Music theatre might appear in the old building of Kamal Theatre

Music theatre might appear in the old building of Kamal Theatre
Photo: Platonov (archive)

A music theatre might appear in the building of the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar State Academy Theatre in Kazan. Tatarstan Rais Rustam Minnikhanov issued such an order.

“Mr Minnikhanov tasked us with organising a public talk. He agreed we needed a music theatre and now there has accumulated enough materials to show it on professional stage,” said Tatarstan Minister of Culture Irada Ayupova at a traditional press conference.

The idea is going to be discussed with experts and public. The Tatarstan rais said about the possibility of locating another theatre at the Kamal Theatre that will have a new building during a meeting with GITIS theatre university students in Moscow on 24 August. (archive)

In February 2022, the winner of a design competition for the architectural concept of the new building of the Kamal Theatre was chosen. The jury gave Wowhouse consortium the victory.

There was no information about the fate of the old theatre for a long time. The construction of the new building already starter near Lake Kaban.

It should be reminded the contest kicked off in summer 2021. Its participants went through a selection process, election of finalists and an introductory session. At the last stage, architects, in particular, watched a play where spectators telling them about the meaning of the Kamal Theatre performed.

Ayrat Nazipov, Radif Kashapov