Free competition: TAIF-NK products on ONLINECONTRACT e-trading platform

Free competition: TAIF-NK products on ONLINECONTRACT e-trading platform

For 5 months of this year, goods, works and services worth more than 4 billion rubles were purchased through ONLINECONTRACT electronic platform. Savings of almost 145 million rubles were realised. The total turnover for the entire period of operation of the online marketplace amounted to more than 788 billion rubles, and the number of customers has grown to 64,000. The possibilities of selling and purchasing goods through ONLINECONTRACT were also discussed at the large-scale online forum 'Business in New Conditions'. Heads of city-forming enterprises, federal and republican authorities were speakers and experts. About how to purchase products of TAIF-NK oil refining company on the electronic platform and what types of goods the company offers — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

The verified course for modernization of production facilities

TAIF-NK PSC is one of the largest and steadily developing enterprises of the oil refining industry in Tatarstan and Russia, combining the oil refinery, gasoline plant and the heavy residue conversion complex.

With an average utilization rate of 88,6% for primary processing of oil and gas raw materials at Russian refineries in 2019, the company achieved a 99,8% utilization rate for its production capacity. It processed 8,3 million tonnes of oil and gas raw materials, which is 2,9% of the national volume. Despite the continuing shortage of gas condensate on the free market, TAIF-NK was able to find additional volumes and process 936,000 tonnes of this raw material, which is 4,9% more than a year earlier.

TAIF-NK invests heavily in the modernisation of its production. Photo courtesy of TAIF-NK PSC

Throughout its activities, TAIF-NK has developed the production, investing significant funds in its modernisation. For example, in 2012, the reconstruction of the section 300 of the oil refinery was completed. This made it possible to bring the quality of diesel fuel to the level of Euro 5 with a sulphur content of no more than 10 ppm (0,001%). The selective hydrotreating unit for automotive gasoline components using Axens technology was built at the gasoline plant.

“TAIF-NK does not stand still, constantly moving forward, developing and improving. The course for modernisation and development of production allows the company to increase the volume of processing of raw materials, improve financial results," said says Anatoly Chekashov, the deputy chief engineer of TAIF-NK PSC for long-term development.

High quality and competitive products

To date, TAIF-NK produces 39 types of petroleum products. The main types are diesel fuel, naphtha, automobile gasoline, kerosene and jet fuel, vacuum gas oil and mazut.

All TAIF-NK gasoline meets the Euro 5 environmental standard, which sets requirements for the toxicity of substances released into the air and approves their standards for the content in exhaust gases. Diesel fuel also meets the Euro 5 standard. It does not actually contain sulphur and is in high demand in Europe. The main export market is Germany.

Consumers and experts have repeatedly noted the high quality of motor fuel. TAIF-NK products have repeatedly become participants in international exhibitions and winners of prestigious competitions. In 2019, TAIF-NK once again confirmed the high quality of its products, becoming the winner of the contest 'Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan'.

AI-95-K5 unleaded gasoline was the winner in the category 'Industrial and Technical Products', and EURO diesel fuel, winter, class 2, environmental class K5 (DT-3-K5) was awarded a diploma of the first degree.

TAIF-NK products have repeatedly become participants in international exhibitions and winners of prestigious competitions. Photo courtesy of TAIF-NK PSC

TAIF-NK produces some of its products at the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex under construction — which is the most ambitious priority project in the country. It will allow processing fuel oil into light, environmentally friendly oil products — straight-run gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel. The conversion rate at TAIF-NK is going to reach 98,6%. Now the complex is being in the stage of commissioning, but it already processes vacuum gas oil and makes gasoline for the petrochemical industry, diesel fuel for supplies to the domestic market and for export.

“Upgrading their production facilities, TAIF-NK PSC reaches major goals: introducing new technology, improving industrial safety and efficiency, increasing production volumes of in-demand products," says Anatoly Chekashov, the deputy chief engineer of TAIF-NK PSC development.

The maximum use of internal resources that are obtained during the operation of the HRCC allows them to significantly reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the negative impact on the environment. With the commissioning of the complex, the process of oil refining at TAIF-NK will become highly efficient.

