TAIF-NK signs three-year collective agreement

TAIF-NK signs three-year collective agreement
Photo: TAIF-NK courtesy

The Nizhnekamsk oil refinery has signed a new collective agreement designed for 2019-2021. The company has saved all social obligations for its employees. Realnoe Vremya tells what was done in the previous agreement.

''Our specialists are the major asset of the company''

The conference of the staff was in the headquarters of TAIF-NK PJSC. Director General of the company Rushan Shamgunov, his deputies and plant directors took part in it. Head of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Aydar Metshin became an honourable guest.

TAIF-NK is one of the biggest oil refineries of Tatarstan, which includes an oil refinery, a benzene factory and a heavy residues deep conversion complex. Despite the uneasy economic situation in Russia, TAIF-NK has maintained the status of one of the market leaders and continued manufacturing high-quality products. Victories in competitions at the regional and federal levels prove it. In late 2018, TAIF-NK PJSC products were praised in the most prestigious competition for manufacturers 100 Best Products of Russia. C type K5 eco class Euro Summer diesel fuel became a laureate, while lead-free RON-92-K5 fuel become one of the diploma winners.

The company constantly develops. This is why the number of staff in the enterprise has increased by a quarter in the last years and totalled 3,846 people. Half of them, 1,829 employees are the youth under 35 years. As a socially oriented enterprise, TAIF-NK cares about workers and does its best to improve the quality of their life.

Director General of TAIF-NK PJSC Rushan Shamgunov delivered a welcome speech at the conference of the staff

''Right the Collective Agreement is the most important social oriented area of the company's corporate policy. Social responsibility and social partnership are those basic principles that help to efficiently perform production tasks the enterprise has.

Even if the last three years can't be called easy, the maintenance of stability in our company's work, in achieving financial and economic indicators, scheduled fulfilment of our projects remain unchangeable tasks for us nowadays. We completely understand that our specialists, which are almost 4,000 employees, are the major asset of the company! TAIF-NK is and will be an enterprise with the highest social responsibility level,'' said Director General of TAIF-NK PJSC Rushan Shamgunov in his welcome speech.

Housing programme and comfortable working conditions

The collective agreement at TAIF-NK was in force from 2016 to 2018. It was the first collective agreement adopted for 3 years at once. The conference's delegates decided the clauses about mutual obligations in the document were fully met. The company's workers are provided with a considerable social benefits, which include holiday allowances, costs in social mortgage, financial help in different life circumstances, award on jubilees and holidays, financial support for pensioners and so on. Thanks to the housing programme, the workers bought flats in Social Mortgage and Additional Corporate Programme for TAIF Group of Companies workers.

The enterprise has two housing programmes for workers to buy a flat

Creation of comfortable working conditions is one of the important clauses of the collective agreement. Occupational health requirements were met in all workplaces from 2016 to 2018. To check workplaces, the company has its own sanitarian and industrial laboratory that regularly measures physical and chemical factors. 1,984 workplaces have had a special estimate of working conditions during the 3 years.

Employee's health as a priority

Medical examinations are annually held at TAIF-NK – 9,527 employees have had them over the three years. In addition, the company has a system of voluntary medical insurance.

9,527 employees have had medical examinations over the three years

To maintain a healthy lifestyle among the workers, TAIF-NK actively develops mass sport. From 2016 to 2018, the enterprise has held skiing, table tennis, summer and winter futsal, volleyball, athletic relay competitions for TAIF-NK PJSC Cup. To allow employees to do sport in their free time, the company rents a gym, a swimming pool, an ice rink, a football pitch.

The collective agreement covers nine key sections – they have been used as a basis of the new document, and all social benefits and obligations for the employees have been saved. According to statistics, most enterprises in Tatarstan adopt only one-year collective agreements: no more than 15 out of 100 companies sign the agreement for three years. It's because enterprises aren't ready to assume responsibilities and additional risks. This time, TAIF-NK has signed a three-year agreement again, it will be in force from 2019 to 2021. It proves once again that the company confidently looks to the future. Director General Rushan Shamgunov and Chairwoman of the Staff Council Anisa Biktimirova signed the document.

''I congratulate you on this milestone, the signing of the three-year collective agreement. I think the signing is an important event, and collective agreements aren't widely used in Tatarstan districts, not to mention Russia. But it's an old tradition at TAIF-NK, which allows the enterprise's workers to feel confident. I want to thank you for your contribution to the development of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District and Tatarstan in general,'' Nizhnekamsk Mayor Aydar Metshin congratulated.

During the conference of the staff, head of the Natural Gas Conversion Shop of the Heavy Residues Deep Conversion Complex Vyacheslav Platonov and Deputy Director in Production of the Heavy Residues Deep Conversion Complex Andrey Konovnin were awarded a letter of gratitude of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for their contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex. Machinist of technological pumps of the oil refinery Pavel Lebedev, stockman of the Electric Shop of the Benzene Factory Olga Andreyeva, technology unit operator of the Heavy Residues Deep Conversion Complex Ilnar Gallyamov were awarded commendations of TAIF-NK Public Joint Stock Company for perfect service and performance in 2018.

Awards were given during the staff's conference

At the staff meeting, the workers also had a chance to ask head of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District, Mayor of Nizhnekamsk Aydar Metshin hot-button questions concerning all citizens. The company's employees were interested in the prospects of implementation of new technologies to track urban transport, next stages of beautification of urban spaces and changes in municipal waste disposal and recovery.

The workers also had a chance to ask Aydar Metshin hot-button questions

Having signed the new collective agreement, the enterprise proved once again that social policy remains a priority in the company. The main task of the company is to raise the staff's professionalism and the workers' quality of life further on. This is how TAIF-NK will be able to manufacture high-quality products and remain the market leader in the future.

By Elza Nikolayeva. Photo courtesy of TAIF-NK