A number of villages in Tatarstan to get new sewage treatment plants in 2024

A number of villages in Tatarstan to get new sewage treatment plants in 2024
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As Realnoe Vremya found out, several new biological treatment facilities (BTFs) are to be built on the territory of Tatarstan. The cost of the projects is estimated at almost 200 million rubles, and they are planned to be implemented by December this year. At the same time, modern drainage systems will be installed in settlements and hermetic sewer wells will be installed.

“The equipment is technically and morally outdated”

The most expensive are the sewage treatment plants that are planned to be built in the village of Vysokaya Gora — 132.8 million rubles. As they explained to Realnoe Vremya in the Ministry of Construction, Architecture, and Utilities of Tatarstan, the need for new facilities in this place is caused by that the existing structures were built in the last century, the last overhaul was carried out in 2014-2015:

“The sewage treatment plants in the village of Vysokaya Gora were built in 1978. Over the years of operation, the equipment has become technically and morally outdated, while the settlement itself has continued to grow and develop rapidly. Today, sewage treatment plants serve the population of the village and the railway station," the Ministry of Construction commented to Realnoe Vremya.

As the department noted, the construction of new structures will increase the productivity of existing facilities from 2.1 thousand cubic meters a day to 5 thousand. The project provides for two stages of construction:

  • The first is due to an increase in the productivity of the sewage pumping station on Solnechnaya Street to 4 thousand cubic meters per day, the laying of the second branch of the pressure pipeline before connecting to existing networks on Tsentralnaya Street.
  • The second is the installation of an on-site storm sewer network of the BTF.

The contractor will have to dismantle outdated networks, put new ones made of polyethylene in their place, and also install reinforced concrete wells.

realnoevremya.ru/Dmitry Reznov (archive)

Biological treatment facilities in the village of Shemordan in the Sabinsky district of Tatarstan became the second. It is planned to spend a little more than 66 million rubles on them. Sewage wells will also be replaced in the settlement — the new ones will be airtight.

As they explained in the Ministry of Construction of the republic, the work is being carried out as part of the implementation of projects for the integrated development of rural areas. The design capacity of biological treatment facilities should be 1 thousand cubic metres a day. The programme is curated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan. The contractor will also lay modern polyethylene pipes, build wells and replace shut-off valves.

Sewage treatment plants will have been updated in the Zelenodolsk district by the end of the year

By the end of this year, new sewage treatment plants will have appeared in the village of Vasilyevo in the Zelenodolsk district of Tatarstan. They will be built next to the existing ones. 787.3 million rubles will be invested in the new stage of work. They will ensure the operation of the sewerage system of the Salavat Kupere microdistrict connected to these facilities 5 years ago. Thus, the renovation project of the wastewater treatment infrastructure, launched in 2019, should come to a logical conclusion, increasing the wastewater treatment capacity from 8 to 32 thousand cubic meters.

Let us remind that back in 2020, it was reported that the construction of wastewater treatment plants for a total of 1 billion rubles is in full swing in the Zelenodolsk district. The new system was supposed to increase the productivity of the infrastructure to 12 thousand cubic meters per hour. The need for technical modernisation, as mentioned above, arose five years ago due to the increased volume of daily wastewater, as well as the inclusion of the Salavat Kupere microdistrict. In the same year, the first launch complex worth 470 million rubles was commissioned in the autumn.

“Next to the existing sewage treatment plants, another wastewater treatment line will be built," Alexey Frolov, the deputy minister of construction, architecture and housing of Tatarstan, told in April 2022.

He said this for a reason, because in the same month an emergency occurred on the Volga River — raw sewage was dumped into the river from the sewer in Vasilyevo. The Ministry of Construction of the republic representatives stated that the reason was the spring flood.

realnoevremya.ru/Maxim Platonov (archive)

The solution to this problem was considered in the key of further modernisation of the network, where large sums were invested later. For example, in June 2023, it became known that the complex would be replenished with the next new facilities: sewage regulator, SPS, and drain station. However, they did not provide for an increase in productivity. The facilities, the construction cost of which was estimated at 351 million rubles, will only help in the operation of the entire system.

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