Snow-covered Kazan drowning in mountains of garbage

Snow-covered Kazan drowning in mountains of garbage
Photo: provided to by local residents

“There is garbage scattered all over the road”

The abnormal blizzard in Kazan is over, but containers for municipal solid waste (MSW) are still overfull. Readers of Realnoe Vremya complain that the garbage has not been taken out since the end of last week. It no longer fits in containers, residents on Professor Kamai Street, 15a, said. The waste has not been removed since last Friday.

“There is garbage scattered all over the road. Cars try not to drive because there are iron cans there. People also try not to walk, there is a danger of falling on something," said a local resident.

The container site is intended for three houses located on Professor Kamai Street — 15, 15a and 17. In total, they include seven entrances and about 200 apartments, the interlocutor of Realnoe Vremya estimated. However, the situation is similar in neighbouring courtyards, he added.

provided to by local residents

Residents submitted a complaint in the chat room of the city hall and Otkrytaya Kazan service. They have not received a response yet.

This week, the garbage has not taken out of the yard along Daurskaya Street, 27a.

“There was so much garbage that even a special shed for tanks was filled up with it. Also, garbage was lying on the road in the yard itself," said a local resident.

Realnoe Vremya was unable to contact the PZhKH management company. The publication has sent an e-mail request and is ready to publish a response if it comes.

Last week, Kazan residents filed 70 complaints about the non-removal of MSW

Numerous complaints from Kazan residents about the non-collection of garbage have been received since last week. For example, from January 17 to 22 inclusive, 70 complaints about the export of MSW were received from Kazan residents. Their number reached its maximum on Sunday, January 21: citizens submitted 38 applications, whereas on January 15 their number was only five.

“This work continues today for all applications received since the beginning of the snowstorm. About 40% of them have been completed. We put this work among the priorities, it will be completed," promised Iskander Giniyatullin, the deputy head of the executive committee of the city, at a meeting of the snow removal operations center. Platonov (archive)

According to him, the timely removal of garbage was hampered by complications or even lack of access to container sites. The playgrounds were parked by cars. Problems also arose due to poor-quality snow removal.

Besides, from January 17 to 23, the Open Kazan system received 2,858 applications for yard cleaning. The peak occurred on Saturday, January 20: the number of complaints reached 890. For comparison, on January 15, there were only 40 of them, that is, the figure increased 22 times.

Galiya Garifullina

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