Tatarstan holds zero salary arrears for the fourth month in a row

Tatarstan holds zero salary arrears for the fourth month in a row
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One of the four regions of the Volga Federal District without salary arrears

Tatarstan is one of the few regions of Russia where no overdue salary arrears were registered as of October 1, Realnoe Vremya found out after studying the Rosstat report. It has been zero in the republic for four months in a row.

In the Volga Federal District, the absence of overdue salary arrears has been recorded in four regions, including Tatarstan. This list also includes Ulyanovsk Oblast and Kirov Oblast, as well as Perm Krai.

It is worth noting that Kirov Oblast is a newcomer in the list of regions of the Volga Federal District with no overdue salary arrears. At the beginning of autumn, this amount was 33,7 million rubles. Ulyanovsk Oblast and Perm Krai, as well as Tatarstan, were able to keep zero debt — they did not have it as of September 1 as well.

The largest overdue salary arrears among the regions of the Volga Federal District is in Saratov Oblast. As of October 1, it is estimated at 13,4 million rubles.

The smallest amounts of arrears at the beginning of this month were registered in Mordovia and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. They amounted to 200 and 400 thousand rubles.

A year ago, the debt reached 48,5 million rubles

For the first time in the previous year, the absence of overdue salary arrears in Tatarstan was recorded as of July 1, 2022. At the same time, a month earlier, it was estimated at 41,1 million rubles.

Since October 1 last year, overdue salary arrears in Tatarstan, which at that time reached 48,5 million rubles, have been decreasing month by month. By the beginning of 2022, it had decreased by almost a million, to 47,6 million.

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Stagnation in the positive dynamics of debt reduction, which became hundreds of thousands of rubles less in the republic every month, was recorded in the spring of 2022. Both on April 1 and on May 1, the amount was the same — 46,2 million rubles. However, by the beginning of summer, it had dropped by 5,1 million at once, and by July 1 it had completely disappeared.

As the Tatarstan State Statistics previously explained to Realnoe Vremya, the only company that had a debt repaid it. No other information has been received.

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