The latest technology of purchases and sales

TAIF-NK remains the leader not only in the application of cutting-edge technologies but also in the use of the latest purchasing and sales technologies. The company sells some of its products through ONLINECONTRACT. Last year, the main types of products were put out to tender.

At the recent anti-crisis online forum 'Business in New Conditions', organised on the initiative of the administration of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan and representatives of the ministries of the Russian Federation, Director General of TAIF-NK PSC Rushan Shamgunov introduced the participants to the production activities of the largest oil refining enterprise and the possibility of purchasing products through ONLINECONTRACT electronic trading platform.

The forum brought together more than 300 entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy, investors and experts, representatives of the banking sector, state and municipal managers.

“ONLINECONTRACT is considered to be one of the best platforms in Tatarstan and is among the top 10 Russian electronic trading platforms. The main goal of the process of purchasing inventory through an electronic trading platform is transparency, openness, maximum honesty and availability of purchases. ONLINECONTRACT helps us optimise costs, find suppliers or buyers in the shortest possible time, while maintaining healthy competition in the procurement and bidding processes," said Rushan Shamgunov, the director general of TAIF-NK PSC.

In 2019, TAIF-NK sold commercial products worth more than 200 billion rubles. Photo: Maksim Platonov

According to him, in 2019, TAIF-NK sold commercial products worth more than 200 billion rubles. Part of the product was auctioned via ONLINECONTRACT. This year, understanding the interest of customers in online auctions, the company is planning to increase sales through this service.

ONLINECONTRACT electronic trading platform is not only a reliable channel for selling factory products at open electronic auctions but also a convenient tool for purchasing. TAIF-NK uses this platform to purchase both inventory items and sell basic and illiquid products.

The annual demand for purchasing inventory is posted on the official website of ONLINECONTRACT. There are also published applications for the purchase of everything necessary to meet the current needs and stable functioning of the enterprise.

“E-purchases and sales of goods via ONLINECONTRACT maximise market expansion. The information about the necessary goods, works and services, as well as products sold by TAIF-NK becomes available to an unlimited number of potential buyers and suppliers. Also, the electronic trading platform gives TAIF-NK the opportunity to conduct marketing research that directly affects the pricing policy and production plan. The prices formed in the conditions of open procurement procedures allow us to quickly respond to market changes and receive additional income for the company," Rushan Shamgunov told the participants of the large-scale forum.

Fair competition in procurement and tender processes

ONLINECONTRACT helps companies optimise costs, find suppliers or buyers in the shortest possible time, while maintaining transparency and fair competition in the procurement and tender processes. In the direction of Exchange Products sector, the main volume of sales goes to the enterprises of TAIF Group, including TAIF-NK.

The penetration of electronic trading platforms in the purchasing activities of enterprises is becoming more and more. Now not only large enterprises belonging to TAIF Group, such as TAIF-NK, Kazanorgsintez, Nizhnekamskneftekhim with its subsidiaries, TGC-16 and others, but also small and medium-sized businesses are interested in electronic auctions.

You can buy TAIF-NK products through the platform in 2 hours. Photo courtesy of TAIF-NK PSC

You can buy TAIF-NK products through the platform in just 2 hours. To do this, you need to go through four simple steps:

  1. To register for free on behalf of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. After that, you will receive a username and password from your personal account to the specified email address. This takes about 15 minutes.
  2. Another 20 minutes to submit scans of documents — the minimum set of constitutional documents, letter of attorney, agreement.
  3. To credit a chargeback (a payment marked “urgent” is processed within 1 hour on average).
  4. To participate in online auctions. For a single buyer, the transaction will be completed 10 minutes after submitting the purchase request.

“We are planning to continue working closely with ONLINECONTRACT to expand the sales and purchasing market, as these online services allow us to monitor the market, quickly respond to its changes and contribute to the development of fair competition in all areas of activity," said Rushan Shamgunov, the director general of TAIF-NK PSC.

Meanwhile, the number of customers using the platform has been steadily increasing. Partnership offers are also received from the CIS countries. Currently, we are working on the possibility of ONLINECONTRACT reaching the international level.

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By Lilia Yegorova