New treatment facilities in Tatarstan’s Zelenodolsk District that won't improve productivity

New treatment facilities in Tatarstan’s Zelenodolsk District that won't improve productivity
Photo: Reznov (archive)

As Realnoe Vremya found out, new treatment facilities are going to be built next to existing ones in Tatarstan’s Zelenodolsk District until late November 2024. The republic budget is to allocate a bit more than 351 million rubles for these purposes. Treatment infrastructure has been renovated in this area since 2019, a large-scale renovation project is to increase the sewage treatment capacities from 8 to 32.000 cubic metres. However, the new facility won’t influence the productivity. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

Huge sums and long renovation

It was said in 2020 that the construction of treatment facilities for a billion rubles was full swing in this district. The system is to increase the productivity up to 12.000 cubic metres an hour, which would become the first step towards the announced 32.000. Technical modernisation was needed five years ago because of a mounting amount of sewage as well as the connection of Salavat Kupere microdistrict. The first launch unit was commissioned in autumn of 2018, its cost was 470 million rubles.

“Another sewage treatment line is going to be built next to the existing treatment facilities,” Tatarstan Vice Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities Alexey Frolov said in April 2022.

He didn’t say this accidentally because there was an accident in the Volga River during the same month — untreated sewage was discharged in the river from the drain pipeline. Representatives of the republic’s Ministry of Construction claimed the spring flooding was the culprit. Further modernisation of the network was considered as solution to this problem where huge amounts of money started to be invested.

Photo: Reznov (archive)

Also, the contractor must improve the adjacent territory, build driveways to the facilities under construction in case a vehicle needs to approach. The contract will install outdoor lighting, stormwater drainage and heat supply networks.

Huge amounts in the construction of treatment facilities invested in Innopolis too

In late May, Realnoe Vremya wrote about a similar situation in Innopolis where 993.3 million rubles were allocated to build new sewage treatment facilities first, then another 971.6 million rubles were added. The same contractor is doing the works. The budget of the republic will cover the costs on construction and installation and other works, including the installation and assembly of equipment. The works are due to end until 20 December 2023.

Photo: Reznov (archive)

Besides the outdoor drainage networks and installation of equipment, the task includes land works, foundation, the construction of bearing, outdoor walls, electrical and communication networks and territory improvement. The first of the contract has already found its contractor — Sigma.

Maxim Kokunin

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