Turkey, Vietnam and the UAE: where Kazan residents will fly during the New Year holidays

Turkey, Vietnam and the UAE: where Kazan residents will fly during the New Year holidays
Photo: realnoevremya.ru

Kazan residents have found an alternative to the EU countries

On the eve of the New Year holidays, analysts of the Yandex Travel service have compiled a list of countries and cities (Realnoe VReya has it) where Kazan residents will go in the coming holidays. Accounting was conducted for booking hotels and searching for air tickets.

Despite various difficulties that have befallen the Russian tourist this year, many travellers from Kazan have already found a lot of alternative options for EU countries. This applies not only to domestic tourism, but also to external tourism.

If we talk about foreign trips, Kazan residents most often choose countries such as Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Azerbaijan and the UAE.

Besides, analysts have compiled a dozen foreign cities where Kazan residents will go first. According to their analysis, it can be concluded that Turkish resorts are particularly popular with tourists from Kazan. The bulk of passengers will travel to Istanbul and Antalya. If we take into account the cost of a round-trip flight from the capital of Tatarstan, then a ticket for one person will cost from 56 to 63 thousand rubles.

Tashkent is the third most popular capital of Uzbekistan among Kazan residents. A round-trip ticket costs 31,8 thousand rubles.

Almost three times more will have to pay a tourist who goes to the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. A round-trip flight will cost Kazan 80,1 thousand rubles. This city has entered the top five most popular cities among local travel enthusiasts.

Those who cannot afford such a holiday, they choose more modest cities. For example, the cost of a flight from Kazan to Armenian Yerevan and back will be within 38,6 thousand rubles. A ticket to the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, will be even cheaper. Taking into account the return flight, the passenger will pay about 28,3 thousand rubles.

Also, in the middle of the rating, there is Russia-friendly Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The cost of a trip in both directions will be 68 thousand rubles. A trip to Dubai will cost not much more. The total cost is 85,4 thousand rubles.

At the end of the list, there are the most expensive resorts in Thailand. A trip to Bangkok and back to Kazan will cost a tourist 86,5 thousand rubles, but a flight to Phuket and in the opposite direction will “cost a pretty penny” at all. The cost of the trip varies within 145,2 thousand rubles.

If we talk about domestic tourism, then there are no discoveries here. Kazan residents are still ready to fly to Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Mineralnye Vody, Kaliningrad, Makhachkala, Irkutsk, Grozny, Murmansk and Novosibirsk.

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A flight to Irkutsk will be the most expensive. 21,2 thousand rubles will be charged from a Kazan resident for a round-trip trip. But the “cheapest” in this list is Moscow. A round-trip ticket costs 6,5 thousand rubles.

Kazan is also in demand

However, Kazan itself is also in demand among tourists from other regions of Russia. The city entered the top ten most popular destinations this year for the New Year holidays.

In total, tour operators will send about 630 thousand Russians on New Year's trips. This is by 10-15% more than in 2021. So, most often people arrive in the capital of Tatarstan from Moscow. Also, a large number of tourists travel to Kazan from St. Petersburg.

According to experts, 6,7% of Russians are planning to go to the capital of Tatarstan for the New Year.

Ayrat Nazipov