How Kazanorgsintez cares about its workers

The trade union of the enterprise summarises the performance in the last five years

Kazanorgsintez’s trade union includes over 12,000 members of the Russian Chemists’ Trade Union, or 95% of workers of the enterprise. The feeling of security and confidence, which arises in cooperation with the trade union, is the most valuable thing for the factory workers. They know that the staff and the executive directorate of the enterprise will support them in joys and griefs. Read about the performance of the trade union in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

Trade union cares about all spheres of factory workers’ lives

Vice Director General of TAIF JSC in Corporate Property Management and Investments Ayrat Shigabutdinov, chief engineer of Kazanorgsintez PJSC Rafael Safarov and director of the Tatarstan Republican Committee of the Russian Chemists’ Trade Union Aleksey Ilyin participated in a meeting of the trade union committee of the workers of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. The workers of the enterprise were told about the performance of the trade union from 2014 to 2019.

During the meeting, delegates of all plants and subdivisions of Kazanorgsintez reelected the executives of the trade union. Natalia Roslyakova, one of the deputies of the trade union’s director who has worked on different posts in the enterprise for 34 years, has retired. Niyaz Gazeyev, who was elected as chairman as an exception this July, will continue to fulfil his duties in the next five years. Svetlana Kuzyagina has retained the post of vice chairwoman.

Niyaz Gazeyev said that 13 permanent commissions had worked under the trade union in the last five years, including commissions created on a parity basis: social insurance commission, labour debate commission, private funds for workers of Kazanorgsintez PJSC and commission that’s responsible for collective agreements and signing of the collective agreement.

The trade union cares about all spheres of the factory workers’ lives from occupational safety, social security, labour debates, pension-related issues to cultural events, maternity and childhood protection, sport and so on. The trade union also facilitates the work on the creation of decent, safe working conditions according to all rules.

“Orders and instructions in social and labour relations in the enterprise have been agreed with the trade union. Instructions in occupational safety have been agreed with the trade union committee. The state of injuries in the enterprise was annually considered at the trade union’s meetings. Special attention was paid to the causes of accidents. Measures helping reduce injuries were chosen after such meetings,” Niyaz Gazeyev noted.

We should remind that 87 authorised people for occupational health in the organisation’s trade union permanently control occupational safety in the enterprise.

Benefits for holiday and solidarity fund’s help

The trade union pays special attention to the workers and their family members’ health. So 1,5 million rubles a year were envisaged in the trade union’s budget for treatment in health centres. Social programmes created and introduced by the Tatarstan Republican Committee of the Russian Chemists’ Trade Union has been proved successful. Workers, pensioners who are trade union members were paid partial compensation for the health improvement programme in health centres. Over 300 trade union members have used this benefit from January 2015 to October 2019, the total amount of payment has been over 1,2 million rubles.

The enterprise has had a solidarity fund since 2012, its money is used to pay a worker’s family in a difficult life situation. So a part of the costs on expensive treatment the employee or his family members need can be compensated. Financial help from the solidarity fund has been given to 400 trade union members totalling 4 million rubles. Kazanorgsintez’s trade union and the executive directorate of the enterprise work in cooperation defending the workers’ interests. Rafael Safarov claimed this at the meeting.

Kazanorgsintez’s trade union and the executive directorate of the enterprise work in cooperation defending the workers’ interests. Rafael Safarov said about it at the meeting.

“The management of the company and the trade union of the organisation have common goals. The ultimate goal is to work without accidents and injuries, make the highest possible profit, provide well-being, improve the workers’ family members’ living conditions. It is impossible to perform these tasks without a safe ground to stand upon. The trade union of the organisation is the safe ground in our work. It actively looks for the most productive ways of protection of social and labour rights and professional interests of our workers,” the chief engineer of the enterprise said.

KOS workers’ sports initiatives

The trade union and management of the enterprise take all initiatives of the workers seriously. So having understood that the employees participate in urban bicycle races with pleasure, the trade union organised a bicycle rental on the territory of the enterprise with the administration’s support. Bicycle parking for trade union members was located near Chemists’ Culture Centre, Orgsintez swimming pool, the health centre, next to the entrances and even the water intake unit.

The management of Kazanorgsintez actively supports the workers’ sports ideas too. Hockey and paintball teams have been created at their initiative this year. The enterprise pays for the gym rental, coaches, athletes’ uniform. The commission on youth affairs, which has been 20 years this year, has some merit of the appearance of ambitious employees in the enterprise. Young workers have always had an active standpoint on life and work. And the management of the enterprise together with the trade union has tried to do its best to keep the young personnel.

Parking issue

Questions concerning the factory workers were also raised at the meeting. Chief master of the major overhaul preparation plant Khadit Zaripov asked to solve the parking problem.

“The major overhaul preparation plant has small car parking. To occupy a lot, workers arrive at 6 a.m., it isn’t possible to park a car later. Those who didn’t manage to come on time drive to the green zone, leave the car along the road. It is what breakdown trucks wait for. Cars were taken to the pound several dozen times. Due to this, the workers had to ask for a day off to take the car back and pay the fine,” Khadit Zaripov said.

He offered to create legal car parking next to the major overhaul preparation plant and added that workers from other subdivisions also have such a problem. The factory workers calculated that car parking for 300-350 lots would be needed and even created a draft of the parking. They plan to send it to the enterprise’s administration.

“The enterprise cares about the workers in different ways”

Ayrat Shigabutdinov highly praised the performance of Kazanorgsintez’s trade union. He noted that the staff trusted and acknowledged the effectiveness of the trade union. The fact that it includes 12,240 workers of the enterprise prove it.

“All we’ve heard today pleases, undoubtedly. I wouldn’t like to talk about some numbers in detail, but I want to say that thanks to the work on a big reconstruction, modernisation of Kazanorgsintez, construction of new unique plants for Russia, which began in 2003, the factory workers are provided with all conditions for productive successful work in the enterprise. All workers receive a decent salary.”

The enterprise cares about the workers in different ways. Such work is done in all enterprises of TAIF Group of Companies. Today it isn’t allowed to stay put, everything changes quickly, this is why it is necessary to constantly aspire to upgrade, stimulate the staff to have professional achievements. TAIF Group of Companies created a new programme until 2030, the plants at Kazanorgsintez will be upgraded and built. It will create new jobs and facilitate the improvement of the workers’ quality of life,” Ayrat Shigabutdinov.

The meeting ended with an award ceremony of the workers’ commendations for their active work in the trade union.

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By Yekaterina Gumarova. Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov