TAIF security services: preventive work

Security services of TAIF Group have summed up the results of work over six months of 2019

TAIF security services: preventive work
Photo: Roman Khasaev

The meeting of heads of security services of TAIF Group, which summed up the results of work in the first half of 2019 and defined the range of tasks for the coming periods, was held at the head office of TAIF PSC in Kazan. The main requirement of the management of the group of companies is to pay special attention to the prevention of such violations without reducing the activity to identify cases of violations of the requirements of economic, industrial, labour, environmental and information security. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Online control

Many bright and important events occurred over the past six months: the results of financial activities in the year 2018 of all companies of TAIF Group as a whole have been summed up, new directors of NMU-3 JSC and Tatnefteproduct Holding Company JSC have been appointed, the new productions that can have a significant effect on the economy not only in Tatarstan but also Russia as a whole have been created. But the main tasks of the security services of TAIF Group have remained the same: to protect the enterprise and technological processes, the assets of the companies of TAIF Group and the people working there from threats and emergency situations.

The main tasks of the security services: to ensure reliable protection of the interests of the business of TAIF Group. Photo: Roman Khasaev

One of the most effective tools of economic security is to check the reliability of counterparties. The information on companies, organizations and individuals with whom TAIF Group companies have concluded contracts and agreements, had experience of relations (both positive and negative), is entered into an electronic database. Today, it has more than 34,000 contractors and is constantly updated. The system allows not only to quickly determine whether to deal with the counterparty but also makes it possible to clearly trace the presence of affiliated relations between externally trustworthy companies and those with whom it is better not to have any business. The system has proved its reliability and has already helped to save millions of rubles and avoid problematic contracts. We are actively working on several other areas of the electronic database, designed to significantly reduce the likelihood of theft of property and products of TAIF Group companies and the possibility of committing other illegal actions.

An equally important issue is the organization of work with reliable contractors in various fields and spheres of activity. This problem was outlined by Deputy Head of the department for economic security, protection and regime at TAIF PSC Nursalim Shaykhutdinov: “The issue is serious. Ripe. The conclusion of contracts with unreliable contractors who have low-skilled personnel can lead to accidents. The human factor becomes the determining factor in the emergency. Security services need to pay special attention to this issue — to carry out pre-emptive measures — to determine whether and how well they worked with this counterparty themselves or other companies,” he stressed.

Nursalim Shaykhutdinov: “The security services need to pay special attention to the organization of work with trustworthy contractors.” Photo: Roman Khasaev

“Any emergency, accident — this is our fault. We need strict control over this issue,” Acting Deputy Director General for EBOiR at TAIF PSC Rinat Galimbekov supported the view of his deputy.

Another tool to avoid unreasonable costs is the Onlinecontract electronic platform, where all major purchases of both services and materials for the needs of TAIF Group are made at the present time.

“The indicator of the quality of work on the electronic trading platform is the share of competitive procedures. Suppliers should be able to improve their offers on the site. The task has been set that all 100% of procedures were in this format. Here we see a good trend: if 2 years ago, the re-bidding was only 55%, last year we went up to 91%, and this year — already to 98%. I think that by the end of the year it will be 100%,” Executive Director of MX-1 PLC Aydar Khayrutdinov cited the figures.

Aydar Khayrutdinov: “Suppliers should be able to improve their offers on the Onlinecontract electronic platform. Photo: Roman Khasaev

Competing with other suppliers, the seller is forced to reduce the price. The total savings of TAIF Group, thanks to the use of the electronic trading platform, in the first half of the year amounted to about 2 billion rubles.

“We need a clear organization of processes. The next procurement is known in advance — no matter what activities it concerns: construction, repair, etc. It is necessary to correctly compile the technical assignment in advance so that the auction could be reached by those people and companies who are able to bargain for the possibility qualitatively, on time and at a reasonable price to provide the service or product,” Rinat Galimbekov expressed his opinion.

The economy of security

Basic requirements for ensuring effective and safe operation of TAIF Group:

  • control over the processes of sale of property of TAIF Group;
  • ensuring the reduction of the unreasonably high value of purchased goods and materials, as well as contracts for works and services;
  • theft prevention;
  • identification of damage caused to the group's enterprises by contractors or personnel and compensation of such losses;
  • return of overdue receivables.

