TAIF Business Centre: how new generation office equipped

Helipad on the roof, innovative solutions, thoughtful layout, and controlled climate

TAIF Business Centre: how new generation office equipped
Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

In August 2021, the ultra-modern multifunctional business complex was put into operation at the intersection of Pushkin Street and Sultan-Galiev Square, in the very centre of Kazan. What is the uniqueness of the business centre, what architectural ideas and innovative solutions were implemented during the construction and arrangement — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

New business life centre

The business centre was conceived by TAIF for the republic as a place that could host and ensure the holding of events of the highest world level. But this was not the main goal, but that the business centre was simulteneously to become a modern office complex, in which all conditions would be created for the effective daily work of management and employees as companies included in TAIF Group, as well as the tenants of the areas. Today, the management of SIBUR RT JSC, TGC-16 JSC generating company, and PEST industrial power supply company work on the territory of the business centre. An additional branch of Avers bank and the representative office of Kennard security company were also opened. The fact that representatives of these companies, as well as guests of the city who visited the business centre, could not restrain their emotions and actively shared their impressions under the address page in Yandex Maps shows how successfully the task of creating a thoughtful and convenient workspace was implemented.

Conceived as a centre capable of hosting world-class events, the TAIF Business Centre is primarily an ultra-modern office complex. Photo: Roman Khasaev/realnoevremya.ru

Not only panoramic views from the windows of the new business centre are impressive, but also the building itself. The complex with a height of 12 floors (three of which are underground) with a total area of more than 50 thousand square metres, not only harmoniously fit into the surrounding architectural landscape, but also made it more spectacular and complete. This is a great merit of the specialists of one of the leading Russian architectural bureaus — Architectural and Art Workshops of Dmitry Velichkin and Nikolay Golovanov. Even at the stage of working out the project of the future building, they spent more than one day at the place where the complex was to grow, and literally by centimetre studied the site itself, and every bend of the road passing by and adjacent streets.

The business centre is harmoniously integrated into the surrounding architecture. Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

“Thanks to a detailed design and thoughtful organisation of work, the building is fully integrated into the environment. The configuration of the volume of the business centre takes into account the urban axes of the surrounding development. The plastic of its volumes is subordinated to the turns of the axes of the streets. Thus, a kind of inner street running parallel to Pushkin Street is formed inside the complex. Which makes the volume of the complex more transparent and open to the panorama of the Kazanka River. Due to the difference in the relief of the site towards the shore, it was possible to organise a convenient entrance to a four-level underground parking lot. The building does not exceed the height of the surrounding building and harmoniously frames one side of the square in front of the NCC (National Cultural Centre — editor's note)," architect Nikolay Golovanov is rightfully proud of the work done.

“If you look at the plan of this building, it becomes clear that there are no rigidly orthogonal perspectives in it. And this decision is not accidental. We initially sought to create not a monolithic, but an interesting and diverse space that would dissolve into the structure of Sultan-Galiev Square. Now, thanks to the construction of TAIF Group's business centre here, the square has finally acquired a complete form," Dmitry Velichkin complements his colleague.

TAIF Group's business centre complemented the ensemble of Sultan-Galiev Square. Photo: Roman Khasaev/realnoevremya.ru

The facades of the business centre are made of stone and glass. The plastic of the facade is made richer by metal lamellae that delimit and, at the same time, provide a smooth “flow” between the planes of glass and granite. The stone is close to the ground, and the glass reflecting the sky allows the building to “interact” with the surrounding space through reflections, visually making the structure lighter and not contrasting with the overall architectural landscape. The same purpose is served by the inner street, directed towards Kazanka and opening a view of it. The arch formed by the transition between the buildings of the centre in the area of the upper floors only frames the picture, harmoniously completing it. What is more — at any time of the day, including thanks to a special backlight capable of operating in a wide range of modes.

Glass facades make the business centre visually easier and allow it to “interact” with the surrounding space. Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

According to the architects, the whole complex, thanks to non-trivial, modernist architectural solutions, tactfully complements the adjacent landscape and seems to form a new, future-oriented impulse for further improvement of the entire urban environment, and for TAIF Group itself, symbolising both the peaks it has already conquered and future successes.

“Glass as the main facade material was chosen for a reason. Thus, we wanted to emphasise the openness and transparency of business processes taking place within the walls of this business centre," Nikolay Golovanov notes.

The abundance of glass in the structure also serves another important task: it provides the building with the maximum possible number of rooms with panoramic views of the most beautiful points of the city opening from this place.

The highlight of the building are atriums, double-glazed, the windows of which are made using aerogel — “foamed” glass. They were brought from Canada and had not been used in the republic before. Thanks to this modern technology, only comfortable diffused light enters the premises, providing eye-friendly lighting and a comfortable temperature for a person at any time of the year. Special slats serve as additional protection of the premises from the bright sun.

