TAIF-NK Petrol Station keeps working as usual during pandemic

The company’s all petrol stations have enough fuel

TAIF-NK Petrol Station keeps working as usual during pandemic
Photo: courtesy of TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC

Petrol stations will be operating as usual this month, which was announced by President of Russia Vladimir Putin non-working. One of the biggest fuel retailers of Tatarstan TAIF-NK in particular, which took the filling stations of TAIF-NK, Avtodorstroy and Tatnefteprodukt brands, under its wing, confirmed its usual working schedule. The company continues providing the population with a strategically important product.

In routine operation

The Ministry of Energy of Russia noted that petrol stations in the country’s all regions will keep operating despite the non-working month, as fuel is a necessary product of the consumer market providing essential cargo shipping too, which include food and medication.

“Filling stations will be operating, of course. There is no doubt here. It is the facilities that sell essentials. They are all on the list that isn’t affected by the closure of commercial facilities,” said head of the Russian Fuel Union Yevgeny Arkusha.

TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC also confirmed its usual schedule for Realnoe Vremya. The company keeps providing the population with enough fuel not only in Tatarstan but also in neighbouring regions — Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Kirov, Samara and Ulyanovsk Oblasts.

Due to the unfavourable epidemiological situation, clients of TAIF-NK Petrol Station can pay for goods and services via contactless payment too to minimise the contact with other people and common surfaces. You can fill your car standing next to it at all filling stations via the mobile apps Yandex.Zapravki, Fuelup and Benzuber.

Petrol quality and care about environment

The enterprise goes on following the quality of fuel. The TAIF-NK network of petrol stations began to actively develop in 2008. In 2016, it purchased petrol stations of Avtodorstroy network that occupies a notable place in the market of retail fuel business in Tatarstan and Samara Oblast. TAIF recently took control over the biggest fuel retailer of the republic Tatnefteprodukt.

Nowadays the network has over 220 facilities. The company owns 25% of petrol stations in Tatarstan. One in four petrol stations in Tatarstan is used by TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC. The petrol stations of TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC can be found in every district of the Republic of Tatarstan. This is one of the competitive advantages of the company.

Before becoming one network, the companies Avtodorstroy and Tatnefteprodukt didn’t have single suppliers. Now all fuel goes to the company’s all petrol stations directly from TAIF-NK JSC oil refinery, which is part of TAIF Group of Companies. This explains the popularity of the network of petrol stations — the company pays special attention to the quality of oil products it sells.

Care about the environment and, consequently, residents of the republic is a priority development area of TAIF Group of Companies. In September 2016, the petrol plant of TAIF-NK JSC became one of the first enterprises in the country to switch to Euro 5 class petrol production. Its key advantage is environmental safety. Thanks to a high purification rate, the fuel has less sulphur (no more than 10 mg/kg), the level of aromatic hydrocarbons is also lower compared to Euro 4 petrol.

This petrol almost doesn’t contain resin, which reduces the formation of sediment in engines. This, in turn, doesn’t decrease engine capacities as time goes by. It should be noted that a special modern technology implemented in the enterprises eliminates the content of such harmful elements as lead, manganese and iron in fuel.

Care about the environment and, consequently, residents of the republic is a priority development area of TAIF Group of Companies. Photo: Maksim Platonov

A research laboratory of TAIF-NK JSC examines over 40,000 samples of oil products a year. To make sure the results of the research are accurate, the company uses the latest methods and advanced equipment of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.

As for the quality of petrol, by the way. It is examined in 18 indicators such as octane test, the content of metals, sulphur.

Numerous awards in different competitions prove the high quality of TAIF-NK products too. In 2019, the enterprise became a laureate in Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan contest. RON 95 C5 lead-free petrol won in Industrial and Technology Products nomination, while C5 winter diesel fuel (DF 3 C5) received the 1st-degree certificate.

