Land for heavy drones allocated in Tatarstan

Rasul Minnikhanov’s Sumus GC is going to get a land parcel in Smart City soon to create a heavy drone production plant. Director of Digital Transformation of Sumus and Vice Director of the Centre of Circular Economy of the Tatarstan Vasily Shestyuk told Realnoe Vremya about it.

Three models of drones Bars 15, Letyaga and Kuznechik prepared by the production start were presented as early as autumn at a board meeting of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding. The drones were designed by Sumus company from Kazan with the support of the Centre of Molecular Economy of the Tatarstan Academy of Tatarstan. At the first stage, the aviation cluster will produce 300 drones, about 2,000 are going to be built during the year.

Vice Director of Centre of Circular Economy of the Tatarstan Vasily Shestyuk presented the new heavy and medium drones (with a cargo capacity from 15kg to 1,000kg at the meeting of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding.

The Bars 15 drone was presented for the first time at Army 2022 International Forum where it opened the flight programme. Another drone — Kuznechik with a capacity from 50 to 1,000kg — is designed for the needs of Russian Post. The lightest drone is Letyaga with a capacity of up to 3,5kg (the clients haven’t been named). According to Vasily Shestyuk, several pilot samples have been assembled nowadays, while Kuznechik is used by Russian Post in test mode. Four enterprises from several regions of the country participate in the production cooperation in drone assembly — there are neither Tatarstan plants of Rostec nor independent companies of the republic among them.

The aviation cluster is planned to be created in Smart City in Laishevo District, Tatarstan.

Luiza Ignatyeva

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