TAIF business centre's illumination project is one of the most innovative and complex in the entire history of Kazan. Photo: Roman Khasaev/realnoevremya.ru

Another innovation implemented in the business centre is illumination. In its development, the general style of lighting of the entire left bank of the Kazanka River was taken into account. It was very important to implement the idea so that the new building tactfully and confidently entered the general panorama of the city and, at the same time, was not lost under any lighting conditions, including during city holidays or during corporate events of the company. As a result, a unique type of lamps was developed specifically for the project. A total of 1,550 units were installed. Completely invisible both from the outside and inside the building, they can work according to several scenarios controlled from a single controller, not just illuminating the building, but also emphasising its architecture, radiating a special charm and beauty at night. To ensure their operation, as well as 450 lamps of another type intended for street and landscape lighting, 24 kilometres of electric cables were laid. In terms of complexity and innovation, the illumination project implemented during the construction of TAIF business centre is the most complex in the entire history of Kazan.

Technologies that inspire new achievements

“The building in which you work should correspond to the declared projects and ideas, should help to create new and inspire for more ambitious tasks," Deputy Director General of TAIF JSC for Production and Commercial Activities — First Deputy Rustem Sulteev expressed confidence. Then he adds: “TAIF boldly implements the brightest ideas, uses the most advanced technologies and modern materials, consistently receiving high results and quality of work.”

Rustem Sulteev: “The building in which you work should correspond to the declared projects and ideas.” Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

“This beautiful building was built not only in the interests of TAIF Group — residents of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan will have the opportunity to take advantage of the fruits of our work, because the new business centre is designed, among other things, for holding various world-class events. The project of the new business centre was implemented in accordance with the highest requirements and international standards. And it reflects the qualities that, I am sure, are inherent in every employee of the company. I'm talking about hard work, integrity, dedication to the common cause and to my native land," emphasises Albert Shigabutdinov, the director general of TAIF JSC. “We cannot work inefficiently and steadily move forward, implementing the motto of our company 'Strength For Good'," he emphasises.

Including for the benefit of future achievements and successes and the people by whom these successes are forged. The team of architects, designers, contractors, designers, technical and engineering services gave their all 100%, forming a special comfortable, carefully calibrated business environment in the business centre, setting up a desire not just to work, but to create with pleasure and full dedication.

In November 2021, an additional office of Avers Bank was opened on the first floor of the business centre. Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov/realnoevremya.ru

“The relationship between the external appearance of the building and its internal content is one of the most important points for us. The layout of internal spaces, the connection between them, the organisation of entrance groups and elevator halls — all the logistics of the complex were worked out taking into account the specifics of the activities of TAIF Group. The basis of interior solutions was a clear understanding of the structure of the company itself. The building facing Sultan-Galiev Square houses the management, and the building facing Fuchs's Kindergarten houses departments with employees' workplaces. The work on the organisation of comfortable workspaces was specific. In the literal sense of the word, the nuance took place almost for each individual person," notes architect Nikolay Golovanov.

A fundamentally important point is the relationship between the external appearance of the building and its internal content. Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

“In the same building where the executive offices are located, there is a conference room, several dining rooms, as well as a canteen for employees on the ground floor. All these rooms are connected by a clear system of stairs and elevators. They are connected with the building facing the Fuchs garden not only by an underground parking lot, but also by a “jumper” thrown over the inner street-passage. It was important for us to think through all the logistics inside the buildings, to separate the flows and make moving around the business complex as convenient as possible," Dmitry Velichkin supplemented his colleague.

The business centre has absorbed all the currently existing best design and technical solutions that meet the requirements of ensuring efficient, non-stop operation of the modern Class A business centre. During the construction and equipping of the building, this posed additional tasks for architects and designers: to harmoniously integrate remote access systems, infrared heating, smoke curtains and many other important and necessary elements into the design project, to separate all communications vital for the operation of the business centre without compromising interior solutions.

From the first to the fifth floors, there are offices for employees. Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

Dozens of offices are conveniently located on the first and fifth floors of the complex, including both working rooms and reception rooms, meeting rooms and rest rooms. The color solutions and equipment are thought out to the smallest detail and are aimed at creating the most comfortable environment for work.

The building has everything you need not only for work. In the spacious dining room, designed for 190 seats, one can have a delicious lunch. And in free time to keep fit — visit a modern gym.

Conference hall of the business centre is ready to become a venue for any event, up to the world level. Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

The large conference hall, designed for 247 seats, is capable of hosting participants of any event, up to the world level. Calm color solutions and comfortable furniture ensure proper comfort during long-hour negotiations. Modern speaker system and chairs equipped with microphones will help to be heard and will not allow you to miss anything important from the speeches of colleagues. At the same time, all necessary equipment is integrated so as not to destroy the integral image of the largest room of the complex. The absence of columns provides a perfect overview of the entire hall from any point.

