How Rinat Sadykov & Co. to attract 300k youngsters to Tatarstan by 2030

How Rinat Sadykov & Co. to attract 300k youngsters to Tatarstan by 2030
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“We want to the Republic of Tatarstan to remain a successful region with a lot of youth in 2030. Now we have 1.046 million people. By 2030, we need to create conditions to have 1.2-1.3 million youth people,” Tatarstan Minister of Youth Affairs Rinat Sadykov claimed during a press conference. Khasayev (archive)

Housing for youth

According to him, a number of programmes and projects is implemented in the republic to achieve this goal.

In 2024 in particular, 136 million rubles will be allocated to improve living conditions of young families in Tatarstan. 84 families will receive gift cards from one to three million rubles. 81 families have used the federal programme designed to improve living conditions this year.

The amount of co-funding from the federal budget is 26 million rubles. It is expected to increase even more next year.

Also, the minister said about a new programme to support young families.

“We are on the finishing line to create a public republican programme to support young families and traditional family values. People used to be ashamed to speak about a low birth rate, divorces for some reason. We aren’t,” he assured the audience and added that in some districts of the republic the rate of divorces among people under 35 years is 70% of the total number of marriages, and something needed to be done to this.

What to do? How do you feel?

The youth should explain what exactly needs to be done. Large-scale sociological studies will be held for this next year, the results will determine priorities of the republic’s youth policy for the next five years. Fatykhov

“We envisaged financial resources to carry out large-scale sociological surveys… They haven’t been held in the Republic of Tatarstan yet… And to understand the social well-being of the Tatarstan youth, including among the youth. We will try to go to every citizen, every district, university and college, the biggest possible number of youth to survey them to have the most authentic picture,” Sadykov said.

According to him, the goal is to get information about different youth categories: teenagers, students, workers, rural youth, informal youngsters, hooligans, A students, athletes.

Answering Realnoe Vremya’s question, the minister said that “nowadays the budget is 2 million rubles.”

3 billion rubles for youth infrastructure

According to him, the youth are invited to public sessions in districts when new clubs are created.

“When we create these facilities, we invite the youth living in this territory to public sessions. We do quite a big job with them so that they decide themselves what they want to see in their youth centre — even the wallpaper, wall and furniture colour,” the minister said.

He added that the youth of different categories have quite high demand for the creation of youth centres, teenage clubs, children’s camps in cities and districts. Platonov

Sadykov separately mentioned psychological and pedagogical assistance centres. 24 centres for 442.84 million rubles have been created since 2019. He says that numbers speak about their demand: the hot line of the republican Ministry of Youth Affairs has received 92.961 calls from 1 January to 12 December.

Travel grant

“Over 5.000 students are provided with a transport grant every year, and they can commute to go to university and back for free during the year (at the expense of the Republic of Tatarstan). 60 million rubles are allocated for this goal. This is a very serious number,” Sadykov reminded. Nazmetdinov
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