Children’s glamping, housing for the young, and half a million for the best

Children’s glamping, housing for the young, and half a million for the best
Photo: Fatykhov

30 years of “eternal youth”

Opening the final meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, head of the department Rinat Sadykov recalled that 2024 is the anniversary year.

“In 1994, the State Committee for Children and Youth Affairs was established in Tatarstan. Its work became the foundation for the formation of the legislative framework, infrastructure, government programmes, and the work of republican and municipal institutions. For 30 years, together with municipalities, universities and colleges, enterprises, youth organizations, large-scale work has been carried out, which is still highly appreciated at the federal level," Sadykov said.

In confirmation of his words, the minister cited many figures. In particular, based on the results of what was done in 2023.

“Thanks to the support of the rais of the republic, close cooperation with the Ministry of Construction of Tatarstan, 39 facilities were renovated and built last year. They opened teen clubs where there had been none of them — Nurlaty, Yutazy, Alkeevsky district. In 2024, we are going to open new ones in Aznakaevsky, Vysokogorsky, Zelenodolsk, Nizhnekamsk districts and in Kazan. The long-awaited event was the opening of youth centers in Alekseevsky, Aznakaevsky, Buinsky, Leninogorsk and Muslyumovsky districts, in the city of Kazan. Tomorrow, we are opening a newly built youth center in Tyulyachinsky district. A little later — in Bavly. In total, about 877 million rubles were allocated for these purposes," the head of the ministry reported. Fatykhov

He added that in 2024, updated youth centers are to appear in six more municipalities, for the repair of which 793 million rubles have been allocated.

“With the support of the Ministry of Roads of Tatarstan, asphalt concrete roads to 54 camps have been built over the past 5 years, 1 billion 250 million rubles have been allocated. In 2024, five more facilities have been included. The rais of the Republic of Tatarstan has additionally agreed to allocate 1 billion 400 million rubles for the renovation of youth policy facilities, Sadykov said.

According to him, the total volume for all renovation programmes in 2024 will amount to 3.8 billion rubles. For this money, they must carry out all repair and construction works, put the facilities into operation, ensure their maintenance and draw up a staffing table.

Glamorous wildness for troubled teens

Besides, the minister spoke about a new republican project — the creation of teen tent camps to increase the coverage of organised recreation for teenagers, including those in difficult life situations and those raised in families at-risk status.

Moreover, the first such children's glampings are to open in 2024 in Rybno-Slobodsky, Aznakaevsky, Zelenodolsk, Mamadyshsky districts. 50 million rubles are to be allocated for these purposes.

“Recreation and health improvement of children in general is an important tool for social support of the population. 208 thousand children and teenagers were provided with safe rest in camps in Tatarstan, Crimea and Krasnodar Krai… The systematic work of the republican centers Leto, Chernomorets, Salet, Koster, Patriot, and Salet-Ak Bars, municipal camps and day camps is underway. 42 thousand social vouchers were issued free of charge, 3,566 children whose parents are mobilised were given free rest, and throughout 2023, about 900 children from the cities of Rubezhny and Lisichansk also rested in camps in Tatarstan. Besides, 10,833 children received rehabilitation treatment, and 578 children with disabilities became participants in specialised shifts, Sadykov noted. Fatykhov

A club in a walking distance

According to him, housing and youth employment are on the list of issues that have not yet been definitively resolved. Especially in rural areas.

“The ministry is implementing four programmes to improve the living conditions of young people. In 2023, 431 families moved into new housing. At the same time, 3,152 young families remain on the waiting list. The solution to this problem, of course, can be additional investments in housing programmes, the construction of residential complexes and individual houses in rural areas," Sadykov said, asking for support from the speaker of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Farid Mukhametshin, who was present at the meeting.

At the same time, the minister stressed that when building new residential complexes, it is necessary, along with schools and kindergartens, to take into account the creation of youth centers and teen clubs.

“In order to plan long-term development of cities and districts, the Ministry sent proposals to the Institute of Spatial Planning of the Republic of Tatarstan on the need to take into account the presence of not only schools, kindergartens and polyclinics, but also youth centers with teen clubs when constructing housing complexes. I am sure that we will find understanding," the minister said. Fatykhov

“Extra” millions

As for youth employment, according to Sadykov, the activity of young people in the field directly depends on the effective work of municipal institutions, including in terms of attracting grants.

“Thanks to the support of the leadership of Tatarstan, the ministry is implementing a grant competition for youth policy institutions in the amount of 50 million rubles annually. In 2023, 60 projects in 37 districts were supported. This year, 70 projects have been identified as winners of the competition. The grant programme has also been implemented for individuals. Last year, 669 applications were received, 45 winning projects in 14 areas were selected by experts. This year's competition finishes on February 23. There are still 10 days to prepare and submit an application," the minister emphasised.

At the same time, he pointed out that the six districts clearly do not need grant millions.

“Kaibitsky and Aktanyshsky districts have never applied for grants in 2 years, last year Aksubayevsky, Atninsky, Sarmanovsky, Apastovsky districts remained silent. We remind you! Grants are an opportunity to attract an additional 4-5 million rubles for projects useful for young people," Sadykov stressed.

The best among equals should be equal

President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan Rifkat Minnikhanov, who was present at the board meeting, recalled another aspect of youth activity — scientific one. He spoke about the Academy of Sciences programme aimed at supporting young scientists. Fatykhov

“Within the framework of our programme, three main subprogrammes have been identified aimed at developing a youth support system. The first subprogramme — the development of natural science education in the Republic of Tatarstan, is designed to give an additional impetus in the field of advanced training of specialists — mathematics, biology, chemistry. The second subprogramme is the development of personnel in the scientific and educational cluster, designed to harmonise the composition of the community of scientific and pedagogical workers according to age criteria. It is planned to award about 70 employees of the scientific and educational cluster annually, including 35 young scientists and teachers. The total amount of financing for 3 years is about 21 million rubles," Minnikhanov said.

The president of the Academy of Sciences also recalled the contests The Best Young Scientist and The Best Young Teacher. However, in his opinion, the main prize in the first event is five times lower than the award of the second. And it is desirable to eliminate this difference.

In order to attract support for the development of young scientists, a number of financial support activities are planned. These are the measures aimed primarily at increasing the prestige and attractiveness of these professions… At the moment, the maximum amount in the competition (Young Scientist — editor's note) is up to 95 thousand rubles. Whereas for the first place in the competition The Best Young Teacher, the prize is 500 thousand rubles. It is necessary to raise the status of the Best Young Scientist competition, strengthen the composition of the founders, revise the regulations, consider the possibility of involving the government and connecting the Academy of Sciences to the number of organisers," Minnikhanov said.

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