Consolidated budget revenues almost double in Tatarstan in January

In January 2024, the revenues of the consolidated budget of Tatarstan amounted to 26.81 billion rubles. Compared to the same period in 2023, this figure has almost doubled — in the first month of last year, revenues amounted to 14.12 billion rubles, according to the report of the Ministry of Finance of the republic.

Tax and non-tax revenues have replenished the regional treasury by 22.9 billion rubles. This includes: income tax — 12.97 billion rubles, tax on goods, works and services — 3.62 billion, tax on total income — 799.2 million, as well as property tax — 260.5 million.

Under the article “Fines, sanctions, compensation for damage”, the republican budget received 347.3 million rubles. Another 3.9 billion rubles were brought to the budget by gratuitous receipts.

According to the plan, budget revenues this year should amount to 467.42 billion rubles. In this case, the monthly budget revenues should be about 38 million rubles. Last year, the figure was at the level of 405.09 billion rubles.

Ayrat Nazipov

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