Kazan bids farewell to Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev

The former vice director general of Kazanorgsintez PJSC recently celebrated his 70th jubilee

Kazan bids farewell to Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev
Photo: Kazanorgsintez PJSC

In early June, Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev welcomed his next jubilee in the family, while he was paid the last tribute in the Tatarstan capital on 22 August. The former vice director general of HR and general affairs at Kazanorgsintez PJSC and long-term president of Sintez water polo club died at 71.

From carpenter to factory director

Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev was born in Verkhniye Metekeski village in the republic’s Saba District on 4 June 1951. After graduation from secondary school, he went to Kazan to study. He entered College No. 33 he finished two years later. The young specialist didn’t plan long holidays and find a job by trade a week later — Stroydetal factory as a carpenter. Here, he was conscripted into the Soviet Army. He honestly saw service for two years.

As soon as he returned to Tatarstan, he changed his military uniform into a carpenter’s protective clothing — he started working in Trust No. 5 of Glavtatstroy’s Construction and Assembly Office No. 3. People like Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev are said to look for a job on their own. And any job is done easily. He worked, learnt from his experienced colleagues, gained experience himself. He changed his job as a carpenter and became a metalworker. The administration noticed the young specialist’s successes and made a note. He hadn’t turned 30 years when Shaykhiyev was entrusted with the post of vice director of Trust No. 5 of Glavtatstroy’s Construction and Assembly Office No. 3 in Kazan he started working immediately after his service in the army.

In 1982, in a bit less than a year, he began working as vice director general of procurement and sales at Zarya Kazan Confectionery. However, Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev’s experience and workability were again needed in the construction sector of the Tatarstan capital, and he returned as head of Construction and Assembly Office No. 4 in Kazan, then he chaired the Production and Processing Equipment Administration of the Kazan Housing Development Plant. Later, he was appointed as acting vice director general of Promstroymaterialy.

He had managed to obtain a college degree in industrial and civil construction (foreman of production training, technician and constructor) and a university degree in economics by 1989 and was invited to work as vice manager of Tatstroy trust’s construction and assembly office. Some time later, he was appointed as vice manager of Tatstroy trust’s construction and assembly office.

When the republic needed a learned specialist for the post of vice director of major construction of a maintenance enterprise in the office of the Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers, they didn’t think for long and entrusted Shaykhiyev with the important and responsible job.

In 1994, he found a new job. Mr Shaykhiyev chaired Kazan’s Reinforced Concrete Plant CJSC. During this time, he was awarded the title Honourable Constructor of the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2000, he received the title Honourable Constructor of Russia. He worked as director general of Reinforced Concrete Plant for more than 10 years.

He took everything to heart

All the subsequent awards, such as the medal For Dedicated Labour received in 2007 and the Tatarstan president’s letters of gratitude in 2010 and 2012, the title Honourable Worker of Social Protection of Tatarstan Population Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev received in 2011, the medal of the 2nd-degree order For Merits to the Fatherland that was personally awarded by the Tatarstan president in the Kazan Kremlin in 2017, medal of the order For Merits to the Republic of Tatarstan, were linked with Mr Shaykhiyev’s last workplace. In 2004, he was invited to work as vice director general of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. He was entrusted the work with any production’s main value and wealth, the staff. Also, he was elected as deputy of the Kazan City Duma twice.

Award ceremony of the medal of the 2nd-degree order For Merits to the Fatherland in Kazan’s Kremlin, August 2017. Photo: prav.tatarstan.ru

In the new place, Mr Shaykhiyev eagerly got down to work: it is the improvement of the complex’s staff policy in general and specific plants, the creation of opportunities for staff’s professional development and unlocking every workers’ professional potential. At the same time, he did a lot to create comfortable working conditions for staff and organise their leisure time, greater sports activity of the staff included. It is not accidental that he was chosen as president of one of the sports prides of the republic — Sintez water polo club.

Sintez team meets Tatarstan first President Mintimer Shaimiyev. Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev in upper row, close to centre. Photo: sintez-kazan.ru

Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev accepted and experienced all successes and failures both at work and in sport as personal. He took everything to heart. The incapability of staying indifferent — amazing quality for every person — affected his health. In 2018, Mr Shaykhiyev, 67, decided to retire.

  • Farid Minigulov

    Farid Minigulov Director General of Kazanorgsintez PJSC

    For a lot of Kazanorgsintez workers, the name of Mr Shaykhiyev is linked with the large-scale development of social infrastructure, creation of a modern package of social guarantees for the enterprise’s workers. As a firm economist, he did his best from the first day of work at Kazanorgsintez to make the social activity of the enterprise the best in the republic.

    For his subordinates, Mr Shaykhiyev was a strict manager and simultaneously a person they can address with a problem and he would never reject help. The death of Gayfutdin Shaykhiyev, without doubt, is a serious loss for everyone who knew him.

    On behalf of the staff of Kazanorgsintez PJSC and me personally, I want to express our condolences to Mr Shaykhiyev’s relatives and friends.

  • Irek Zinnurov

    Irek Zinnurov President of Sintez aquatics club

    We were familiar with Mr Shaykhiyev for a very long time. We worked together to make our favourite Sintez water polo club stronger, make the games of our athletes brighter and memorable. We also walked together towards the transformations in 2018 when Russia’s first not only a water polo club but also an aquatics club appear in the team that united both swimmers and divers.

    With Mr Shaykhiyev’s death, we all, and I personally, lost not only a professional with a capital ‘P’, a person who simply didn’t know how to be indifferent but also a loyal friend, an older mate who was ready to respond, hear you out, give a good tip at any moment.

    I personally and Sintez aquatics club sincerely express our condolences to Mr Shaykhiyev’s family, relatives and friends. We will cherish his memory.

Arseny Favstritsky