Russian Defence Ministry: provocation against civilians with poisonous substances plotted in Ukraine

“Any attempted provocation will be uncovered”

The Russian Defence Ministry said that the Security Service of Ukraine was preparing a provocation using poisonous substances against civilians with the support of Western countries. This is done to blame Russia for using a chemical weapon against Ukraine’s population, noted the Russian Ministry of Defence.

To halt the provocations, Russian militaries are taking control over dangerous facilities on the liberated territory. Also, the ministry said it found the 4th Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard had Ukraine’s map with facilities and types of stored poisonous substances.

“Any attempted provocation of the Security Service of Ukraine using poisonous substances will be uncovered,” stressed the Defence Ministry.

The Ministry of Defence highlighted that the subdivisions of the Russian Armed Forces involved in the special military operation didn’t have and couldn’t have chemical munitions because they all were destroyed.

It should be reminded that Russia’s Defence Ministry said on 27 February that Ukrainian militaries started to massively use phosphorus munitions in the suburbs of Kyiv, near the Hostomel airfield. The Ministry of Defence noticed they were prohibited by the third protocol of the UN’s Convention on Inhumane Weapons of 1980.

A few days later, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed that Kyiv tried to hurriedly clean the traces of a military and biological programme implemented in Ukraine and funded by the US Ministry of Defence to prevent the facts of violation of Article 1 of the UN Biological Weapons Convention. According to the documents, there were done experiments with samples of bat coronavirus. While head of the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops of Russia’s Armed Forces Igor Kirillov claimed that one of the US and its allies’ tasks was to create biological agents that could target different ethnic groups of the population. The documents the Russian Armed Forces have at their disposal confirm numerous cases of transportation of biological samples of Ukraine’s citizens abroad.

“All the subdivisions of the Russian Armed Forces are outside Chernihiv”

Also, the Russian Ministry of Defence denied the messages that civilians in Chernihiv were allegedly killed by the Russian Armed Forces.

“All the subdivisions of the Russian Armed Forces are outside Chernihiv blocking roads and aren’t taking any offensive actions in the city. The video footage spread by Ukrainian propagandists doesn’t have any traces of explosion of munitions. All windows in nearby buildings are intact,” reads the ministry’s message.

The Ministry of Defence said that all the dead people were victims of Ukrainian nationalists or a performance of the Security Service of Ukraine.

“We want to pay attention to the fact that this fake information was published on the official accounts of the US embassy in Ukraine on social media and in Ukrainian online resources without any verification and evidence. At the same time, the embassy itself, as it is known, has been in Lviv for a long time, not even in Kyiv. And it ignores Russian militaries delivering hundreds of tonnes of humanitarian relief and handing it over to residents of Chernihiv Oblast in the settlements freed from nationalists,” noted the Defence Ministry.

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Daria Pinegina