Gold Star national music award statuette: why does the star have six points?

Gold Star national music award statuette: why does the star have six points?

The award ceremony of the 6 th Bolgar Radio National Music Award will be in Pyramid Culture and Leisure Complex on 8 December. Gold Star statuette will be given to the most worthy representatives of Tatar pop. This statuette is considered one of the most creditable awards of the Tatarstan pop Olympus. Chief brand manager of New Century TV and Radio Company Regina Karmanova told how the symbol of the national music award appeared, what ideas are hidden in the statuette and why it's allowed to touch the Gold Star before the ceremony only in white silk gloves.

Regina, could you tell why the symbol of the Bolgar Radio National Music Award looks right this way?

The Gold Star statuette was designed by a creative team of TNV, it owns the copyright. There were prepared four projects of the main symbol of the National Award, the best one was chosen. The Gold Star statuette symbolises a sprout rising from a marble base – colours of the native land popular talents come from. The rare green marble is found for it in India. A star is at the top of this symbolic sprout – each of its points symbolises the award's components: listeners (popular love decides who will receive the award), the song itself, the singer who managed to touch listeners' soul, the lyricist and Bolgar Radio itself thanks to which a song reaches people. Only these points altogether make a song a real popular hit. Only if each of these components is a talent, a new star starts shining on the Tatar pop horizon.

The Gold Star statuette symbolises a sprout rising from a marble base – colours of the native land popular talents come from

You already started to reveal secrets what the statuette is made of. Let's continue this topic.

As I already said, the Gold Star's base was made of green Indian marble, which is heavy, fundamental, that symbolises soil for the appearance of really popular songs. The sprout itself is made manually of a special alloy. Every sprout is unique: it's cast with a special mould with millimetric precision, every year for the next Bolgar Radio National Music Award. The sample was approved in 2013 when the award was founded.

The six-pointed star at the top covered with a special alloy is polished and adorned with a Ural Mountain crystal with a number of facets characteristic of a classical diamond cut. It also had many facets as well as talents of our performers, songwriters and lyricists who annually replenish the gold fund of Tatar pop.

Should we understand that the Gold Star statuette is precious not only symbolically but also literally?

It would be unethical now to use any monetary terms. But I can confirm one thing: the statuette is so precious that it's recommended to treat it like lots at famous world auctions. For instance, each of the statuettes is under strict control, it's kept in special conditions. And we transfer them carefully, touch it only in white gloves. They are treated so from production to the presentation to the winner.

Every award ceremony becomes a bright event for the spectators too

Hasn't the award ceremony of the Bolgar Radio National Music Award changed?

It's where the organisers surprise the guests with a flight of fantasy every year! If the key goals of the National Music Award don't change, every award ceremony becomes a bright event both for the spectators and the Tatar pop stars themselves. To make sure of it, I advise coming to Pyramid CLC on 8 December. Believe me, a grandiose spectacle is expected! In addition, last year, during the jubilee edition, the fifth award ceremony, we had a new tradition we will continue this time too: everyone will have a star! Each of the spectators who will come to Pyramid will receive an exclusive brooch as a gift – it's a copy of the star at the top of the Gold Star statuette.

Two weeks left to the official award ceremony of the 6th Bolgar Radio National Music Award in Pyramid. But I know you already have a surprise for its fans…

Yes, we prepared a contest especially for those who support their idols and follow the history of the Bolgar Radio National Music Award. It's about the Gold Star statuette. The question is simple: how much do you think the ''popular love'' weighs? Tell an assumed weight of the statuette and win! The person with the closest answer to the real number will get prizes from TNV. Answers can be left in comments to posts about the contest in our social networks – in TNV's community on and on Instagram accounts. Conclusions were to be drawn on Monday.

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Interviewed by Alyona Martynets
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