roots.”. Реальное время /

“A person grows from traditions, from history, from what happened to him, his parents, ancestors, his land. Folk customs are our roots. And they are important to understand who you are, what kind of person you are. Today's holiday is a component of our cultural code. Сheerful, light, bright Nizhnekamsk Sabantuy is one of the best in the republic. I am glad to be here and congratulate my colleagues on the holiday," Farid Minigulov shared.

Honourary citizen of Nizhnekamsk, former director of Gorelektrotransport Rafail Khabibullin paid attention to the site of the enterprise.

Rafail Khabibullin: “I wish you success in your work.”. Реальное время /

“The first builders and I couldn't help but look in here, although they are already waiting for us on the podium. It's so beautiful here, the artists are singing, we were well received. It's great that our enterprises are ready to give so much to the city. I sincerely thank you and congratulate you on a wonderful holiday! I wish you success in your work!” Rafael Ismagilovich wished.

They stood at the origins

By good tradition, veterans of the oil refining company became dear guests of the site. Industry veteran Zhamil Shaikhutdinov worked first as a chief mechanic, then for health reasons moved to the position of industrial safety engineer of the Gasoline Plant.

Zhamil Shaikhutdinov: “There is also my contribution in the formation of the Nizhnekamsk oil refinery.”. Реальное время /

“It warms my soul that there is also my contribution to the formation of the Nizhnekamsk oil refinery. When I got a job at the Gasoline Plant, the installation had not yet been completed. I participated in installation works, commissioning, testing of devices and pipelines. I have been retired for 8 years now, but I have not lost contact with my colleagues. We communicate regularly and wish each other happy holidays. My colleagues are next to me, as well as me, they were invited by the veterans council of the enterprise. We talk, we remember the past, maybe we'll sing. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend such a good holiday," the veteran thanked and sang a verse of his favourite song in the Tatar language.

Work-life balance

Vladimir Gatunok, the assistant director general for general affairs, told the correspondent of Realnoe Vremya that the society annually invites veterans to Sabantuy, organises various activities and involves young specialists in public life.

Vladimir Gatunok: “I see a lot of smiling faces on our site.”. Реальное время /

“Sabantuy is a holiday that everyone likes. I always see a lot of smiling faces on our playground. Besides, this is a great opportunity for team building, communication in an informal setting. After all, we can not only work well, but also relax well," Vladimir Ivanovich shared.

The company's asset supports Robert Yamgurov. Реальное время /

The company's activist group performed the choreographic composition “Come on, all together!” at the festival. K-201 cover band, whose members are employees of the company, also rocked.

Alyona Kalugina performed a touching song about her native land. Реальное время /

“This is not the first time we have performed, we are already in tune with each other. The guys in the group are employees of the company. We like it when our songs cheer the audience up. Such an energy," said Alyona Kalugina, the soloist of K-201.

Sport car

A racing car of TAIFMOTORSPORT team stood out at the activity site. The sports car immediately attracted the attention of all the guests.

Aidar Mitkhullin said that Dmitry Bragin's Cupra Leon recently returned with bronze from Russian Circuit Racing Series in Nizhny Novgorod. Реальное время /

“With the support of refiners, our team has won the title of champions of Russia six times. We brought the champion car here to Nizhnekamsk, firstly, to decorate the site, and secondly, so that the world of auto racing would become closer to every guest of Sabantuy. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to competitions and cheer for us. But here everyone can look, touch, look into our car," said Aidar Mithullin, a mechanic of the racing team.

Nizhnekamsk native Ilshat and his son took a joint photo on the background of the car. Реальное время /

“I try to follow the success of the Tatarstan team. I am very encouraged by the speed and endurance of racing car drivers. Thank you so much for the chance to admire the racing car live," Ilshat thanked.

“Only positive emotions”

In addition to cover bands and soloist Robert Yamgurov, the Kristall show ballet performed on stage. After the first composition, the dancers went down to the audience and offered to join them. It turned out to be a dance flash mob. Irina came to visit a friend from Magnitogorsk. The young women do zumba and perfectly joined the dance.

Shurale and Su anasi were photographed with everyone. Реальное время /

“Such a positive, such a delightful mood! The sun, the music, the drive! Only joyful emotions. The guys rock. We really liked it, we took a photo with Shurale," Irina said.

Kazan resident Akhir Saifutdinov also liked the holiday. Akhir's son played Lego and tested his accuracy on inflatable attractions.

“This is my first time at the Nizhnekamsk Sabantuy. And I have only positive emotions. There are so many different entertainment areas on this site! It's a great event from the point of view of the organisation, it's a wow effect," says Akhir.

Axes, balls and batons

The interactive platforms did not leave anyone indifferent. The presenter held funny contests and talked about activities.

It is not easy to pass an obstacle course in such equipment. Реальное время /

Among them — photo zones, a soft obstacle course, a Lego construction site, relay races, inflatable rings, axes and basketball.

Accuracy could also be tested in the inflatable Galaxy. Both the guests and the “hosts” had something to do. Real time /

“Spirits are high, it's just a wonderful playground. There is activity, there is something to listen to, something to eat, and you can sit quietly in the shade. Colleagues from the active group rock. I'm having fun myself. I threw axes and rings," Ravil Gimadiev told about his impressions.

Ravil Gimadiev and Alexey Chechin play in K-201 cover band. Реальное время /

The guest of the site, Anna, who came with her brother, did not even have time to answer questions, she was so carried away by the activities. She confidently put on huge boots, a kokoshnik and a sundress and began to compete with her brother. Friendship won, as usual, and everyone was in a good mood.

Oil refiner Alexey Chechin especially liked the performance of Chak-chak cover band. Реальное время /

Ralina and her younger sister decided not only to run the relay race in giant accessories, but also to overcome a soft obstacle course. The girls' grandmother was rooting hard for her granddaughters.

“It was quite difficult to pass the track. Alina was also pushing. I've never been involved in such before. It's very funny," the girl said.

Wearing a kokoshnik is already fun. Реальное время /

Lilia Khasanova and her children stayed at the company's site for a long time — they participated in contests and won prizes.

“We have come to Sabantuy because the youngest son performed on the small stage of Sabantuy. After the performance, we toured the entire Ilyinka. And here the children found it most interesting," Lilia emphasised.

Lego is one of the favorite children's activities. Реальное время /

Young Riana liked to assemble a Lego castle the most.

“It's very cool here!” the girl exclaimed and ran to throw axes.

The festive site was open until 2 pm, giving Sabantuy's guests joy every moment.

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