More than 1k addresses registered in the .tatar domain extension over 9 years

More than 1k addresses registered in the .tatar domain extension over 9 years
Photo: Максим Платонов

Exactly 9 years ago, in March 2015, free domain registration in the .tatar extension began. Realnoe Vremya found out that as of March 26 the number of domains registered in the extension is 1072. On average, one website is created per day under this extension. Delegated (activated) — 950, their share is 88.6%.

The .tatar domain is intended for the resources of the Tatar-speaking cultural community, as well as for those who associate themselves with the Republic of Tatarstan and the Tatar nationality. The purpose of the domain is to unite the linguistic diversity and representation of ethnic Tatar groups around the world on the Internet.

If you compare the domain .tatar with the largest sites in the world, the backlog of Tatarstan will be in the millions, since the number of sites used from the domains .com, .net, .org exceeds 181 million. Among the countries of the world, the UK address bar is used most often. In total, their number is more than 10 million.

In Russia, the total number of domain addresses is more than 5.5 million. Their total number worldwide, according to recent estimates, is about 354.7 million. If you calculate the sum of the domains .tatar, then they will make up 0.0003% of the total number in the world.

Earlier, Realnoe Vremya summed up the statistics of domain for several years. The peak of registrations in 2016 was replaced by stagnation of the address bar. In 2020, in the “national” domain extension .tatar had only 904 active domains.

Razil Samigullin

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