In the best tradition: second session at Nizhnekamskneftekhim’s camps

Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC is a bright example of a socially responsible business. The company understands how important it is to create holidays not only for adults but also children. There are two children camps under the aegis of Nizhnekamskneftekhim: The Olympic sports and recreational camp and The Youth recreational camp. Read in Realnoe Vremya’s report what surprises were prepared for campers this year.

“If I could, I would stay here for the whole summer”

The summer is at its peak, including in recreational camps of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC. More than 500 children arrived in the second session at The Youth and The Olympian. The children have a merry and interesting life, spend much time in the open air in the Shipbuilding Grove and seek respite from the heat in an outdoor swimming pool.

The Olympian sports and recreational camp is located on an area of 12 hectares among century-old pines. The camp has three football pitches and an athletics stadium, three volleyball courts, a tennis court, a basketball venue, a gym, a pavilion with mats for wrestling, two swimming pools, a shower room with a sauna and much more. Not all sports camps can boast about such rich infrastructure.

Young basketball players, track and field athletes, football players, skiers, swimmers, boxers and judokas arrived in the second session of The Olympian sports and recreational camp. Sessions here resemble training camps, the only difference is that every day is full of interesting cultural events together with sport. The second session is named The OlympHouse.

“I do athletics. I have arrived in The Olympian for the first time. I like it very much. Food is yummy. Evening events are also top. If I could, I would stay here for the whole summer,” young athlete Luiza Zaripova shares her impressions.

Teams have already participated in a quest Mother Tongue — Close People, the game The Earth of the Future, a party, A Stretch of Imagination IQ show, a strategic game. Streetball, volleyball, football, “pioneer ball” await them. The opening of the session recently took place at The Olympian. The theme is “We are Generation Z.”

“The events we host can certainly be called productive, educational. I have been a team leader for the second time here. The camp is cool. Our children are the most creative and athletic. We have no time to get bored, a lot of interesting things await us,” says The Olympian camp’s team leader Fagil Sadriyev.

“Friendship is always a topical theme”

Campers of The Youth children recreational camp are no less lucky. The camp is situated in the same Shipbuilding Grove, it neighbours The Olympian. Five three-storeyed buildings, a canteen, library, rooms for clubs, a site to learn traffic rules, amusements, three sports areas, a summer stage, a football pitch that occupy 14 hectares.

Every session at The Youth has its gimmick. The concept of the second one is Ethnic Mix. Every team is representing a country for three weeks. The children thoroughly learn its culture, national clothes, customs and the language with their team leader. All this is echoed in events, elements of costumes.

“Friendship is always a topical theme. At our camp, we try to deliver how important it is to know your people’s culture and respect other people’s customs to children in an entertaining way. During the session, every team goes on a virtual trip to one of the countries: Turkey, Great Britain, Mexico, Italy... A team learns its culture and familiarises others with it in its own way. Every event includes the theme of the session and takes children into an exciting creative process,” notes Anna Azakiyeva, a team leader and supervisor of The Youth camp.

According to the camp’s management, the educational programme helps children to learn the specifics of the formation of different ethnicities, understand better and respect another culture, realise the necessity of the conservation of one’s own national authenticity.

“Our camp is up to date, this is why the concepts of the session we offer are always topical. The Ethnic Mix is about the friendship of peoples and tolerance and, of course, the culture of different countries. Such a format of work allows us to not only create a respectful attitude to different ethnicities, cultures and religions but also significantly broaden children’s horizons,” says Ramir Asadullin, vice director of The Youth camp.

“Team leaders are always kind and merry here”

Also, the children play team sports games, go to table tennis classes, choreography, tourism, handicraft with pleasure. Over the last week since the arrival at The Youth, the children have had the time to prepare for a big concert.

“I have been coming to The Youth every year for six years now. I choose this camp because team leaders are always kind and merry here who do not let us get bored. Also, it has a big territory, beautiful nature, food is delicious,” Alina Shayekhova shared with Realnoe Vremya’s correspondent.

According to the girl, she understood this session would one of the most remarkable ones on day one.

“We learnt a day to the opening what lads from the team had been dealing with and made up a concept of a performance based on our talents. A day later, we staged a performance, rehearsed it on the stage and were fully ready,” she added.

Alina also told us about their day at the camp.

“In the morning, we clean up the rooms and go to do exercise, which takes place in front of the canteen, with music. In the daytime, we go to the swimming pool, prepare for an evening event, rest. After lunch, we have a nap, then have a snack, which is a dairy product with a bun. Then we again prepare for an event and spend time with the team or play football, pioneer ball. Dinner is the most delicious meal! The whole team is happy when potato with meat or chicken breast is served,” the girl says.

The most interesting part begins after dinner, which is an evening event when the children present their performance or there is a party. Before going to bed, the children are fed again. For the night meal, they are usually given a bun, juice and fruit. The day ends with a night chat indoors.

The second session just began. According to the children and team leaders, they have another two weeks of eventful holiday, new impressions, moments of self-cognition and self-fulfilment.

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Lilia Yegorova. Photo courtesy of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC