Ice rink near Ak Bars Arena built for 2.9 million rubles

Ice rink near Ak Bars Arena built for 2.9 million rubles
Photo: Platonov (archive)

The cost of a contract for the construction of an ice rink in front of the media façade of Ak Bars Arena stadium in Kazan reduced by 3.6%, or 105.900 rubles compared to the last year. Nowadays the price tag reaches 2.9 million rubles, Realnoe Vremya found out. To compare, the initial price in 2022 totalled 3 million rubles.

The would be ice rink is a complex technical facility preserving its operational characteristics below +10 degrees.

The deassembly price is down with the construction cost

It should be reminded that last year the initial cost of the ice rink installation contract near Ak Bars Arena stadium was assessed at a bit over 3 million rubles. Irbis company from Kazan won the tender that demanded 2.8 million rubles for its services. A total of three companies participated in the tender. A company from Mari El that installed the ice rink in 2021 was one of them. At that moment, the company demanded 1.7 million rubles for the works. Last year, a company considering applications to participate in the tender found a mistake in the company’s documents and excluded it from the competition. Platonov (archive)

Together with the installation of the ice rink in the last two years the cost of its deassembly have decreased too. This March, Kazan Arena was ready to spend nearly 1.5 million rubles to do these works. 1.7 million were planned to be spend on these goals in 2021. Platonov (archive)

Last year ice rink season kicked off in November

Last year the ice rink season kicked off in Tatarstan in November. A total of 19 sites operated in every district of the city. The season ended on 1 March. As the Directorate for Parks and Squares said, two ice rinks operated for 63 days. Ice skate rent services were used around 37,000 times. Platonov (archive)
Maxim Kokunin