Particular attention is paid to the prevention of violations by the staff. Photo: Roman Khasaev

Particular attention is paid to the prevention of violations by the staff. Since the beginning of the year, more than 3,800 active employees, including more than 600 managers, have been tested, including with the use of a polygraph. 367 employees were convicted of misconduct, 33 people, including 5 managers, were dismissed, 71 received comments and reprimands, 279, including 146 managers, were deducted of bonuses. 3,416 applicants for vacant positions were also checked, more than 300 were not recommended for employment.

On the ground and from the air

For six months, employees of Kennard private security company and the own security services of TAIF Group conducted more than 13,000 security measures. The specialists constantly improve their skills, and the checks of the performance of duty, drills and training sessions keep them in good shape — ready at any moment to respond to a contingency. The level of technical equipment constantly grows, modern equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles, comes to the aid of security personnel.

For six months, employees of Kennard private security company and the own security services of TAIF Group conducted more than 13,000 security measures. Photo: Arseny Favstritsky

The number of objects under the protection of security services and Kennard is growing. Now they are 405. The recruitment is ongoing. At the same time, each applicant is thoroughly tested for reliability and training. During the first half of the year, the number of rapid response teams of Kennard increased by two units. Today they are 16. TAIF Group attaches great importance to the technical equipment of enterprise security systems and providing employees with the necessary equipment.

So, without having on hands of the current pass of the proper sample, neither people nor transport can have access on the territory of the protected object. For trucks, it is necessary to have also commercial invoices, weight and purpose of the transported freight. An attempt to break into a protected object is doomed to failure: already at the entrance to any object of TAIF Group, the road to approaching cars is blocked by bollards — anti-ram devices. Automatic metal poles, growing in the way of cars directly from the ground, are able to stop even a heavy truck. Everything that happens on the territory of production and adjacent areas is under constant surveillance cameras, the signal from which in real time comes to the control panels. In the event of a security alarm or in the event of an emergency situation, rapid response teams and National Guard of Russia forces are immediately put forward to the scene, in close cooperation with which the security services of TAIF Group and Kennard security company work.

A thoughtful combination of reliable physical security and modern technical means works in the complex, providing effective protection of assets and personnel of TAIF Group.

5 people to one place

“Our employees themselves offered to organize a public association of law enforcement orientation. We supported this initiative, studied the existing experience and created at the enterprise, on the basis of our trade union, such public association. And today we can talk about the successful experience of ensuring law and order by the employees themselves, not only at the enterprise, but also in places of mass events for our employees, as well as how this initiative effectively works to maintain the spirit of corporate responsibility, ethics and order within the team,” Deputy Director General for economic security and regime of Kazanorgsintez PJSC Rostislav Sarkisov said about the initiative.

More than 130 people wanted to join the volunteer squad. And this despite the fact that it was planned to recruit only 25. They had to conduct a contest. Now the public association, called Sintez, has already been registered with the territorial body of internal affairs, entered in the register of public associations of law enforcement orientation. With the support of the enterprise for combatants there have been prepared stylish uniform, and a symbol has been designed, and the patrol officers themselves are already serving. Gratis. Fully being aware of how important security is. Moreover, the duty is organized not only on the territory of the enterprise. More recently, during the celebration of the anniversary of the health camp Solnechny, Sintez along with the security services monitored the observance of order.

Volunteers of Sintez public association during the service. Photo: Kazanorgsintez PJSC

“We can only be grateful to the employees of the enterprise for such initiative, and other companies of TAIF Group need to adopt the experience. So far, there are 25 volunteers. But there will be more,” Rinat Galimbekov supported the initiative.

In the near future, Kazanorgsintez is going to share its experience with colleagues in the group of companies.

Concluding the meeting, Rinat Galimbekov stressed that no matter how significant nor were the successes of the security services today — it is not a reason to rest on our laurels. The pace and quality of work cannot be reduced in any case. It is necessary to constantly improve, adopt the successful experience of colleagues and share effective technologies. The own specialized training centre helps employees of security services and Kennard to improve their skills and gain additional knowledge. Rinat Galimbekov urged the participants to actively use this opportunity. Qualified personnel, ready for any emergency situation — a key component of a reliable system of protection of objects. The slightest flaw, including in the quality of training of security personnel, can result in huge losses — financial and reputational. This is unacceptable.

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By Arseny Favstritsky