Ministry of Digital Development reveals details of neural network for State Services

Ministry of Digital Development reveals details of neural network for State Services
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A reply generation technology — Russian-speaking artificial intelligence — will be launched on State Services website in test mode in 2024. The Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communication and Mass Media told Realnoe Vremya about it.

“It will be a Russian-speaking model integrated into the digital assistant of the portal Robot Max. YandexGPT, GigaChat are examples of such models. GPT is a family of neural network language models generating a text that is understandable for a human,” the ministry said.

Robot Max — a voice assistant replying to 1.5 million requests every day — will get the generating artificial intelligence. As the ministry explained, such a solution will allow replying to specific questions in short and clear responses reducing the user’s route.

“Artificial intelligence can generate a reply from the knowledge base of the State Service for a specific question depending on a formulated situation,” the ministry added. Fatykhov

It should be reminded that the Ministry of Digital Development plans to introduce GPT to consult citizens on the website of State Services in 2024, it became known last week. Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev claimed this at a digital forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation at Digital Almaty 2024.

“Public services will be provided online. This means that a result will be provided at the moment of requesting assistance. At the same time, we think that it is necessary to develop proactive services that can be provided without an appointment, while GPT must provide all consultations filling out necessary documents for a person,” he said.

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