From plant to fuel tank

The fuel goes to all petrol stations of TAIF-NK Petrol Station network directly from the plant. Tank cars are sealed at the exit from the oil refinery in Nizhnekamsk. And the petrol stations compulsorily take and test samples of every type of fuel stored at the petrol stations while every fuel lot is sold.

The control quality service of TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC regularly takes samples during inspections.

Quality control of sold oil products in general is a priority task of the company. Numerous inspections, which are carried out by public services too, show that the staff of the company performs the task it is given.

Modernisation and modern formats

Uniting the network of petrol stations with different brands, the company tasked itself with creating a single brand of filling stations meeting modern requirements, a brand that would allow it achieving strategic goals of TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC. During a rebranding programme, the company has already modernised and introduced updated standards at five petrol stations in Kazan.

Together with the transition of the whole network of TAIF-NK petrol stations to a united design, customer care quality standards are also improving. Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

The upgrade will take place within a makeover of TAIF-NK brand, which was approved. Modern tendencies in the architecture of modern retailing were the foundation for a new signature style.

Together with the transition of the whole network of TAIF-NK petrol stations to a united design, customer care quality standards are also improving. The indoor and outdoor design of petrol stations is changing. They are becoming more comfortable, aesthetic and modern.

An eco-style became the concept of the design of petrol stations. According to representatives of the company, it suits public places the most, it doesn't burden the space and looks nice.

The indoor and outdoor design of petrol stations is changing. They are becoming more comfortable, aesthetic and modern. Photo: TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC

The number of stores, assortment of products is gradually increasing at TAIF-NK Petrol Stations too. So the petrol station becomes not only a filling station but also a fully-fledged retail facility.

Loyalty programme

Not only the design of the network of petrol stations but also the loyalty programme changed — a discount programme for instantaneous discounts named Alternative was launched on 1 April 2019. Discounts are offered at all petrol stations of the network — 3% on petrol and diesel fuel and 5% on liquefied gas. There are special terms for taxi drivers Alternative.Taxi as well as offers for Yandex.Taxi drivers. There is a campaign Global Warming till late April where participants in the programme are given an extra 5% discount on the most popular fuel — RON 92 petrol.

Another product is no less popular — it is a gift card. Clients can buy the fuel card by New Year, 23 February, 8 March, jubilees or due to other milestones and accomplishments in enterprises. The card can be issued from 1,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Moreover, the petrol station regularly organises stimulating offers for clients: It’s Profitable with Us, Teamwork, Coffee as Gift, Black Friday, Higher Discount, From TAIF with Love and so on.

Fuel cards for legal entities

TAIF-NK Petrol Station offers legal entities a convenient non-cash payment system via fuel cards too. There is a flexible scale of discounts for corporate clients.

“We try to treat every client individually having offered the best market conditions, either it is a big corporate client with a car fleet of hundreds of cars or a sole trader with a car fleet consisting of one GAZelle,” Commercial Director of TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC Nail Shaydullin told Realnoe Vremya.

To become a client of the company, it is necessary to sign an agreement on service via fuel cards. It is the most profitable and modern way of service at the petrol station for enterprises with any form of ownership.

“Nowadays over 500 institutions of the public and municipal sector own TAIF-NK Petrol Station fuel cards, including educational and health care establishments, utility, social, firefighting and other services and organisations and enterprises with government defence orders,” Nail Shaydullin added.

Corporate clients can control and manage processes, deposit money, change limits, bill somebody and return unused money on their own on their account in the non-cash payment system.

Moreover, corporate clients of the company can fill a vehicle not only in the network of TAIF-NK Petrol Station in the regions it has its filling stations but also in a wide network of partners of the filling station across Russia.

“Providing the safety of petrol stations and our employees is a part of the corporate culture of TAIF-NK Petrol Station. We always meet our commitments to our clients: we guarantee uninterrupted fuel supplies, quality of the product and high-quality customer service. Even during these tough times, the company is ready to provide safety to our clients when servicing the petrol stations and a high-quality fuel,” Commercial Director of TAIF-NK Petrol Station LLC Nail Shaydullin added.

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