Bashkirs buy country real estate in Tatarstan, Tatars do in Mari El

Who needs houses in Tatarstan

In the spring of 2021, residents of Bashkortostan were interested in buying country real estate in Tatarstan more often, while gardens and cottages mainly in Mari El attracted Tatarstan citizens. Dmitry Alexeyev, head of new and country real estate at Avito Realty, shared the results of research with Realnoe Vremya.

“The countryside market of Tatarstan is both in demand from the region itself and outside it,” the expert says.

Bashkiria holds 17,2% of Tatarstan allotments in the demand pattern. There is some interest of residents of Krasnodar Krai (7,7%) where people from many Russian regions massively go and some interest of Udmurts (7%).

But Tatarstan citizens aren’t interested in Bashkiria to buy country real estate. The republic with 7,5% of demand ranks only third. Tatarstan people are much more attracted by close and neighbouring Mari El (11,1%) and same resort region Krasnodar Krai (8,6%).

2,5 million for allotment

Though Krasnodar Krai is second among the regions where Tatarstan citizens look for allotments, in the general demand pattern across the country, the republic’s share was just 1,9%. With this number, Tatarstan isn’t even in the top 10. Some buzz in the Tatarstan realty market started to be seen in 2020. Demand for houses rose by a record 60% thanks to coronavirus. It became unbearable for many to stay home in self-isolation, and they wanted to go to the countryside.

This year, the boom hasn’t calmed down because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. During the first three months of 2021, the interest in country real estate on Avito was 11% higher than in 2020 and 5% compared to the quarter. Experts registered a rise in the price for country housing in the republic again: the prices increased by 9% over the quarter and 4% over the year. Nowadays the average real estate price in this segment is 2,5 million rubles for a house. Country house rent also grew to 44,000 rubles a month in Tatarstan over the year (1,8 times).

Daria Pinegina