Tatarstan down to sixth place in housing delivery rating of Russian regions

Tatarstan down to sixth place in housing delivery rating of Russian regions
Photo: / Maxim Platonov

15,000 blocks of flats with a total area of more than 3 million square metres has been built and commissioned from January to November 2022 in Tatarstan. Such indicators turned out to be 117,2% higher than during the same period last year. However, despite this, the republic is down to the sixth place in Russia’s top 10 regions in housing development giving the current position (5th place) to Saint Petersburg.

Still first in Volga region

It is noteworthy that 134 blocks of flats have been delivered for enterprises and organisations, which 852,000 square metres. At the same time, 14,800 buildings — 2,1 million square metres — have been built as private development projects. The total number of flats that appeared in January-November reached 31,900.

However, 14,600 blocks of flats were delivered from January to October this year in the republic (126,6% more than during the same period in 2021). At that moment, Tatarstan was fifth among Russian regions and first in the Volga Federal District.

The region is still the leader in the Volga area. It is followed by Bashkiria where 2,6 million square metres of housing has been delivered, then it is Perm Krai — 1,7 million square metres. Samara Oblast (1,5m sq m) is fourth, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast is fifth (1,5m sq m). Also, the top 10 Volga regions include Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Orenburg, Saratov, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Kirov oblasts, Mari El and Mordovia.

As for the Russian rating, Moscow Oblast ranks first where 13,1 million square metres of housing has been delivered from January to November 2022. Krasnodar Krai is second — 6,7 million square metres. Moscow (5,9m sq m) is third, then it is Leningrad Oblast (3,6m sq m), Saint Petersburg is fifth (3m sq m). Tatarstan is followed by Bashkiria in seventh place (2,6m sq m), Sverdlovsk (2,5m sq m), Rostov (2,4m sq m) and Novosibirsk (2m sq m) oblasts.

Photo: Platonov

Tatarstan fulfils Construction Ministry’s plan, while Russia set a record

Last week, First Vice Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing Utilities of Tatarstan Alexey Frolov said that Tatarstan fulfilled the Russian Construction Ministry’s plan for housing delivery (Editor’s note: it was 3 million sq m). According to him, the republic was 12,2% head of the plan. The biggest volumes were registered in private housing development and investment housing. Social mortgage accounts for the smallest share — 105,800 square metres.

Also, the vice minister said that an assistance programme for orphaned children is coming to an end among four programme designed to provide some categories with houses: the republic purchased 565 out of 600 flats in 10 municipalities, the State Housing Fund has the title for another 35 flats.

The national and state construction programmes are 94,6% complete. Works in 102 out of 119 construction sites are fully over. The other 17 are a part of eight federal programmes, three of them are included to the Housing programme.

It is noteworthy that this month Russian Vice Premier Marat Khusnullin said that a record was set in housing delivery across the country. He added that the current figure for the last 11 months (from January to November 2022) was 93,3m square metres, it is more than in 2021 in general, which was a record year.

“It is a big success of all constructors who continue working despite all the difficulties,” said Khusnullin.

Mostly residential areas have been registered in Tatarstan in 2022

The Tatarstan Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography summed up 11 months of 222. In 2022, the service has performed more than 973,000 registration operations. More than 264,000 registration operations are related to residential areas, another 208,000 refer to land parcels, 8,000 — to parking lots.

As for purchase and sale agreements, this year residents of the republic have mostly bought land parcels — over 95,000 — and residential areas — 79,000. Also, Tatarstan residents have purchased about 17,000 private houses and some 8,000 non-residential buildings.

At the same time, the service has registered almost 87,000 mortgages. It should be noted that the number of electronic mortgages has doubled compared to the last year (its share was about 75%).

Photo: Platonov
Maxim Kokunin