Tatarstan president: ‘It is necessary to take every mobilised man’s family under personal control’

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov ordered to be careful about citizens’ questions about the mobilisation, he claimed at a republican meeting in the Tatarstan House of Government on Saturday.

He noticed that there are a lot of questions about the mobilisation from the residents of the republic. Tatarstan people are leaving messages in the Popular Control system, calling the hotline 122, the All-Russian People’s Front and the Tatarstan Military Commissariat, also they are writing on social media.

“We are solving [the problems] together. The topics are different, there are sometimes difficult family circumstances, we understand everything. It is necessary to be patient about all the calls, explain everything in detail. There can be no rudeness and formalism!” Minnikhanov claimed.

The president addressed governors of municipalities and cities. He stressed that they are “in the forefront” and a lot turned on their contact with the population:

“It is necessary to take every mobilised man’s family, the problems that concern them under personal control. We must show the lads who will protect our homeland that we will support their dearest and nearest. It is our duty,” he noted.

After the announcement of partial mobilisation, the Tatarstan municipal authorities started to introduce additional social support measures for the families of militaries who are sent to participate in the special operation in the People’s Republic of Donetsk, People’s Republic of Luhansk and Ukraine. Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny where about 2,000 people have been conscripted took on the costs on kindergarten and provided militaries’ children with hot meals in the school. It is the minimal social support package.

A total of about 700 children of mobilised citizens from Naberezhnye Chelny are exempt from paying for kindergartens, meals in schools. Also, they can go to sports clubs for free. The city budget took on these additional expenses.

Similar support measures for families of militaries serving in the area of the special military operation are offered in Kazan too. Nowadays 800 people have been mobilised from the capital of the republic. Since 10 October, mobilised Kazan men’s children can eat in municipal schools for free, they will be provided with free hot meals twice a day. Also, they will have an opportunity to go to museums, theatres, zoo, cinema in culture centres, concerts gratis. Also, they will be free from the fee when attending municipal swimming pools, athletic venues and gyms.

Also, mobilised men’s families in Kazan can seek for free psychological support, specialists of the Trust psychological and pedagogical assistance for children and youth will consult them.

The hotline of the Russian Ministry of Defence for conscripts has been operating since 4 October.

Margarita Golovatenko