Kazan students’ appetites: one in five student hopes to start with salary of 80K rubles

High requirements of Kazan students

According to the latest data, 168,000 students study in 30 universities and 32 colleges. Many of them are not locals. While Russian Student Day was celebrated on 25 January. The claimed prestige of education in them can explain the attractiveness of the Tatarstan capital’s universities. For instance, in 2021, Kazan Federal University, Kazan Aviation Institute, Kazan National Research and Technology University, Kazan Conservatory and Kazan State Medical University are in the rating 100 Best Russian Universities by Forbes. It is no surprise that upon graduation their students have a good appetite — they want to work in prestigious companies and a high salary from the beginning.

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43% pay attention to the amount of salary when looking for a job. So almost one in five students of a Kazan university (16%) hope they will be paid 80,000 rubles and even more at the beginning of their career, Realnoe Vremya was told by Skypro online university. However, the majority still has more modest requirements. For instance, 56% of Kazan students who were surveyed said they wanted to earn 40,000-60,000 rubles a month in their first workplace. Another 20% wouldn’t refuse bonuses.

A graduate or student of a Kazan university can find a high salary. For instance, according to Rabota.ru service, SberMarket is ready to pay an order picker and courier up to 97,000 rubles a month. However, only a candidate with a private car, driving licence, an Android phone or tablet can hope to get this post.

After graduating from a university in Kazan, students don’t rush to work in little-known and small organisations. Almost a third (27%) dreams of joining a big Russian company. However, one in five are ready to work in a small but international organisation.

Relocation and internship: what are Kazan students ready for to get a dream job?

However, a big salary in a recognisable company isn’t the only dream of Kazan students. It is important for them not to have a boring job — they want to work with interesting tasks (27%). Also, their work should help them in self-fulfilment (27%).

Half of Kazan students are ready to do an internship to nail a job of their dream. They can spent from two to three months on this. Moreover, students look for easier ways — 40% claimed when looking for their first job they resort to their acquaintances’ help.

Many students are ready to leave Kazan for the sake of a job. So 28% can move to another Russian city. However, most Kazan students are more decisive and ready to leave Russia (47%) because of a job.

Moreover, the generation of future specialists in universities don’t focus on stability — many consider it is fine not to stay in one workplace for a long time. 26% think that the best thing is to change the employer once in 2-3 years, while 24% say the term is once in five years. Only 18% of students are ready to work for one company for ten years.

Many Kazan students dream about a job in high technology and a career in the media. So 23% wanted to try their hand at IT and telecom after they graduated. Just one in five students want to work in a factory with a diploma of a Kazan university. They dream about working in education (13%), transport and medicine (11% each) the least.

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The Kazan city administration says that conflict resolution, oil and gas, PR, economics, aircraft engineering, medical biochemistry and biophysics, medicine, systemic analysis and management and aircraft engines.

Perfect position: good salary and pleasant staff

Development Director at Skypro online university Mikhail Sverdlov claims that personal interactions become more important for students when it comes to work. However, the money factor anyway turns out to be weightier.

“At the same time, intangible factors are also important. Almost one in three respondents would like to work in a pleasant staff. Bonuses in the work of their dream matter for one in four respondents (26%). It is noteworthy that 18% of students noted an offline job as an important criteria of the perfect vacancy, 16% preferred working online,” Sverdlov said.

In his opinion, students aim to create a career in IT and telecom because of high salaries. “As for the perfect position, most surveyed students noted a good basic salary an important component,” he noted.

Number of students in Tatarstan universities reduces

In general 142,005 students studied in universities in Tatarstan in the 2020/21 academic year. Most of them studied in public and municipal universities, only 20,500 did in private ones. However, the number of students in the republic’s universities has notably reduced in the last few years. The amount of students in Tatarstan universities annually decreased by 3,000. If there were 153,000 students at the beginning of the academic year in 2016, in 2017 the number was 150,000, 147,000 in 2018, 144,000 in 2019.

However, despite the fall in the number of students, the quantity of specialists trained by Tatarstan universities didn’t almost change. There was a notable fall was between 2016 and 2017, 40,400 and 33,700 graduates respectively and between 2019 and 2020, 33,000 and 30,700 respectively. 34,300 students have annually graduated from the republic’s universities in the last five years.

Economics and Management (14,6%), Education and Pedagogical Sciences (10,1%), Law (7,6%) turned out to the most popular in Tatarstan universities. IT and computers (7,3%), electrical and thermal energy (5%) were also in the top 5.

People enter Tatarstan universities to study mechanical engineering (4,4%), chemical technologies (4,2%), clinical medicine (4%), linguistics and literature studies (3,8%). Physical culture and sport (2,5%) and construction equipment and technologies (2,4%) are also on the list of popular educational programmes.

During their studies, students want to work as administrator or artist

Nowadays resumes of job seekers from 18 to 24 years who haven’t yet graduated from a university account for 7,8% of their total number in Tatarstan. This number is lower than across Russia in general (8%), HeadHunter recruitment service’s research reads.

Tatarstan students often want to work as an administrator — this request holds 6,6% of the total number of vacancies among university students of the republic. The job of the courier (6,5%) is second most popular, sales manager is third (6,3%). A salesperson or cashier (5,4%) and credit specialists (5,1%) are in the top 5

During their studies, Tatarstan students hope to start working as a programmer or developer (4,3%), waiter, bartender or barista (3,1%), packer (2,4%). Another 2% published their CV as designers or artists. The jobs of secretary, assistant (1,8%) rounded up the top 10.

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In general Tatarstan students want to earn 30,000 rubles a month. By the way, their salary expectations are lower than across Russia in general, which are 40,000.

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