Galina Akhmerova: ‘When so many stores left the market, it is time Russian brands showed off’

An expert in career guidance about what specialists will be in demand in the labour market in the near future

Young Russians who want to get an up-and-coming profession should pay attention to engineering education. It will provide them much choice of vacancies and freedom for self-fulfilment, claimed members of a discussion on the most claimed professions of the future at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. Specialists in the sectors that will organise the country’s technological independence will be in demand in the near future, believes Realnoe Vremya’s columnist, creator of Round mobile app for teenagers’ career guidance Galina Akhmerova. In an op-ed column for our newspaper, the expert explains what staff and what spheres Russia’s labour market will need.

“It seems we can do everything but we always end up making a tank”

It sounds funny but it is a fact. In our country there are a lot of brilliant minds wherever you look at, the world’s any big company has our people in the technological sector. It is because we have strong knowledge base, hard-working and diligent people who achieve their goal. This has always been and will be but we would need more of business-oriented thinking.

The situation in the country is so that specialists in the sectors that will organise the country’s technological independence will be in demand in the near future. IT, oriental studies, agriculture and the entire light industry can be considered such spheres.

But first things first. IT has always lacked specialists because every sphere needs them due to the automation of processes and a transition to new technologies. Earlier, it was hard to find a good programmer, but now this area lacks testers, architects, marketing managers and many other field specialists.

Little to come up with an idea, it needs to become a reality

In agriculture, we see a significant growth of prices for produce, therefore it is necessary to grow, pack, sell and supply “ours.” But this needs aces. With our own feedstock, it is necessary to localise and expand production and make sure that everything that is made here increases in volumes and assortment.

The light industry is another sector in which different specialists will be seriously needed. When so many stores left the market, it is time Russian brands and designers showed off. So specialists who have creative professions are needed for this. It is little to come up with an idea, it needs to become a reality, and it is also necessary to thoroughly elaborate the concept, spell out the marketing strategy, explore sales and many other things.

CNC operators, engineers, product managers will be needed in all the above-enumerated spheres. And all of them having different levels will be needed in spades.

Moreover, now active work will be done with experts in oriental studies and managers who have experience in international talks because establishing partnerships with the East is one of the important goals in the near future.

Try your hand at different areas

As I have already said above, good managers with business-oriented thinking and hard skills in a specific area will be in demand like never before. Our country has few universities that set up the education process closely linked with businesses, with integration into a profession. For this purpose, students and schoolchildren can have a closer look at large or local companies from the teen age to try their hand at different areas and understand what it is like to work in some sphere.

The earlier future professionals choose “their” profession, get rid of romanticised ideas and take a reality check, the more precise finding your way will be.

Whereas for us, HR specialists, not indifferent adults it is important to go to schools, universities, talk about different professions, launch special programmes as we try to do with the Round app.

Because, as I always say, every person is talented, and not only in one thing.

Galina Akhmerova

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