Dmitry Medvedev: ‘Ukraine that has mentally transformed into the Third Reich will have the same fate’

The Ghost of Kyiv is an image of a plane from a computer game. An unmanned vehicle that was taken down by a jar of cucumbers. The “dead heroes” who surrendered to the Russian military ship. The Mariupol maternity ward, now Bucha. What unites them? It is fakes that have matured in the cynic imagination of Ukrainian propaganda. Numerous PR agencies, “troll factories” supervised by Western governments and their “tame” non-profit organisations and scientific production associations are concocting them for huge money.

The news about “horror stories” and “triumphs” are become delirious day after day. However, the Kyiv fake machine is going to all lengths! The mad monsters consisting of all nationalist battalions and Territorial Defence Forces are ready to kill their own civilians casually to dehumanise Russia and tarnish it as much as possible. That’s because deep Ukrainianness fed by anti-Russian poison and all-pervasive lies about their identity is one big fake. This occurrence has never been seen in history. And it doesn’t exist now either.

Leipzig university Professor Oscar Peschel pronounced a legendary phrase, which was later attributed to Chancellor Otto von Bismarck: “A Prussian school teacher won the Austro-Prussian War in 1866.” German militarism was inculcated at school. At the end of its journey, its spirit grew into a monster of national liberalism and was finally destroyed only by the Red Army in 1945. Great German science — Roentgen, Planck, Freud, Mann, Hesse — could offer nothing to those who craved blood and colonies first and revenge and “lifelong space” in the East after World War First then. And if the great German minds didn’t manage to stop the military machine, what can be said about today’s Kyiv — it certainly doesn’t have “Einsteins” there. However, there is Klitschko.

The current Ukrainian radical also grew up on the school bench. In beautiful Ukrainian national shirts and with thoughts about the hate for all the Russian. Instead of being proud of the ancestors’ joint accomplishments, the pseudo-history of Ukrainian statehood has been written from scratch since 1991: the generational bond between Kievan Rus and its compatriots from Novgorod, Pskov and Vladimir-Suzdal Rus was “cut off.” The idea of one Russian ethnicity was destroyed for the mythical “history of Ukraine” in the 14-17th centuries. The 20th-century gallery in general is made of zoological Nazis, murderers and collaborators who were exalted as heroes by Ukrainian “agitprop” — Konovalets, Shukhevych, Klyachkivsky, Melnyk.

In the last 30 years, passionate Ukrainians have prayed to the Third Reich. Literally. The photos in which Nazi insignia — flags, literature, posters — that are found in every military unit of Ukraine taken under our control cause disgust. There are even cups with swastika! This isn’t a game of Fascist aesthetics the westerners are trying to prove for us. No wonder that Ukraine that has mentally transformed into the Third Reich and put the names of traitors and Nazi henchmen into history textbooks will have the same fate. There should such Ukraine go! As well as some freaks who consider they have the right to represent such Ukraine. Not only the current special operation but also the episodes of the glorious past will be a lesson for them. For instance, when Pavel Sudoplatov destroyed national Yevhen Konovalets by kindly giving this sweet lover a box of chocolates with a bomb inside in Rotterdam reading “Here is a gift from Kyiv” in Ukrainian. There will be a lot of “gifts” of this kind for Nazi criminals!

President of Russia Vladimir Putin has firmly set the goal of demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine. These difficult tasks are not done immediately. And they will be performed not only on battlefields. Changing some Ukrainians’ bloody conscience full of false myths is a crucial objective. It is an objective for the sake of the peace of future generations of Ukrainians themselves and to finally build an open Eurasia — from Lisboa to Vladivostok.

Dmitry Medvedev

The author’s opinion does not necessarily coincide with the position of Realnoe Vremya’s editorial board.