Ayrat Safin: ‘The citizens themselves determine what is valuable for them’

Winners of SIBUR's Formula of Good Deeds grant competition have been awarded in Nizhnekamsk

“Our industrial enterprises were growing and developing together with the city and have always supported social projects," Ramil Mullin said at the ceremony of awarding the winners of SIBUR's Formula of Good Deeds programme. Thanks to grant support, Nizhnekamsk organisations will have the opportunity to implement seven social projects this year. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Formula of Good Deeds in Nizhnekamsk

Three hundred and ninety-eight applications were received at the end of last year to participate in SIBUR's Formula of Good Deeds social investment programme. Seven projects received grant support from Nizhnekamsk.

Among the winners — students of the Lyceum No. 37. The young people developed the project “My Clean Environment is Planet Earth”. According to the director of the educational institution, Dinara Kotlyar, the project will attract the attention of residents of the 44th and 45th microdistricts to environmental issues, teach them to take care of the environment, convince them of the need for sorting and recycling waste.

“We are an active educational organisation, we participate in all grants. Volunteer activity is one of the directions of the Formula of Good Deeds. The volunteer movement is well developed in our school. Our team is the best in the republic. We applied for two grants, one of them passed. We will direct the funds to the development of volunteer activities, we will continue our Clean Environment programme," said Dinara Kotlyar, the director of Lyceum No. 37.

Another winner is the children's music school No. 1 with the project “Melodies of the Native Land”. Young musicians plan to organise a series of free concerts in Nizhnekamsk schools to promote the musical culture and traditions of the peoples living on the territory of Tatarstan.

“This year is the year of cultural heritage, we decided to support this direction. The project was put up for SIBUR's grant competition. We didn't expect to become winners. We will hold concert events. We have already discussed the schedule of concerts that primary school students can attend," said Kristina Nazarenko, the director of the music school No. 1.

The winner's diploma was awarded to the children's art school No. 1 and its project “What is Petrochemistry?". It is dedicated to Nizhnekamskneftekhim, which celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. The project is to create a large model of the petrochemical enterprise out of cardboard.

The local public organization “Women of Nizhnekamsk” presented the project “A child is born — plant a tree” to the jury. Its essence is that families, together with children under the age of three, plant trees in honour of the birth of a child and take care of them in the future. The authors of the project are confident that this will attract public attention to environmental issues through the prism of family values.

Dinamo sports school and its project “Crossfit School for Children and Teenagers” distinguished themselves. Free trainings will be held in Yarysh sports complex within its framework. It is planned to hold 60 classes from September 1 to December 31, 2022. Crossfit relay race is held at the end of the project, in which everyone will have the opportunity to take part by age categories and skill level.

The Nizhnekamsk branch of the Timiryasev Kazan Innovation University was among the winners with a project The Lower Kama is Territory of Clean Springs. The project will help examine natural resources of Nizhnekamsk District, improve the spring in Kayenly with volunteers’ efforts, create a tourist and recreational zone connected with an eco route with springs in Smylovka and Bolgar villages.

Children and Junior Tourism and Excursion Station won the competition with a project Sport Orienteering — Sport of Freedom. According to its authors, sport orienteering has more than a 30-year history in the city. All the events will be in the open air. The landscape around Nizhnekamsk will allow familiarising some 600 Nizhnekamsk citizens with the basics of sport orienteering.

“We start doing good deeds sparingly”

The award ceremony of the winners of SIBUR’s Formula of Good Deeds grant took place in the Nizhnekamsk city administration. Head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Ramil Mullin reminded the audience that Nizhnekamsk had provided social support to the city throughout its history.

“Our factories produce not only petrochemicals but also happiness. The enterprises have grown together with the city, supported social projects. Not only workers of the enterprises but also citizens can use Nizhnekamskneftekhim’s own social institutions. The good tradition founded by our first constructors is supported by today’s management of the company too,” he said.

Director General of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC Ayrat Safin continued the speech. According to him, SIBUR pays a lot of attention to charity. Therefore the company launched the corporate programme Formula of Good Deeds in the cities it works in.

“The programme Formula of Good Deeds implemented by SIBUR arrived in our territory for the first time. Thanks to it, our employees and not indifferent citizens’ ideas and projects become a reality. They cover three different areas — it is work with public and social establishments and volunteering of the enterprise’s workers who receive support, including financial, to make their own ideas a reality,” he said.

Also, Ayrat Safin talked about important projects implemented in the enterprise in the last years.

“Nizhnekamskneftekhim launched a new plastic collection programme, installed reverse vending machines in schools. We want to change our children’s attitude to plastic this way, we explain that it needs to be reused, not buried as waste,” he noted.

He says the good deeds would continue to be done in the future too.

“The help has become different. We not only determine what the city needs. The citizens also determine what is valuable for them. We start doing good deeds sparingly,” noted the director of Nizhnekamskneftekhim.

It is noteworthy that the Tatarstan petrochemical capital was also chosen as a site to implement four interregional projects such as STEAM FEST scientific festival for children, intensive classes for maths, physics, IT and robotics teachers, Power of Word literature festival and a recycling workshop.

Liliya Yegorova. Photo: Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC