Population of Tatarstan grows 1.5 times in 60 years

Population of Tatarstan grows 1.5 times in 60 years
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Population of Tatarstan has exceeded 4 million people for the first time

According to the All-Russian Population Census, which was conducted a year ago (although it was planned in 2020), 4,004,809 people live in Tatarstan. At the same time, according to the Tatarstan Statistics, there were 3,886,395 citizens in the republic at the beginning of this year.

The majority of the population of Tatarstan — 2,137,896 people, or 53%, are women. The remaining 1,878,392 living in the republic are men. Women predominate both in rural areas — 474 944 against 455 817 men, and in urban areas — 1 660 029 against 1 414 019 men.

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According to the data of the previous census, which took place in 2010, 3 786 500 people lived in Tatarstan. Thus, the population of the republic has grown by 218,3 thousand people over the past decade.

As calculated by Realnoe Vremya, the population of Tatarstan has grown 1,4 times since the middle of the last century. As of January 15, 1959, there were 2,85 million inhabitants in the republic.

Tatarstan had already overcome the bar of 3 million inhabitants by 1970. At the beginning of the decade, there were already over 3,1 million people in the republic. Throughout the following years, there was an increase in the population.

Less than a quarter of the population lives in the villages of Tatarstan

Over this time, the ratio of urban and rural population of Tatarstan has significantly changed. For example, if in 1959 the majority of Tatarstan residents lived in rural areas — 58,6%, or 1,67 million people, then, according to the latest census, less than a quarter of the republic's residents settled in villages — 23,2%, that's 930,8 thousand people.

The number of rural residents in Tatarstan had dropped to below a million by 1989. As of January 12, 987,000 people, or slightly more than a quarter of the population (27,1%), lived in villages and rural areas. The remaining 2,65 million Tatarstan citizens were registered as city residents.

Compared to the previous census, the number of rural residents in Tatarstan has decreased by 2 thousand. Their share in the total structure decreased almost imperceptibly over 11 years — from 24,6% in 2010 to 23,2% in 2021.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Maksim Platonov

During the same time, but far from due to the relocation of villagers to the city, the proportion of urban residents in Tatarstan has increased markedly. For example, the census of 2010 showed that there are 2,85 million of them in the republic, and the census of 2021 — 3,07 million. Thus, there became by 220,3 thousand more citizens.

The share of urban population increased from 75,4% to 76,8% from 2010 to 2021. For comparison, in 1959 it was 41,4%. It overcame the 50% bar by 1970, reaching 51,2%.

A third of Tatarstan residents live in Kazan

More than 1,3 million people live in the capital of Tatarstan. A third of the population of the republic is concentrated in it. The most densely populated district of Kazan is Sovetsky, 336 927 citizens live there. The smallest in terms of the number of residents is the Vakhitovsky district, where 85 005 Kazan residents are concentrated.

272 527 people live in the Privolzhsky district of Kazan, another 222 926 live in the Novo-Savinovsky. The Kirovsky district of the city has 140 001 inhabitants, Moskovsky — 133 168, and Aviastroitelny — 118 106.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Maksim Platonov

More than half of Kazan residents — almost 55% — are women. This is 716,3 thousand people. There are more women than men living in absolutely every district of the city. For example, there are 185,085 women and 151,842 men in the Sovetsky district of Kazan.

According to the population census, 548,434 people live in Naberezhnye Chelny. As in Tatarstan as a whole, there are more women than men in the automotive city.

Out of 43 districts of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk is the most densely populated. It has 277 544 people. The majority of them — 241 691 Tatarstan citizens — live in Nizhnekamsk.

Almetyevsk is the second in terms of population among the districts of Tatarstan. There are 213,235 inhabitants, of which 163,512 live directly in the district centre — Almetyevsk.

The third place in terms of the number of residents among the districts of the republic belongs to the Zelenodolsk district — 169 469 people. Less than 100 thousand Tatarstan residents live in Zelenodolsk itself — 99 137.

The smallest district in terms of the number of inhabitants is Atninsky. 12 553 people live there. This is only 0,3% of the population of Tatarstan.

Realnoe Vremya publishes information on the population of all municipalities of Tatarstan.

Tatyana Demina