The meeting room is also equipped with everything necessary for working directly indoors, as well as for organising meetings, briefings, communicating with business partners and representatives of the leadership of the regions and the country in a remote format. Specialists of technical services are provided with convenient access to the electronic “stuffing” of the premises for the prompt solution of possible tasks for the repair, restoration or replacement of equipment if necessary.

Besides, today the TAIF business centre is the only business complex in Kazan that has a helipad, which also serves as an observation deck — it offers a beautiful panorama of the city.

This is the only business centre in Kazan, the helipad of which serves as an observation deck at the same time. Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

Ready to receive aircraft with a flight weight of up to 13 tonnes, the helipad allows, if necessary, to increase efficiency, as well as to ensure the proper level of security for the arrival and departure of high-ranking guests.

In addition, the building is equipped with modern reliable fire safety and warning systems, access control and video surveillance systems are provided.

Own multi-level underground parking relieves the car load on the adjacent territories.

In general, the building is an embodied example of the most responsible approach to energy efficiency. Smart systems monitor the occupancy of the premises and adjust the level of heating and illumination themselves. Controlled air supply systems in independent mode make it possible to provide a comfortable climate in each individual room. The main heating/cooling system is of convector type. 1,112 convectors are built into the floors throughout the building. Additionally, the temperature regime is regulated by a radiant heating/cooling system integrated into the suspended ceiling with a total panel area of 11,300 square metres (the technology was first implemented by TAIF JSC in the office centre on 76 Pushkin Street). The high degree of protection of the power supply guarantees non-stop work processes even in case of emergency situations on the electrical lines. The uninterrupted operation of the equipment necessary for productive activities is ensured by 26 low-current systems responsible for automation of climate control, lighting and telecommunications, security — including warning systems, fire alarms and smoke detectors, as well as data transmission.

Helipad on the roof of the building is capable of receiving aircraft weighing up to 13 tonnes. Photo: Roman Khasaev/realnoevremya.ru

The digital infrastructure of the business centre has also incorporated many advanced technological solutions: this is a structured cable network with high bandwidth, and a secure fault-tolerant IT infrastructure with a centralised data management, storage and processing system, a monitoring system using virtualisation technologies, as well as an automatic backup and data recovery system. Solutions for the construction of fault-tolerant cloud services based on private, public and hybrid virtual infrastructures were applied here, which makes it possible to ensure, among other things, safe, productive and controlled remote work of the company.

The three underground floors of the complex are also full of life: on minus the first and minus the second floors, there is a kitchen area for the primary preparation of products for three dining halls serving specialists and the management of companies located in the business centre building. Besides, there are ventilation chambers, water measuring units, a cooling center with chillers, an individual heat point, pumping stations, switchboards, as well as cross-country and server rooms necessary for the operation of computer networks and information systems. In addition, there is also an underground parking for 348 cars, occupying three underground floors, which allows you to unload adjacent territories. TAIF is a company that looks confidently into the future and thinks about the future. Therefore, the possibility of charging electric vehicles is provided in the underground parking. Moreover, 18 electric vehicles can be connected to the network at once.

As a gift to the city

TAIF is a socially responsible business and, solving some tasks, almost always assumes additional obligations for the benefit of Tatarstan, therefore, simultaneously with the construction of the new business centre near the Sultan-Galiev Square — on the site between the TAIF centre and the National Library (located in the building of the Kazan NCC) — construction of the largest in the the republic and the second largest multi-level underground parking in Russia. Capable of accommodating almost 1,000 cars at the same time, it was put into operation in February 2019 and became a wonderful gift from the TAIF Group to all residents and guests of the capital of Tatarstan on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Tatar ASSR.

The opening ceremony of the underground parking in Kazan in the immediate vicinity of the business center on Pushkin, 80. 2 February, 2019 Photo: courtesy of TAIF MC JSC for realnoevremya.ru

For greater convenience, a parking lot for tourist buses is provided on the surface of the parking space and 62 parking spaces are equipped for car owners with disabilities. The parking itself is equipped with a ventilation system unique for the republic, chargers for electric vehicles and equipped with a contactless car wash.

As a gift to the city, TAIF improved and put in order the slope leading to the Kazanka River. Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov/realnoevremya.ru

In parallel with the construction of the new business centre, as a gift to the city to all residents and guests of Kazan, TAIF Group restored the slope facing the Kazanka River, reaching the Fuchs Garden, and created an amphitheater. Now from there you can comfortably admire the capital of Tatarstan (the total area of landscaping was 30,8 thousand square metres). Besides, TAIF has taken patronage above the Fuchs Garden located next to the new building.

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