Skiing trail to be built in Kukmor for 90m rubles

Skiing trail to be built in Kukmor for 90m rubles
Photo: Platonov

A skiing and roller skiing trail is going to be built in Kukmor for 90.7 million rubles, Realnoe Vremya found out. The works are funded by the Tatarstan budget. The venue is planned to host skiing competitions and expected to be delivered until December 202. The trail with 35 turns will be 1.6 km long.

Modern track for skiers along the city stadium

The trail will be one-way made of concrete. It will be 4.5 metres wide. There will be installed barriers providing safety of both pedestrians and skiers. Water drainage systems will be created as additional protection. They will protect the road from excess water and precipitation.

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Several land parcels are going to be used for the construction in the city. There aren’t any residential buildings on the territory, this is why no facilities are scheduled to be demolished. Up to 0.3 metres of soil is going to be removed before the start of works. It will be covered with sand and then a road will be laid.

First skiing track in Kukmor was created by its citizens

The first modular skiing base opened in Kukmor in December 2017. It was built to thank enterprising local citizens who created a skiing track for the whole city on their own.

There used to be undergrowth long before the appearance of the base instead of the skiing track. Athletes, skiing veterans and ordinary locals cleared the territory from the vegetation and built a road.

The municipality joined the construction later. With the help of the Tatarstan Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon Federation, illumination was installed along the track, a 115-square-metre skiing base was created within a regional programme later. Platonov

As head of Kukmor District Sergey Dimitriyev said during the opening ceremony, skiing was free of charge for all:

“There will be ski rental too — one can rent skis and go skiing for 50 rubles an hour. We created a rate of 5 rubles per hour for low-income families. The track itself is located on a territory of 1.5 ha, the track is 3.6 kilometres long,” he said in 2017.

Maxim Kokunin

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