How TAIF-NK creates safe working conditions and ensures continuous production

Despite easing quarantine measures, TAIF-NK continues to strictly comply with all the orders of the chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation

New rules of self-isolation entered into force in Tatarstan on May 12. Despite easing quarantine measures, TAIF-NK continues to strictly comply with all the orders of the chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation and the regulations of the office of Rospotrebnadzor for the Republic of Tatarstan. As part of preventive measures, the company's employees pass the “entrance filter”, wear gloves and medical masks, and observe a social distance at work. Special attention is paid to the disinfection of premises, canteens and medical centres.

Strict access control and premise disinfection

In the capital of petrochemists, an increase in the number of patients with coronavirus infection is recorded daily. As of May 19, 113 people were infected with COVID-19 in Nizhnekamsk. TAIF-NK has a systematic approach to responding and proactive measures to the spread of COVID-19, with a particular focus on the health of the employees. From the first days of the announcement of the pandemic, TAIF-NK switched to a special mode of operation.

As part of measures to protect the health of employees, business trips to any destination have been cancelled, and personal trips outside the region of residence are not recommended. Negotiations are held via online conferencing. Correspondence and documentation are sent via the electronic document management system, as well as corporate email. In case of special need, it is transmitted strictly through authorized persons.

Mandatory strict mask regime was introduced on the territory of the enterprise, and recently, in addition to masks, employees have been provided with protective gloves.

Before starting the work, employees of the company measure their body temperature three times. The first time independently — at home, the second time — at the checkpoint of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, where special thermal imagers are installed, the third time — at TAIF-NK checkpoints. Besides, body temperature is measured at the workplace throughout the day, at least three times.

Shift buses that take employees to work and back home are thoroughly disinfected.

The enterprise has organized systematic work to inform employees about the new coronavirus infection, individual prevention measures, and the need for timely medical assistance when the first symptoms of SARS appear.

At TAIF-NK, six medical centres are operating in an enhanced mode, each of which is equipped with the necessary equipment and medicines. Doctors conduct an initial examination of the company's employees for the presence of symptoms of viral diseases, measure temperature, pressure, and pulse. At the first sign of illness, the employee is strongly recommended to contact the city's medical institutions.

In medical centres, four nurses and four paramedics receive patients. Medical workers are equipped with the necessary medicines and first aid equipment. In the health centres every day, every two hours, the premises are carefully disinfected: wet cleaning, quartz sterilisation and ventilation.

To destruct pathogens, all the premises at TAIF-NK are subjected to thorough disinfection several times a day. Special attention is paid to the processing of door handles, railings, work surfaces and office equipment. Dispensers with virulent antiseptic disinfectants have been installed at checkpoints and in canteens.

Covid-19 prevention measures have been strengthened in canteens

To achieve a high level of health safety of the company's employees, all canteens have special ozonizing air recirculators that emit ultraviolet radiation that is safe for humans, but not for bacteria. In all three canteens, the meal schedule has been specially changed. Now each division has lunch at a strictly designated time. The seating arrangement is organized in such a way that no more than two people sit at the same table, and the distance between them is at least one and a half meters recommended by the rules.

All dining rooms have special markings to maintain social distance. At the entrance, there are reminders about the prevention of the flu, SARS and coronavirus infection, as well as tools for hand treatment.

Every two hours in canteens, work surfaces, equipment and the entire room are thoroughly disinfected with antibacterial agents. Special attention is paid to dishes, which are disinfected with strict compliance with all requirements.

“The safety of employees has been and remains our company's top priority. We are taking systematic measures to neutralize the negative consequences of coronavirus infection, constantly assess their effectiveness, and flexibly plan the next steps taken. We continue to work closely with our partners and authorities to respond promptly to the current situation," says Rushan Shamgunov, the director general of TAIF-NK PSC.

Almost from the first days of the introduction of restrictive measures, TAIF-NK organized an operational headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, where information about the epidemiological situation at the enterprise and in the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District is received on a daily basis.

During the pandemic, the company's employees are highly responsible and disciplined, strictly following all recommended prevention measures. TAIF-NK will continue to strengthen measures to combat coronavirus infection, creating safe working conditions and ensuring continuous production of products that are important for the entire republic.

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By Lilia Yegorova

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